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  1. Hydraulics was mentioned....have you checked to see if the system still has sufficient fluid? If the system was heated, the fluid could have boiled and is now NG...
  2. If not mistaken, WB offers a 1 yr warranty on their MHs, plus Freightliner has a warranty. First thing is to file a report with WB and with Corporate Freightliner. Freightliner must know that WB is welding the frames,........if Freightliner is not welding them per Wb specs....... I should be shocked by your report but unfortunately this kind of thing happens far too often. Surprised you did not notice a poor handling situation.
  3. Ah yes, after re-reading the post, that is a good deal....
  4. I hope you paid a lot under 30%. 25-30% off MSRP is the norm for purchase price of a new MH...:(
  5. If you go over to the Tiffin RV site I think you will find a lengthy discussion about this problem with these engines...
  6. Maybe I am missing something, with the genset running, it's supplying current to both inverters? we have a 2000 watt pure sine inverter. It runs the refrigerator, micro wave and multiple outlets.
  7. He who lives in a glass house should not throw stones..."your" should be you're..... Sorry, could not resist...
  8. campcop

    New Guy Here

    You don't mention if you have any type of RV now. My first piece of advice is to rent an RV and give it a whirl. Some folks find out that RVing is not for them. As far as towing the Jeep, we towed one for several years, no problems...I think Jeeps are the most popular tow vehicle. Now you will have decide how big you want to go, what floor plan fits your needs and whether a DP or gasser....have fun
  9. Ours is off when parked at our home as we have shore power, but the charger is left on. When we hit the road, the inverter stays on till we get home again.
  10. Years ago, when camping at a local campground in our small TT, I was sitting outside enjoying the warm sun when a large Precost pulled in next to us. When the op began setting up, I walked over and said to him, " you know, you are blocking my sun with that MH ", he became apologetic till he realized I was laughing...we had a nice visit for a couple of days...
  11. Sumo suspension has been around for awhile, Tiffin does offer it as an option on their gassers. From what I have read on the Tiffin Forum, those that have had them installed are happy with the results but it is certainly not a cure all for the ride of a truck chassis with leaf springs. And yes, I have owned both a gasser and a DP.
  12. How sturdy are the wheels on that thing, it's big enough to qualify as a trailer
  13. There is no fresh water fill on your coach? Surprised that a 2015 would not have one. Ours is located on the opposite side of the wet bay. Has a locked panel, hard to see if you are not looking for it.
  14. A tuner might help with rpm issues, don't know if 5 star would help. Give them a call
  15. When we had the F53 chassis MH, I called Ford once about the suspension and handling....was told Ford builds a truck chassis and they cant help it if someone builds a house on it....
  16. Tiffin has been selling 2016 MHs with the Ford chassis and 6 speed for some time..
  17. I don't think a change in the transmission would work, the engine with the new transmission had been detuned..a change in the computer would also be required......if that would work... We had a 2012 F53 with the 5 speed and put in a 5 star tune, worked well Does anyone know if Ford actually uses all 6 speeds, on the 5 speed they did not use all speeds.
  18. I would certainly look into bringing WB to court over this, if their brochure plainly states it has the 6 speed,....
  19. I have had the oportunity to have owned both a 2012 F53 chassis Mh and a diesel pusher. The F53 was modified with the cheap handling fix, a rear sway bar and a tru control ....it handled very well after that but the ride did not improve...the difference being leaf springs vs air bags. Even air bag suspension has its problem like porpoising etc which can be cured with modification to the air lines to the bags but then you get a little stiffer ride.
  20. We had a 35' WB Vista on the F53 chassis, while the ride and power were OK , I found the chassis lacking in stability in winds, passing trucks etc. what we ended up doing was invest in a rear trac bar and a tru control steering stabilizer by Blue Ox. I also did what some call the cheap handling fix which is the moving of mounting bolts on the sway bars. You might find this in this forum under chassis but if you venture over to Irv2 ford chassis section there is a pretty good discussion on this. After doing these upgrades, our Vista handled as well as a MH in that class and weight could. Many that invested in the Sumo system are happy with it.
  21. On the newer diesels, between the DEF and PDF, there is virtually no diesel exhaust smell from the tailpipe. Any fumes come before the DPF, usually during regen...some have found loose clamps or a cracked flex pipe.
  22. Sorry to hear that.....hope all works out OK....seems you are not alone. I just came back from a trip from here in NM to Alabama to help a friend bring back a Tiffin Alegro 33aa. Owners wife had med problems, they sold everything but the toad. All my friend had to do was move in their clothes.
  23. You don't mention what chassis or engine you have but if it's a Freightliner with a Cummins 8.9, chances are you are getting the fumes when the engine goes into regen mode. When that happens, a large amount of fuel is dumped and exhaust temps and pressure rise to clean out the DPF. We have experienced the same thing and so have many Phaeton owners. Some have been lucky to find a leak in the exhaust. I had Freightliner check my exhaust and all the fittings were tightened but I still get the exhaust smell on occasion. I just found an open wire chase under the MH, right next to the engine compartment that leads to the electrical panel in our back closet, I will be attempting to seal this in the next few weeks.
  24. When we bought a WB a few years ago, I noticed a few defects a week or so after buying the MH. Brought them to the dealers attention. Found out that the dealer had to eat the bill for the repairs. Seems that WB gives Dealers a certain amount of time to report defects....
  25. That could work against you if you ever get weighed and they go by your registration....Doesn't your MH have a plate somewhere that states the correct weight?
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