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  1. I now usually use the google maps to print a map of my trips if I think I need one. Long trips only. I have found that you should not put absolute faith in a GPS navigator. Lots of people trying to find my house have problems as there is a Nelson Rd. in town but we live On another Nelson Rd. in the county. GPS also has carried my motorhome on some roads that I would not have gone on if I had looked at it on a map.
  2. Had the same problem during a trip to Yellowstone. Radio had been flakey for a while. Bought a new one at the Walmart in Rock Springs and changed it out in the campground in Jackson. Fairly easy, just took my time with wiring as the original wiring was different colors from the new. I just couldn't travel without my radio.
  3. I used a couple of electrical conduit teardrop fittings. snug one to the rail on one side of the ladder and the other on will snap into place. just pull and one side will snap open and the plate will swing out of the way Will take and post some pictures later.
  4. My 2002 Ford V-10 in my ex 32' Brave towing a 4500# Ford Explorer has been all over the northern rockies, Wyoming anf Montana. Never a problem although going over the Bighorn's and a few other places, we did slow to 45MPH a few times. We had the 2nd generation V-10 so you have even more HP. The V-10 is a high RPM engine and likes to scream on long steep pulls. You should not have any problems. I sometimes wish I still had that Brave.
  5. We stay often at Oaks and Pines near Lake City just east of I-75. Don't remember the exit number but its where US441 crosses I-10. Jerry
  6. I think that the one in the coach you like will be the best. I would buy for coach layout and let the engine fall where it may. Jerry
  7. When I had mine, sometimes it would not indicate braking. I put a auxiliary brake light inside the car on the dash. I could see the light in my rearview camera. I found that the car was braking but the brake system was not always sending a reliable signal to the cab receiver. I repositioned the transmitter in the car and it seemed to help some.
  8. Go to a auto parts store. Buy a can of freon, 134A is all you can get and thats what you need. Get the one with a gauge on the hose. Connect the hose to the low side port. That's the only one it will fit, usually a blue cap. The gauge will tell you with a OK or other reading. If it needs it, you can then put a shot or two in. If it needs freon, that means its leaking, refrigeration systems are sealed and do not require addition of freon unless its leaking. Jerry
  9. For small motors like that, try a starter/alternator shop, especially if it 12 vdc
  10. Can be done for sure. I did mine. Some things that may need to be changed and/or rewired are: power cord, transfer switch, service wire to breaker panel, breaker panel itself and main breaker. Some rearranging of wiring circuits would also have to be done. Unless you are real good with electrical work, I would suggest you hire an electrician. Jerry
  11. We towed our 06 Explorer with our 02 Brave with V10 all over the Rockies, never a problem, sure a little slow (45) MPH on some hills but expected that.
  12. Bologna sandwiches !!!!!! Really we will sometimes cook up chile, beef stew and such and freeze. Then we can microwave or heat up in a pan on the gas stove. That gives us a hot meal while on the go.
  13. You can buy one from CW for $134.00. Can't make one much chearer than that. Jerry
  14. I have a 2000 Freightliner under a 36' Winnebago Journey. Had it for a few years with no problems at all.
  15. We stayed at Jolly Roger on Marathon Key, way less expensive, we liked it a lot and only a short drive to Key west.
  16. We took the turnpike then followed the signs. Had the GPS on and set and it took us the same way. No problems at all.
  17. Works for me now, many thanks Jerry
  18. Having the same problem, figured I just had to live with it. Tried going in on the alternate page someone posted, still not good.
  19. Gary, If you are still around, I for one appreciate your efforts.
  20. There was a 40 footer in a site behind us in Fishing bridge. I was really glad because he backed far enough in that the site in next to us was partially blocked so we had extra space. Thank goodness for him that the post at the back of the sote was cut really short and has rear cap only cleared by a couple of inches when his air bled down. BTW, the post at the front of our site was higher and I left a marker light lens on it when backing in. We did our route from Georgia, Chattanooga, Nashville, St; Louis, then across Nebraska.
  21. I once bought an amplified antenna at a sound shop on the keys, that attached to the inside of the windshield. Ran the wires down the center post and plugged into radio and attached to a power output on the radio. Worked great, could bring in stations I never thought possible. Don't remember the name of it but was told that a lot of customers use them.
  22. The railroad yards and museum in North Platte was fascinating.
  23. We have the AARP / United Healthcare supplimental. Also the part d for medicine. The healthcare insurance cost about $300 for both of us. Have not had to pay a cent to doctors since we had the plan. The part d leaves a lot to be desired for us, both are on medications that are tier 3, and we will both probably have to pay $2500 for medicine this year. If you can get genarac medicines it will pay almost everything.
  24. Two 3/4" conduit teardrop brackets from Lowes will tighten around the bars on the ladder. the plate will mount to the brackets, may have to redrill one hole in the plate. To access the roof just remove one screw and the plate will twist out of the way.
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