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  1. Once you narrow your choices verify in each owners manual it may be recreational towed. In a different thread there was confusion about a Chevy Equinox- after the fact..:(
  2. It's worth reading this website: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/fullarticle/2778234 Covid-19 was the third place cause of death in 2020. A side note in death statistics , in 2017 over three times as many people died from Colon,rectal,anal Cancer than from gunshots. https://www.cbsnews.com/pictures/death-index-top-50-ways-americans-die/42/
  3. Gee Whizz. I paid $25K for my complete 60'X40'X15' pole barn garage with concrete floor filled with rebar and woven wire fence 10 years ago. This is an expensive lifestyle we have chosen. I ordered crushed limestone for my driveway today, he said the price per ton has nearly doubled in the past year.
  4. Just to relate the differences in governments, Brisbane, a city of 2 million, has instituted a total lock-down for 2 weeks because 7 cases of COVID19 were detected last week. Brazil's hospital system is on the verge of complete failure due to the number of active cases. We haven't licked this virus yet, lets all keep pulling on the same end of the rope.
  5. Hello Gregory! Welcome to the discussion forums. You presently have 2 ways to go to Alaska, air or sea. Hopefully that will be relaxed this summer. I have no current information for you as we went in 2012. I do recommend you email the Alaska Tourism Bureau and request their booklets for visitors, plus renting an RV information. One do not miss is an airplane ride over the top of Mt. Denali if the weather is clear up there, usually cloudy. Reservations required. They would only allow me to take the lower altitude flight because I have had a heart attack and asthma. Purchase the 2021 Alaska coupon book if you plan of visiting as many things as you can work in. Locate someone with an old copy of Milepost Magazine for road directions as often a GPS is not accurate there.The roads are still the same so an old magazine is adequate, only things like restaurants and gas stations etc change.. If you plan to drive the Top of The World Highway (actually gravel and mud) it is a full-days drive playing it safe. While we were there a full-timing couple went over the side, rolled down the mountain a ways.. Totally destroyed their diesel pusher MH. I do have driving tips if you decide to take the very scenic drive. Although the same highway, the drive to Chicken AK part is full 2-lane paved highway. I'm getting carried away, thats it for now.
  6. Current data shows the Moderna 1st shot is 80% (for contracting a severe case of COVID19) effective, 2nd shot increases effectiveness to 90%. None of the vaccines are 100%. Richard is right IMO, the hospital is exercising the utmost caution. Richard when I was in the ER the second time, one of the nurses said they are using UV light to sterilize the entire room after the initial cleaning to remove dirt and dust. The fact is though, any test result is only accurate for that moment in time when the sample is collected. I suspect DW has plans for my 5 day quarantine, she bought a new cordless sweeper and a stack of microfiber towels from QVC.
  7. Of all the travel trailers made, Airstream holds its value best. A buddy bought one new in 1979, he took it to the factory sometime in the 90's and had the exterior polished and other updates. He was offered more than it cost new about 10 years ago.
  8. Interestingly, I had both Moderna shots in Jan. next Sunday I must go to hospital for a COVID-19 test, then immediately quarantine until gall bladder surgery April 9. The hospital said I could carry the virus after receiving the vaccine.
  9. Right!!! Any document created is subject to error; best to verify by multiple sources when money or life is at stake.
  10. What happens when you DO NOT pull back on the control stick?
  11. Yes the rear wheels are locked by the spring brakes, the front wheels roll forward about 4" on my Spartan chassis when air is dumped. It was annoying at first because I placed the jack pads first, the coach would roll forward, then I'd have to re-position the jack pads. Now jack pads are after dumping air which makes positioning them more difficult to see because my coach is 5" above the ground then. I agree, auto-correct is a pain in the __, It took me several hours to figure out how to disable auto-correct in my browser when all I had to do was search for a Utube video showing how, #%$^.
