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  1. That hadn't occurred to me yet, thanks guys.
  2. I remember his calculations assumed his 5er was broadside to the wind. I also remember one summer in Cody, WY when the wind became so strong our 32' 5er was rocking side to side, that wind was reported as gusting near 50 MPH. I retracted the big slide which reduced the rocking a lot.
  3. That's it, it actually has no legal meaning since every tire mfgr. is self-qualifying for USDOT approval. The only fact I pay attention to is observing the percentage of company-owned OTR trucks running them on steer axles.
  4. Carl one of the couples in our S.M.A.R. T. group had a Alfa SeeYa, he and a large 5er took an alternate route to bypass that underpasss, the rest of us made it through OK. YaKnow it''s almost impossible to not duck your head in that situation, all the time knowing it doesn't help.
  5. Agreed. I could not do the necessary calculations for any RV, that's above my pay grade. I'll leave that for the math experts.
  6. That is only one persons opinion/blog, of which I do not place much trust. Such a speech vehicle does have it's use, for instance that one reads like "give up already Tiffin the MH mfgr is dead".
  7. Many years ago a irv2 member calculated the wind load necessary to blow over his 5er. For his specific unit the straight-line wind load was 80 MPH. I remember seeing his spread-sheet for the calculations involved, he even had the weight, height from frame to micrrowave-both directions listed, along with everything else that weighed over 50 lbs.
  8. Herman IMO your suggestion should have already been pushed to the forefront by the EB, as our dues is about 1/2 the cost of any other medical Assist program. Perhaps it's past time we have a marketing major as head of membership services who is also an avid RVer and understands crowd appeal.(15 second TV/radio commercials etc)
  9. Of course you are correct, but as you said tire mfgrs. self-certify, which means we all must depend on tire mfgrs. to always tell the truth. That brings up Michelin RV tire sidewall cracking, Goodyear RV tire rivering, etc. and what actually is the truth about any brand name. For instance I'm running Sailun truck tires, which according to the mfgr. are constructed the same as Michelin RV/truck tires. The company did move production facilities from China to VietNam in 2017, supposedly to legally avoid the import duties from China and use a completely new truck tire mfg. plant.
  10. The chart reads in kpa not psi. 900kpa = 130.5psi. http://www.prinxtire.com/product/bus/2020/1111/11.html Using the data in the PrinX link you may now calculate the proper air pressure for your new tires.BUT keep in mind load/inflation charts reflect the minimum air pressure to support the corresponding load, that means the tire is operating at 100% capacity - no reserve. Tireman9 recommends adding a 15% air pressure reserve capacity. https://www.rvtiresafety.net/search/label/Inflation As to a "no name" brand. ALL OTR tires sold in the U.S.A. must meet the minimum requirements of the USDOT/NHTSA
  11. Right! At 55kmph a driver doesn't' have time to perform these mental calculations. That's one reason why all speedometers have both scales on the readout. Feet to Meters is the same type conversion, only much less used in daily driving. I have a small permanent placard on the dash of our MH, it states " minimum height 13 feet/ 3.1 Meters. That worked great until the caravan leader happened upon an unmarked RR underpass in Newfoundland. ( ´△`)
  12. There are several USDOT/NTSB documents stating lack of use causes sidewall cracks.This is one: https://www.ntsb.gov/news/events/Documents/2014_Tire_Safety_SYM_Panel_4b_Kane.pdf
  13. Carl, Spartan uses Bilstein shocks. I bought my replacements from shockwarehouse.com They have a very good chassis lookup tool for MH's and the pricing is right. Watch their shipping, mine didn't arrive for 3 weeks. UPDATE: Koni shock lookup @ shockwarehouse.com
  14. We encountered several CG's with bad power in NT Canada, Alaska CG's were OK in 2012.
  15. Universal compressed air quick connects: https://www.grainger.com/category/pipe-hose-tube-fittings/hose-products/hose-fittings-couplings/multipurpose-hose-fittings-couplings/multipurpose-quick-connect-air-couplings/universal-interchange-quick-connect-air-couplings All one needs is the male ends, they fit into industrial and automotive quick connects.
  16. There are several up and coming truck tire brands that are IMO of the same quality as Michelin or Goodyear at approx. 1/2 2/3 the price. I am well satisfied with the Sailun truck tires I now run. Hankook is becoming widely known.
  17. Thank you Mike! I find it amazing the amount of false information being repeated; your recount of accurate professional information is appreciated.
  18. I agree, plastic welding is fairly easy, the hard part is cleaning the tank and getting it completely dry inside so the heat gun/welder doens't get anything hot and runny then ruin the weld. Links to RV holding tank suppliers, just in case: https://www.icondirect.com/waste-holding-tanks/ https://www.plastic-mart.com/category/34/rv-holding-tanks
  19. That must have included the batteries; if I have the batteries I can swap them in 15-20 minutes, IF I have taken a picture of the wiring first thing. Several companies make true deep-cycle 12V batteries: https://lifelinebatteries.com/products/rv-batteries/ MIghtyMax and PowerSonic Trojan Motive The best deep cycle batteries for 2021:https://cleanenergysummit.org/best-deep-cycle-batteries/
  20. All of the replies alluded to the problem, never use strong acidic or basic cleaners, it reacts with aluminum. Do as all others have recommended, only use mild cleaners or plain water on aluminum. Even automatic dish washer soap is too strong, it will oxidize(a form of rusting) aluminum.
  21. rayin

    Mixing Tires sizes

    I fail to see that on the tire program page either, same link as five posted: https://www.fmca.com/rv-tires-discounts
  22. When we bought this MH in 2013 it had 24,xxx miles. The first owner bought it to use as an office at NASCAR events, attended several then became too ill to drive the MH. It sat parked in his barn for 8 years. I"ve had a few problems within the past 2 years that were unrelated to low miles or long-term storage. MIght be a good idea to hire an RV inspector if you have reservations as to condition.
  23. Freigthliner and Spartan build side-radiator MH chassis, which IMO is preferable to a rear-radiator chassis.
  24. UPDATE: I had my pre-surgery hospital consultation today. I handed the doctor my vaccination card from the CDC, she read it then said "I'm canceling your COVID19 test scheduled for Sunday morning, your shot record will meet requirements"; hurray, no quarantine next week! The state health dept. has no record of me receiving the vaccine, the rehab/nursing home facility will not forward that data to the state. Now the only complication is the blood transfusions I had in Jan.; I must have blood tests ran, to confirm my blood type and other stuff I can't remember.
  25. The elephant in the room is the existence of a loan/lien on the trailer in Canada. If the person who proposes to sell you this trailer does not posses a legal title(bill of sale does not substitute for title in some states) I would not fall into a mess by paying money before I laid eyes on the clean title.
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