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  1. I have been watching several car show and have seen them use steam on newly installed head liners. The steam activates the glue. I do not know if it will activate old glue but it may be worth a try. Herman
  2. I edited his post to delete his personal information. Herman
  3. Not to worry, lots of us are still there, even Carl. Carl has been motorhoming since they still had cranks to start the engines and he is only gotten to 101.38. Sorry Carl please forgive me 🙏, Bill made me do it. Herman
  4. Bill, true but I have found that the only way to completely get rid of phantom draws is to disconnect the positive and negative batteries. I have found there are those little critters where you least expect them. "Snaky little devils!" Herman
  5. Did you check each cell on each battery? If so and the 1.3 and 12.65 were averages then you have a bad battery. If it were me I would replace both. I just replaced two 31A Duracell 12 volt batteries in our coach. I purchased them at Sam's. The ones that I replaced were 4 years old and had served us well. The price per battery was $109.00 each. Herman
  6. Try this place. https://pdxrvwholesale.com/products/12-vdc-illuminated-switch-on-off If you pull the switch there will be a number on it. If I remember correctly it is just an off/on switch, Herman
  7. Loved it, Oh so many good memories. Thank you Bill. Herman
  8. Albert, Welcome to the Forum. Boy, what a wide open question. There are so many variables here. Do you want one to light up an area or one to direct light on an object? Do you want one like a Coleman lantern with a mantle or Battery operated? Kind of like which is best Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler and so on. Hope you find what you like, and again Welcome. Herman
  9. Last post to this topic was November 22, 2010. Herman
  10. Maybe one of these FMCA listed Campgrounds may help. Herman Cypress Lake Resort 100 Cypress Dr Berwick LA 985-399-5981 10% USA Grand Ecore RV Park 1071 Tauzin Island Rd Naychitoches LA 318-238-7446 10% USA Jude Tracel Park & Guest House 7400 Chef Menteur Hwy New Orleans LA 504-400-8732 USA Land O Pines 17145 Million Dollar Dr Covington LA 985-892-6023 10% USA Parc D Orleans RV Park & Campground 7676 Chef Menteur New Orleans LA 504-243-3052 50% USA Red River Waterway Commission 5941 Hwy 1 Bypass Natchitoches LA 318-352-7446 10% USA River View Park & Resort 100 River View Parkway Vidalia LA 888-628-2430 10% USA Shreveport/Bossier City KOA 6810 W 7th St Shreveport LA 318-687-1010 USA Twelve Oaks RV Park 2736 Conoco Street Lake Charles LA 337-439-2916 10% USA VRV Campground LLC 1514 Azema Street Vinton LA 337-589-2300 10% USA
  11. I know, it's scary when I can understand Carl. Herman
  12. Ray, really, "Perhaps that rear binder strap needs tightened to raise the rear of the trailer?". Think about it. Herman
  13. Good point however I would have it confirmed in writing from the park's owner. Just as a precaution. Herman
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