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  1. Difficulty funding the card is the reason I cancelled it and never looked back. Never could understand how a card which was supposed to make fuel purchasing easier was so darned difficult to fund.
  2. richard5933


    I'm guessing that the inverter here is an inverter/charger and not just an inverter. Have you confirmed that the transfer switch is working properly and that both hot legs are making it out of the generator? With proper voltage? Not uncommon for a connection in a transfer switch to get loose over time, and when this happens there will be a voltage drop. My thinking is that the output leg from the generator which feeds the charging circuit in the inverter is got a bad connection, likely in the transfer switch, and it's causing the inverter/charger to throw an error. When there is a low-voltage error it will shut down the charging, and perhaps try again if the connection momentarily gets better. If you're not comfortable working with 120v ac power, have someone who is open the transfer switch and confirm that ALL the connections are clean, tight, and show no signs of burning or overheating.
  3. Here's the link: https://camperreport.com/nirvc-changing-the-future-of-rv-service/ Seems like a great idea - hope it works out because what's been done up to now is a disaster.
  4. When was the refrigerator last serviced? What does the LP flame look like when lit? Is there rust inside the burner chimney? It could be a coincidence, or it could be something to do with the change in air circulation due to the change in cover. If the flame is shutting off every time you stop moving, then it sounds like the burner is not venting properly at rest. Lots of things could cause this, and I think that a full service & cleaning on the fridge burner/chimney/ventilation area would be a good first step.
  5. Same cover? Did you do anything during the install which could have blocked or restricted the air flow? Did any of the baffles inside the cavity move?
  6. Checked with a friend of mine into Prevost conversions, and he agreed that the best place for recommendations is the Prevost Community. Best chance to find someone with the same or similar model conversion to give accurate Information. www.prevostcommunity.com
  7. All depends on what you have for an on-board charger setup. If it's a modern multi-stage system, my money's on just letting it continue to do its thing by plugging in with an adapter. The problem with trickle chargers can be that some charge at too-high of a voltage and can boil your batteries. Alternatively, fully charge the batteries and then just disconnect them. They should make it months without a problem if they are fully charged.
  8. My healthcare provider is Aurora. On their website they now have a special tab off the main page with Covid-19 information, including recent test results and my vaccination history. Took a bit of searching to find it the first time as it's pretty far down the menu column. The part with the QR code download button looks like this for me: The QR code link does nothing but show a QR code, which I can use to download the electronic vaccination record into the app on my smartphone. It's my understanding that this should be available in every state and with most major health care providers. If you're not seeing the QR code for your healthcare provider, perhaps a phone call to them will help figure out where they're hiding it. As another option, I think that every state also has an online place where residents can access their digital vaccination records. Hope this helps.
  9. Same for us - we were told not to laminate the originals so they are in our lock box/fire safe. We both carry laminated copies, but we also have the digital version with the QR code which can be scanned by anyone that needs the details. The QR code digital cards can usually be added to your smartphone easily. Find the QR code for doing this on your medical provider's website.
  10. The first vaccinations required for schoolchildren were in 1855. Many others have been added since. When I was sent to kindergarten in 1967 my mother had to take me for my vaccinations before they'd complete enrollment. When I joined the Army in 1981 there was an entire battery of vaccinations I was required to take if I wanted to get past the intake phase of basic training. When I attended college there were required vaccinations. When I worked in summer camps to earn my way through college TB testing was required for employment. When people travel to certain foreign countries there are required vaccinations. Why, suddenly, is it such a huge deal when another vaccination comes on the scene? I just don't get what has everyone so upset with the testing and vaccinations for Covid-19. It's not like we haven't been down this road before. We have. We survived. We moved past it. Even more so, I don't see how this conversation is helping any of us enjoy our motor homes, vans, and travel trailers any more. Any chance we can get back to those conversations?
  11. Not quite. Does not apply to domestic travel. Unless you have information to support what you're saying let's not make it worse than it is. Here's a quote from a news story on the issue: Any foreign national who travels to the US must be fully vaccinated, though there remains no vaccination requirement for American citizens traveling via air, either globally or domestically. The White House said earlier in the day that a vaccine requirement for domestic travel remained on the table as an option for the future.
  12. I think you have a good point. Here is a snapshot of the member dashboard - where is the obvious link to the Forums? Shouldn't there be one in the left-hand column where all the other major links are?
  13. You can refine it even further - I have a link on my browser that takes me directly to the list of unread recent posts. No need to go through levels of menus.
  14. Just before temps got too cold to continue working comfortably, I was able to complete the interior updating by putting new upholstery on the sofa. Now I fully understand why the upholstery shops charge so much - these things are tough to recover. The main fabric is denim made by Wrangler, and I used the same trim fabric to do the pillows and valances to tie things together. Can't wait to get it out on the road this coming spring!
  15. Perhaps he's talking about some particular type of tow dolly, such as one without brakes. A quick online search shows that tow dolly use is legal in all the lower 48 but there is variance in requirements for brakes, etc.
  16. If you have the option, mount it somewhere on the windshield so that it's not in your line of sight AND where it's viewing the world through a part of the windshield cleaned by the wipers. Otherwise, it will not be very useful when it's raining or when the windshield is dirty.
  17. They do make locking fuel caps for diesel tanks. You've got to get the right one for your tank though, so it will take a little checking. Might be a good idea to go to a local dealer for whatever chassis is in your coach (ie Freightliner). Here's a few of the ones available: https://www.budandtonystruckparts.com/search?q=locking+fuel+cap&gclid=CjwKCAiAs92MBhAXEiwAXTi2533nz9O3UKl24LSBVikxLcen1kxHiCFAewkpeHh15id_Y29sgMJhbRoCbkwQAvD_BwE Another option, especially if both your fuel filler and your DEF filler are behind a small door together, is to put a lock on the fuel door.
  18. Leaf blower This is what I use to dry my coach after washing with softened water. It removes 90% of the large water drops and what's left usually doesn't spot. I wipe dry the shiny bits and windows and just leave the rest.
  19. richard5933

