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  1. Two different products: https://proproducts.com/product/sani-system/
  2. I take it back, that isn't shovel work, that's tractor and yard-box work.
  3. Today it was announced a fall booster shot is likely needed. I'll not be laminating my shot record, just as I didn't laminate my shot card record in the military, which BTW had over 20 shots recorded including BCT and POR for RVN.
  4. I bought cheapie 12v LED bulbs from Amazon for every 12v light socket in our MH except florescent, but changed them out weeks apart. All have worked properly without any modifications whatsoever. I bought them 4 years ago thinking even if 1 or 2 bulbs went bad quickly i'd still be money ahead. On the exterior all but headlamps are LED bulbs. My last accounting I have approx. $28 in cheapie LED bulbs on the interior and exterior. I"ll not replace the florescent bulbs, I can live happy without their light anyway.
  5. FYI, on a different discussion forum a man had his CAT 3126 runaway and destroy itself from what sounds like a similar problem (one of the above mentioned). He had to leave their MH in TX truck stop until he figures out what to do next.
  6. When I do plan trips I use Rand MeNally tripmaker, it's free to users and does everything I need. I may then download my trips into my RM GPS unit.
  7. After the unit is removed from the MH any residential HVAC repairman should be quite capable of making any repairs. For some reason residential HVAC repairmen are not allowed to work on RV air conditioners while in/on the RV. When calling explain this is very like any residential unit only it has 2 120VAC compressors instead of one 240VAC compressor. This video may be useful: How to replace the power board. There are several other videos on the basement unit when you go directly to utube.
  8. Obviously I know nothing about your 19,000 btu rooftop units didn't even know that size was made. We have different experiences, the basement units plastic fans don't seem to be failing like what you have experienced.
  9. Detroit 60 specifications for later years. https://www.atlanticdda.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Series-60_specs.pdf Maximum HP @1,800 RPM, maximum torque @ 1,100- 1,600RPM. Detroit is heavier than CAT or Cummins of equivalent HP from what I found.
  10. Having seen the size of the blower fan in a basement unit I'm sure huffy does not have the same fan in a rooftop unit, he is mistaken. There is no room for 2 12" fans in a rooftop unit. Yes the RVP basement unit has 2 fans inside, did anyone read the repair instructions in the link I provided? As to ease of work, the basement unit slides out onto whatever support the worker desires and remains hooked up to electricity if desired. The housing may be removed and everything serviced while standing on the ground, test ran before replacing the housing, then simply slid back into the MH and ductwork reattached. This is a 2-stage 2-ton air conditioner that cools my MH very easily in 100° weather, when proper steps are taken. Best part, very little noise in the RV when it is operating.
  11. I didn't realize you have a basement air conditioner/ heat pump?
  12. Herman the original squirrel cage fans are metal and are known to crack/break, causing noise. The plastic fans seem to hold up quite well, I've never read of someone replacing a plastic replacement fan.
  13. Anyone like free stuff? Check this out: https://www.irv2.com/forums/f256/chance-for-you-to-try-some-hot-shots-secret-rv-products-535293.html I received a spray can of slide lube, it applies wet then drys to a firm coating. Received a bottle of diesel additive, but been nowhere to see if it works.
  14. I carry an entrenching tool and hand axe all the time, and a plastic foot stool for those high steps for DW. I remember one place in upper Maine my front tires were off the ground a foot after I used 4x6's under jacks. Luckily it was only for 2 nights or I'd grabbed the entrenching tool before parking.
  15. Only if your parking brake locks the duals on port side of MH, since starboard side will not be contacting the ground. Your idea of blocking under those wheels is fine. A thought, since it is a seasonal site, how about moving dirt/gravel from port-side to starboard-side of site where wheels will be sitting? Just moving half the depth of the grade will make it close to level.
  16. Yes; sounds like one of the fans is broken. A new plastic model is available. First determine your specific model number, then follow the removal and repair instructions for both gas and diesel MH's written up by Bill Elsenpeter. Read it through entirely before beginning. This is the outside fan: https://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Blower-Wheel-Outside-Air/dp/B00QVYM51G I also have his links to some repair parts and thermostat. New units for one model are still available.
  17. Welcome to the FMCA discussion forums! That product is made for a reverse osmosis system.
  18. Apparently someone already hit the street-light - OR the design engineer forgot to spec a concrete base.
  19. That's how to roll safely! jbarringer your MH has a 5,000# towing limit, your Jeep likely weighs close to 4,700#. Take your time climbing mountain grades, driving into headwinds, etc. to reduce stress on the MH drivetrain. As previously recommended, eliminate the word hurry from your vocabulary, there is no time-clock in retirementI I too stop for the evening about 3PM, this offers much better odds of finding a vacant RV site at your first stop, gives you both time to relax, go swimming, walking, hiking-anything to move your body and de-stress from the days traffic and road conditions then enjoy a quiet dinner before retiring for the night. Arise next morning have breakfast, pack up and begin driving around 9AM. IMO do not plan on averaging over 50 MPH for the day unless you are willing to risk damage to your gas MH drivetrain.
  20. Thank you for responding Ross, I thought that irv2 thread was nonsense but the only way to debunk it was to ask here.
  21. Mike that salt-free No Shot flavoring lists 29mg potassium per tsp. Apparently mixing it myself is my future. That Cajun seasoning sounds good, but using two different seasonings on one large steak for us both might not turn out so well. DW about has me convinced to try Mrs. Dash seasoning, it's all herbal stuff-some salt-free. This caused me to realize I need to get the grill out of the MH and clean it, can't remember last time the SST grill was really cleaned and polished up. I have finally convinced DW well-done is no longer steak!
  22. Try contacting GM customer service national office. The emission stickers are/were required by law on new vehicles, there should be a resource for replacements. The same information should be in the engine owners manual.
  23. The clip is a spring-tension fit, simply pull it off the fin and clean off the corrosion with fine emory-paper so it makes goon contact to transmit temperature.
  24. Thank you for the references MIke, I grilled that steak this evening and heaven in my mouth is the best I can describe it. That was the first steak we've had in 6 months or more. The home-made salt-free rub was just OK, I did add another ingredient not on the list-brown sugar. Drs.didn't say anything about sugar intake, my A1C is 5.8 after all this hospital and surgery stuff. Kay I forgot the lemon juice. 😞 Getting to fire up the grill again did raise my spirits a lot. EDIT: I just realized I can't use that Texjoy salt-free seasoning, it lists potassium chloride as the main ingredient. The cardio Dr.s took me off my potassium supplement because of the heart control meds I'm on now. 😖 Being old sucks_.
  25. Never mind, only one is available. I saw these batteries and for the price wonder about quality. Three would fit where my present 3 LA battery tray. Any opinions? I will need to insure my Xantrex RS2000 inverter/charger is compatible before purchase.https://www.ebay.com/itm/373556548270?hash=item56f9b492ae:g:iA0AAOSwlwhgbMLl
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