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  1. This what we have. They attach with twist clips which I like better than snaps. I had them made by Mana Shade with a large open hem at the bottom. Filled with sand 3/4” PVC pipe and capped both ends. Takes about 5 minutes to put on or put away
  2. I disagree. All capitals, yes; but bold is the way for those of us that use small screens to be able to easily read text. I just wish that my default text was larger and bold.
  3. I think you mean Dan Ball, but he is no longer employed at FMCA. Try Aaron White.
  4. You might email the publication department at FMCA or post a question on the first page of FMCA.com. They may be able to look into it in old newsletters or magazines.
  5. Think the museum is RV/MH Hall of Honor Worldwide. It is located at 21565 Executive Parkway, Elkhart, Indiana 46514. It is just south of Indiana Toll road, I-80/90, Exit 96. Their web site is: www.rvmhhalloffame.org. Not only is there a FMCA display, upstairs in their library they have every copy of FMCA’s magazines.
  6. If a For Sale section is added, I think it should not allow replies. Only personal emails to the original poster for additional information etc.
  7. Keep in mind that the FMCA employee that monitored the forum content has left FMCA. With the large reduction in staff that FMCA has had over the past year, it will take time and increased membership to get back to normal.
  8. We both had the first Pfizer vaccine, and nether one of us felt the needle. My wife had a little soreness at the injection point the next day. No other problems. We are to get our second on February 25th.
  9. I agree. Why not ask FMCA IT DEPT what it would take and how can billing be done?
  10. Last I knew a member could purchase classified adds in the back of Family RVing. Most that I have seen are for RVs, towed vehicles and property.
  11. There is a difference between cellular voice and cellular data.
  12. The only problem with Indiana State Fairgrounds is the neighborhood isn’t the best. There has been a lot of theft. If you like a fairground, the Tipton County 4-H fairground just south of downtown Tipton is very nice. I know they have a large number of 50 & 30 amp sites. I don’t think they have any full hookups, but they have a dump station. There is water available at some of the sites. Some of the sites are gravel and others on grass. Don’t be concerned about the grass sites. They are on the machinery field that has been hard packed by large farm equipment for more than 30 years. We have had 72 RVs for a chapter rally there and did not use all the sites. I don’t have the phone number, but search for Tipton County Agent’s office in the court house. Easy route from Indianapolis is US-31 north to Indiana Hwy28 east into Tipton to Indiana Hwy19 south about a mile. The fairgrounds is on the right. Enter at 2nd gate.
  13. Enjoyed looking at the tour sites.
  14. According to a bill passed by Congress, bourbon is only distilled in Kentucky and aged in new white oak barrels. But who pays attention to laws anymore? Those barrels don’t go to waste. They are reused to age wine.
  15. I just Googled the question about dry county. It is not dry now but was.
  16. My favorite is Maker’s Mark. Small and personal, but no tasting because it is a dry country. They do give out bourbon balls, or at least they use to.
  17. Yes to all your questions. We have about 12,000 miles on them. The sane size tires as previously used Michelins have greater load rating, nit just rounding due to conversion from metric measurements.
  18. The set I bought two years ago were Firestone for $120 less per tire than Michelin/ FMCA price. But every locality is different, so shop around.
  19. I didn’t check the chassis, but I have seen new, within a couple of months, have 4 year old tires.
  20. Verizon or T-mobile/Sprint MIFIs operate and look to be identical. I had both. For me I found better coverage with Verizon, but one location the Verizon was about half the speed of T-Mobile/Sprint. It just depends on where you use them. In our Arizona resort on Verizon MIFI we are using 2 iPhones, an iPad, 2 laptops and ROKU for tv streaming without any problems.
  21. We traveled from Indiana to Arizona the end if October. While some of the amenities are closed in our resort, Happy Trails, most are open with limited numbers using at one time. The restaurants that we like are open. We still eat out 1 or 2 times a week. But we do go at off hours, 11:00 for lunch or 3-4:00 for dinner. The restaurants have been very careful to spray and clean door handles, tables and chairs or booths. Servers wear masks and we are required to wear masks while entering or leaving. Stores, Walmart, Home Depot, groceries etc require masks in their facilities. Or residents in the resort wear masks when they leave vehicles to use any facility.
  22. It has been a ling time since we camped in that area, but as I remember there is a state park a little south if Bardstown, KY. I think the sites were crushed stone, electric only. The lodge had good meals.
  23. Makers Mark is a bourbon. So is Bartons. In fact 95% of all bourbon is made in Kentucky. None is made in Tennessee.
  24. If you cannot move it for at least 25 miles, let it sit. The generator is a different issue. You do need to run it once a month at about 1/2 load to drive out any moisture.
  25. Somewhere I saw a solution for your problem. A small copper wire was threaded through the tube and the end in the refrigerator was clipped to the closest cooling fin. I have looked for it, but didn’t find it.
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