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  1. Engine Control Module , right? Herman
  2. Tri-Mark door locks are notorious (at least in my case) for sticking. I have found that if I push the door with one hand while pulling on the handle it will release. From what Neil said, we don't know what he has tried. Is it that the door will not unlock? Is it the dead bolt? Will the door unlock but not open? Neil my friend can you give us a bit more info.? You posted 7 hours ago, have you gotten in yet? Herman
  3. Wayne, I use the lime green ones. When we are just about ready to pull out I have to stop and remove my balls. I mean the tennis balls.☺ Herman
  4. Check the Inverter to see if it is off or needs to be reset. The breaker my have popped. Herman
  5. Well said. I will close this Topic. Herman
  6. If it is out of warranty I would pull the steering wheel off and remove the locking pin.(oh and replace the steering wheel)😅 Herman
  7. I have begun placing tennis balls under the wiper arms. It takes the pressure off the blades and they stay flexible. The blade isn't sitting with the pressure on the causing them to set up with a bend in them. Works for me. Herman
  8. John, I made my first response from my phone. Welcome to the Forum. Herman
  9. Harry, It would be a great deal of help if we know the make and model of your coach. Pictures would also be good. Herman
  10. John, what make of generator do you have? If Onan, I would suggest the local Cummins Service Center in Vegas for help. Herman
  11. How about a double reciever and use one for a mount to hold the motor. Herman
  12. Another thought, how about a small folding table? 🤔 TV is normally inside and the table could have many uses including holding the TV when needed and no drilling. KISS. HERMAN
  13. Doug, I agree with Joe, Having a mount mounted to the outside of the vehicle would not look to good. I can see a bracket mounted to a full extension drawer slide secured to the side wall of one of your bays. The bracket could be mounted to a hinge that could fold up and be out of the way when not used. Herman
  14. jimbo, Welcome to the Forum. Give Monty at M&G Engineering in Athens Texas a call. They make a unit to fit your MKZ. In my opinion they make the best RV tow vehicle braking system on the market. 800-817-7698 Herman
  15. Has anyone ever heard that CC is equipped with Koni shocks. That Koni is the only company that makes a shock that will fit? Herman
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