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  1. Ian, did the new Michelin Canadian FMC Program help in your purchase? Herman
  2. Have you tried to remove the cover plate to the valve? Most valves can be repaired from there. Herman
  3. Bruce, Welcome to the Forum. The reason you didn't get a notification is that you may have opted out of receiving any emails from FMCA. This has happened to several folks. If you will login to fmca.com and go to your Profile. There you can op back in. Hope this helps, if not please contact FMCAs IT dept. 513-474-3622 Herman
  4. You have two solenoids in outside panel in front of drivers front wheel. One is starter the other is ignition. There is also one on the starter itself. Herman
  5. According to VW the 2014 Beetle is front engine and front wheel drive since 1997 and should have no reason it can't be pulled on a dolly. What did VW say? Herman
  6. If this bickering continues I will shut this Topic down. I should have done it when the big advertisement by cwswine. I have gone back and removed the ad. Herman FMCA Forum Monitor
  7. Here is the latest report from Chris Smith on transfers from T-Mobile to AT&T. From: Chris Smith Mon, Jun 20 at 4:01 PM 1952 Filled out form 1735 Migrated 132 New Joins 89% retention rate. Another reminder email will go out tomorrow letting users know that T-Mobile/Sprint will be shut off 6/30/22. That should give us a boost in numbers. Chris Smith Chief Executive Officer, www.fmca.com 513-388-5217
  8. You may have bent you shaft. You can try and release some of the pressure by cracking the fitting at the top of you cylinder. If you have a stuck valve it may let your cylinder retract. HOWEVER BE SURE AND PUT A JACK STAND UNDER THE FRAME BEFORE YOU CRACK THE LINE FOR SAFETY REASONS. Herman
  9. Your best answer can best be answered by the FMCA IT Department. Herman
  10. The best answer can be gotten from the FMCA IT department. Sorry Josh is on Vacation this week but ask for the Tech Connect Tech and they will direct your call to someone that can help you. Good luck and post what you find here, Thanks, Herman
  11. When you select to move to AT&T you will get a call from Alex. She will ask if you want it to a P.O.Box or fiscal address. P.O.Box can take 2 to 3 weeks. Fiscal address just a couple of days. Which was selected? Herman
  12. Please be patient, they have over 7,000 to contact. Herman
  13. orion7144, I completed the online form last Wednesday got a call on Thursday to verify my address and got it today by FED EX. Herman
  14. Air Capital RV Park in Wichita, just off I-35 at exit 42. Nice park all concrete. Herman
  15. Leave Clines Corner as early as you can. I know you will me going into the sun but it will be a lot cooler then later in the day. When we travel in hot weather we always put up a curtain behind the pilot and co-pilot's seats. It helps keep the cooler (dash air) from trying to cool the entire coach. About 30 minutes before we are planning on stopping for the night we crank up the generator and turn on the A/C units. Then you wont have to wait for cool air when you arrive at your destination. Herman
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