    brake lights

    Not sure about yours in particular, but this should be a NAPA item (assuming you have a NAPA that carries truck parts). To confirm, are there any numbers on the one you've got now? They are just basic pneumatically operated on/off switches.
  20. Confused - if you have an onboard 8kw generator why do you need the small Honda? What specifically do you mean by ruined the little generator?
  21. I know that you guys have newer rigs than mine, but don't you shut down the house systems when taking it to the shop? Especially if it will be there for an unknown period of time? This coach is not at an RV dealership, it's at Freightliner. Most of the truck repair centers I've been to cater to trucks and simply aren't equipped with a bunch of places to plug in vehicles waiting for service/parts. If the batteries are charged and not subjected to parasitic loads they should be good for at least a few months on their own with no damage.
  22. Can you work with them to get you an air line out where your coach is parked? That way you could at least blow all the water from the lines and winterize with air.
  23. I've got the EZ Lube hubs on the new axles I just installed on my Airstream trailer. My thought is that it would be a really great way to check the status of the bearings between the annual inspections. Just pump a grease gun a few times and check out the old grease which is pushed out. If it's dark/metallic then a full inspection is in order early. If the grease looks good then carry on till the next scheduled full inspection/repack.
  24. No need to start the engine over the winter. Mine sits every year out behind the barn and starts right up in the spring. I do my fall maintenance close to the point where I park for the winter, including checking the engine's antifreeze to make sure it has the correct mixture to protect against Wisconsin winters. You can get dip strips at NAPA for testing your antifreeze. I keep mine mixed so that it's well protected even if temps get down to -30F. In Michigan you probably need to do something similar.
  25. To me any tire stem extension is adding an additional leak point, as you found out. They are often a weak leak and a cause of problems. My first approach would be to go to a GOOD tire shop and explore better valve stems for the inner duals. They come in many lengths and. angles, and likely an experienced tire installer can find one which will make it possible to inflate and check pressure without nearly as much knuckle busting. By having better valve stems installed you could quite likely get the results you need and avoid having to add a leak point.
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