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  1. Its in there, not looking in the right spot...I had the same problem
  2. With only 13k on the MH, I would suspect, front alignment, weight distribution and proper tire inflation....especially if this is a F53 chassis.
  3. I just had to upgrade my operators license in NM because of the new coach on order will be over 26,000 lbs, had to change to a class E which is strictly for recreational vehicles over 26,000lbs. I am sure there are a lot of NM rv owners out there that never change their license and have never been called on it.....
  4. Any good carnauba wax will do.....just get one for clear coat and that comes off easy:)
  5. Having just switched from gasser to diesel, I can certainly attest to that ... actually 100% might be a little low.
  6. I use the Blue Ox patriot, no problems, works well
  7. Go with the year that matches your vehicle. WE owned a 5th wheel purchased in May of 2005 but it was listed on the Cert of Origin as a 2006 as they had already changed some designs... it ended up titled as a 2006.
  8. We have owned small pop ups, two travel trailers and one 33' Fifth wheel...all had problems and the most were on the 5th wheel and this was a very good brand...We then went up to a Class A but stayed with a Gas chassis, a Vista with Ford V-10,,,this MH has performed flawlessly for the time we have owned it but it did have a few problems that were remedied by the Manufacturer....After owning just about all the types of MHs except the C's (too small for the price) we would never go back from a class A, in fact we just ordered a new Class A, a little bigger etc. Have your parents take a look at the gasser Class A, less $ and in shorter sizes, sounds like a 32' would suit them ... good luck on your search..
  9. I usually run 62 mph and get anywhere from 5.5 to 7.8 mpg, depends on head winds, tailwinds and terrain...I tow a Jeep Wrangler.
  10. I guess it depends on what you want to do with your toad. Last trip a group of us drove on dirt roads, the couple with the mini were not happy. As far as groceries, we take the back seat out of our Wrangler and leave it home, more room for the dog or groceries and our Wrangler rides pretty good.
  11. Before you take measures to eleminate the odor, first find and stop the leak. To get to the top joint/ seal on the slide you will have to remove the topper. Chances are this is where the water is coming in. I had a simlilar leak on a slide and finally ended up putting a 4" piece of eternabond the whole length of the joint on top of the slide and this ended the problem. I also had to remove an inner wall in a bedroom slide. Don't now about yours but on the slide I had to repair, the wall board was glued and nailed and was quite a job. You might also want to check the seam if you have one on the outside wall as well, this one is usually covered with a removable strip, these too can leak and allow water into the slide...hope this helps
  12. If you can, follow the wire as far as you can to see where it contacts a wall of floor. I would venture a guess that you have a water leak either in the roof, window or sidewall joint....time to start a careful inspection of the sealants in these areas.
  13. We always stay at the Isleta Pueblo campground south of Alb. And then take the Roadrunner train in to the city or to Santa Fe. Campground is fairly new, clean, two ponds and a casino. The train stops at the campground...they have a pretty good seafood buffet on Fridays.
  14. We are debating taking a side trip off 101 to Crater Lake, Oregon. Thought of going via route 199 to Grants Pass and then on route 62. Curious as to route 62 and what kind of roads can we expect.
  15. First check to see what material it is.....then check with local kitchen counter dealer about polishing it. Different materials call for different polishing if it can be done......on corian I used a 3m gelcoat polish with very good results, it comes in varying grits. I used the finest for polishing.
  16. We stayed there some time ago when we lived in NC. Nice place right on the ocean, easy to get to. Family oriented, lots of kids. Suggest the Legends show not too far from the campground and seafood is great, especially in Murrell's Inlet down the road.
  17. I don't imagine there are any problems towing the Cherokee but just check the owners manual at the dealer, don't trust a salesman.... The newer jeeps don't have a locking steering wheel so you can lock the doors after you put the transfer case in neutral and trans in park. I used a blue ox wiring kit that has seperate tail/ brake/signal lights installed in the rear taillight assemblies...there are others that tap into the vehicle lights but I preferred seperate lights, now when I apply the brakes with the Patriot brake system in the jeep, I get 2 sets of brake lights,,,,,can't miss that!
  18. I forgot to mention that if you are coming up from FL you might want to jump over to Emerald Isle area. Come in near Jacksonville,NC, Swansboro is a neat little fishing town with campgrounds in the area, and over the bridge fromSwansboro headed towards Morhead city there is a really nice campground right in the beach, can't recall tne name now buts its a resort...we have stayed a few times. From there you can head to Cedar Island which is not too far away and catch the ferry to Ocracoke....don't forget to get a reservation though, its busy in the summer but a nice ride..usually see dolphins running the ferry bow. In fact there is a campground right next to the ferry landing.
  19. Depending on where the leak is. Ours was at the inner seam and not the outer wall but the water would find its way all the way to the outer wall and into a drawer area. I put the tape over the metal bracket that attached the frame to the slide roof...covering the screws etc. the area has to be really clean...I used acetone to clean the membrane etc. I am afraid you will have to remove the topper to do this, either the wall side or the inner side Who knows, once you get up there you might find that the membrane itself has a cut in it, eternabond is excellent for this too. The slide roof I repaired did not have a topper so it was pretty easy. I would assume the slide would have to in to remove the topper. I helped my brother- inlaw repair a topper once. You can get directions for removal from the website of the manufacturer. Usually have to mess with the springs ....hard to explain but relatively easy if you have directions with pictures!! Takes two people to do safely.. Good luck.
  20. Ahh, so the leak is in actually in the slide itself and not the MH structure?? If that's the case, i had a leak very similar to yours but the leak came in at the base of the slide and into a drwaer area and then onto the floor. I found that the seam on top of the slide itself had been compromised but had a **** of a time finding it. I finally put a strip of 4" Eternabond along the entire top of the outer seam on the roof of the slide and down the sides about 6". That solved the problem.....Everybody always checks their roof seams but seldom is the slide roof checked which usually has the rubber membrane covering checked, especially if there is a slide topper on them.
  21. If you have a fiberglass roof, you might want to check the sealant where the roof terminates near the gutter.
  22. Make sure you have a reservation for the ferry out of Cedar Island, if not you might not get on in the Summer months..... The Cedar Island ferry is a nice ride....Outer banks is a great place to visit and as said, there are several National Parks for camping, one just north of Ocracoke, right on the beach..
  23. I think most of these local laws are generated due to the amount of campgrounds complaining......
  24. Hmmm... we are planning a trip this summer that is a little opposite ,planning on heading west from NM to visit some friends in Oxnard and then heading up the coast to Washington. Been told to stay inland and do day trips to the coast with the toad....
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