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  1. I agree with Carl, only the owners manual has the correct information. It's usually under "recreational towing".
  2. I agree with wildbill, every fresh water tank must have a vent/overflow near the top, otherwise the tank will collapse when you empty it with the pump or pump will vacuum-lock.
  3. Were this my chassis I would file a complaint with the NHTSA: https://www.nhtsa.gov/document/steps-complaint-recall
  4. Some consignment dealers carry insurance as part of the consignment contract, ask your Dad's insurance company if such insurance is included in the present policy. If not, compare pricing with the dealers quote. Consignment selling IMO is somewhat like hiring a realtor to sell a house. They do all the work and get part of the sale price. We plan to sell our MH(we bought it on consignment) on consignment when time comes to stop traveling.
  5. Either an ATS or a manual TS is required by almost all utility power companies, including REMC's. It must be configured for an either or position, the transfer switch will either be in the public utility position OR the on-site generator position to supply power to the building. When you simply turn off the main breaker in the entrance panel you have not disconnected the neutral connection to the public utility wiring.
  6. Any automotive A/C shop can get it working again if their parking lot is large enough for your MH. You can always run the genset and roof air conditioners. Adding refrigerant when un-needed risks destroying the compressor. If that happens you're going to be paying for replacing the entire system components, no amount of flushing will remove all traces of metal shavings and dust. This might be helpful: https://www.btrac.com/documents/svc-manual-revision-i-feb-2011.pdf
  7. Splendide has vented and non-vented models. The vented model must vent outside, the non-vented model dries using cold water sprayed against the exterior of the wash tub. The clothes from the non-vented feel damp when dry cycle is complete.
  8. I considered it an honor to serve my country, thank you. Below are some of the top companies. I suspect contacting local MH dealers will be the lower cost drivers. https://rvdelivery.com/ https://www.one-calllogistics.com/rv https://www.uship.com/transport-rv/
  9. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums! It will be expensive, drivers must be properly licensed, insured and bonded for the owners safety and security. Since they drive for a living the owner must take that into consideration.
  10. I would never buy lower load range tires than what is specified on the tire placard. IMO that is inviting tire problems. In addition to the brand Manhold listed, I am running Sailun truck tires LR H even though my tire placard specifies LR G.
  11. Most tankless/instant water heaters heat the incoming water to a certain degree of rise, I've read where some only heat water to 45° above incoming water temp. The more expensive ones have more temperature rise. What does your owners manual say?
  12. rayin

    Engine cooling

    I assume the MH ran fine prior to this overheating; instead of using band-aids(which only mask problems), find the root of the issue then make the necessary repairs to correct the issue. For instance new thermostat, new water pump, clean radiator fins, have diagnostics ran to find any codes related to cooling.
  13. Something to keep in mind Carl.My Linda gave me this picture our wedding day.
  14. I see the totally vacant RV park with a dusting of snow.. Trip advisor reads like staying there in an RV makes you unwelcome to use their attractions. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g60442-d11980043-Reviews-Cody_Wyoming_Trout_Ranch-Cody_Wyoming.html
  15. I"m with wildbill, you know what you are saying, but we are blind so far.
  16. He is using the genset for power, not using/starting drive engine. Any use/store switch will be controlling 12V. microwave and A/C units are 120VAC via breaker panel. I really doubt the OP has a converter, more likely an inverter/charger. Kay is right, without detailed information we are shooting in the dark.
  17. wildbill the video is IMO quite accurate and informative. It answers many questions I read from new RV owners too. I was surprised it addresses the current lack of quality control by RV mfgrs. Thanks for posting the video.
  18. I saw my first Ford 8 in a 1949 Ford 2-door sedan, I didn't know it had been around for 16 years already.. Grinding/lapping the valves was major engine work.
  19. Would that have had a flat 6 engine?. Talk about slow climbing mountain grades. I don't think Ford came out with the flat 8 until 1949
  20. How cool is this? Check out the slotted fender skirts.
  21. JIC anyone has a use, this link is for Freightliner chassis wiring diagrams and service manuals.
  22. I expect to see a lot of Wally-dockers this summer as a result of everything increasing in price this year. Last I heard Cracker Barrel eliminated over-nighting for RV;s, we may still park and eat and rest when store is open. That may not be true, just what I was told.
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