  12. My black stubby antenna (3) are for the dash radio(above driver seat), bedroom radio(LR roof) and basement entertainment radio(above passenger seat) all are AM/FM/CD type. My Winnebago-installed SST base-loaded CB antenna is above driver, has a knurled wheel at the base for tuning. The dash radio also controls a 10-CD automatic changer with Bose surround-sound.
  13. X2! When I was in high school we used a 2 X100# tank setup for the kitchen stove. It was my job to load the empty in dad's pickup and unload it when he returned from the propane retailer. In the beginning it was a hard lesson in leverage and balance The RV park where we used to winter had an LP truck that refilled DOT cylinders and ASME tanks. Those using 100# cylinders were refilled in-place; he had a compartment full of adapters.
  14. Now there is a shortage of foam used to make seats , mattress', etc. the recent storms wrecked production facilities in AL. and GA.
  15. Quoting a line from a John Wayne movie, " It's a man-size task we have ahead of us men".(After being told to dispose of 3 kegs of whiskey)
  16. He already has to 100# external tanks. He already has 2 100# external tanks. He now has 3 choices, contact his LP supplier and have a 250 gallon tank set or find a different on-site retail distributor, or continue his present routine.
  17. Download it from the Ford website.https://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Lincoln-Nautilus-Owners-Manual-version-3_om_EN-US_03_2019.pdf It states on page 277, Quote:"Recreational Towing, You cannot recreational tow your vehicle with all wheels on the ground because vehicle or transmission damage may occur.We recommend towing your vehicle with all four wheels off the ground such as when using a car-hauling trailer. Otherwise, you cannot recreational tow your vehicle." I'm sorry to bear the bad news to you both.
  18. Opps, I forgot about inflation. It used to be "1,000 words".
  19. Assuming you have retained copies of all correspondence, receipts, work orders and your Dometic extended warranty. Were I in this position I would write/email Dometic informing them you have been quite patient but now they are leaving you no recourse other than small claims court.
  20. The firs step is to have the LP gas pressure checked, i should be 10.5-11" water column with a stovetop burner on. After that water column test confirms low pressure they will test the regulator, which may be replaced without emptying the ASME tank. reference: https://www.warehouseappliance.com/blog/how-to-test-gas-pressure/ I would not construct that manometer, instead I would rent a digital manometer for 1/2 day, I merely posted it to confirm approved LP gas pressure downstream of the regulator. FWIW an LP supplier will not pump out your onboard tank due to liability concerns plus the possibility of contaminating their large storage tank. My long-time LP supplier for our home told me to park the MH away from buildings and open the overflow(spitter) valve, allowing the LP to vent to atmosphere. (mine took about 12 hrs to vent approx. 8 gallons)
  21. Winnebago and Newmar has a 2-yr backlog on orders; this is only one reason: https://rv-pro.com/news/winter-storms-in-gulf-coast-states-impacting-rv-production/
  22. Wayne it means you have an engine with that crazy expensive EPA emissions stuff.
  23. I'll second that! Perhaps the only difference is it requires more driving time to completely get a diesel engine up to normal operating temperature, and it will never reach normal operating temperature at low idle per Cummins.
  24. I think I understand after viewing your pictures. You have a flow-thru valve cap on a standard valve stem. It will unscrew to expose the standard size threads and standard valve core.. Think of it as a really short valve extension. Remove that flow-through stem cap and you should be able to screw on a standard metal valve cap or a pressure sensor. Matter of fact I have those on my sensors on inner duals too now that I know what we're discussing. That explains why your standard air gauge fits, only the threads are larger as it is not designed to accept a metal valve cap because it is designed to be both a short extension and valve cap combined. (it has its own rod inside to depress the original valve core in the stem). Kay is right, the large rubber grommet is there to stabilize the long original valve stem.
  25. I highly suspect the person who replaced the batteries did not re-install the cables and wiring correctly. Hopefully you took a picture of y our battery wiring before disconnecting anything. Does the genset function properly? I've never heard of having to remove a genset simply to service it unless you had the drive belt, thermostat replaced, etc.
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