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  1. We just eliminated DirecTV. We now use a ROKU Streaming speaker system, $99, with our about 2 year old LED tv.
  2. There is one in the pump. It is probably leaking to fill your fresh water tank. You can remove the head of the pump and disassemble to clean. May fix your problem. I carry a spare pump or a spare pump head for possible failures. Another possibility is the city/fill tank valve may not be set correctly. Or is also allowing leaking into tank.
  3. The intersection of highways US20 and 5 in northern Indiana. The town is Shipshewana.
  4. We will be at Pla-Mor campground in Bremen, IN about noon on August 5th to noon on August 8th with the Hoosier Cruiser chapter. Plan on going to the RV Hall of Fame on the 6th. There is a lot to see and do in the area. There are several RV surplus outlets in the area, too.
  5. When the OP states there is a smell, the color may be caused by magnesium which is more difficult to counter.
  6. If that happens, install a charge line. I had to for our Chevrolet Equinox. Ran #10 wire from battery to RV electrical outlet for towed. From towed’s connector again #12 wire to towed’s battery. I used a 20amp circuit breakers on both ends You need to protect RV wiring and towed’s wiring
  7. There are two breakers on the generator. Turn both off and then back on. Are your salesman switchs near the door on? If the batteries were really 1.1 volts they need to be replaced. They are so low probably your battery charger will not even try to charge them. You might try a separate battery charger, but most of them will not try to charge a 1.1 volt battery.
  8. One correction, the two rubber plugs to remove to get to the external antenna connections are on the bottom, not the top.
  9. Yes, you can attach an external antenna. There are two small rubber plugs on top. The external connections are below. I did try this and found that reception actually decreased. Therefore, I do not recommend using an external antenna.
  10. There are several printed circuit boards. One of them, I think it is the 2nd from the front, has a small glass fuse which can easily be blown because of load and ambient heat.
  11. Many resistive devices do not tolerate the output of an inverter well: warning blanket, heating pads and hair curler. Don’t know about tooth brush though.
  12. If you are close enough to Elkhart, Indiana, you can get a MRI number by calling Xantrex and then carry in for repair. It would be much cheaper than replacing. When I had mine repaired, the charge was less than $100, but I am sure it depends on what was repaired. As I understand, other service center is in the state if Washington, but it is drop off and shipped into Canada for actual repair. Because of the weight and sturdy shipping container required, shipping to have repairs made is very high cost.
  13. See if Salesman switches are on. If not, turn them on. If on look for a large 200-300amp fuse is good should be located in line coming from coach battery bank. Maybe a 30amp breaker in main power panel is off.
  14. I put all the required information in my phone as a contact.
  15. Welcome. Ask any question, someone on this forum knows how or who can help. We will be at Gillette for the convention, also. Ross
  16. I don’t think you need to register as what. If I remember correctly, significant other is covered if listed on membership. But only two people may be listed on one membership.
  17. I had that problem, because I was leaving it on charge all the time. New battery. Charged to 100% and switch to one of those small white cube chargers for an iPhone. Maintains, but doesn’t over charge.
  18. On my 2006, it is in the electrical bay where the inverter/charger is located. Look high on the left side wall. Identified with a lot of wire entering and exiting the black box. Measures about 8”Wx10”Hx3”D.
  19. See if you can get reservations? We liked staying at Colter Bay in the Tetons. The campground is on the north end of the Teton NP. Easy access to drive into Yellowstone and/or Tetons or Jackson. I don’t know if you have to also have a reservation to drive through. There has been some discussions that dome NP are doing that. If you can take a float trip through the Tetons on the Snake river. Gentle ride. Like sitting on a large inner tube. We have done it 3 times and always took the last trip of the day. Best time to see the most wildlife. We liked the north end to center best.
  20. The FMCA campground. 3590 Roundbottom Rd Cincinnati, OH 45244 Two nights free per month for members. Go online to register. All sites have 50/30 amp electric and 15 have water and sewer.
  21. Yes, but even when boon docking you can run generator for that short period to have quicker recovery.
  22. I placed mine on the rear ladder using brackets you can buy online at the FMCA merchandise store. I used the license mount holes on the front for the other one. Some members have been saying they put the decal type on a piece of plastic and display in the windshield.
  23. Many people do not know that Indianapolis is the orthopedic center for the USA. The doctor that did surgery on AJ Foyt was the same one that did scoliosis surgery on my wife where he removed all the discs from the base of the neck down to L3 and installed screws and rods. Her surgery was 31 years ago. Remained pain free until about 4 years ago. The disc between L3 and L4 collapsed and cause the nerve to be pinched between L5 and pelvis. Now pain is gone, but she has difficulty walking without additional support. Getting old is he…
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