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  1. But Indiana is God’s country. 😊😊😊
  2. I think all members that accept emails from FMCA received an announcement of the new FMCA Mobile app. I download it for my iPhone from the App Store. It is excellent. So easy to use. Tried it for a day. Because of the ease of use, I removed the two link icons I had on my Home Screen. One of those was to get to the Forums and the other was to get to the FMCA home screen. Suggest you download and try it out. One quick place to show member benefits to show potential new members.
  3. I really would like to attend, but I have a conflict in schedule. Hope to see some of you around and about the convention.
  4. If the consignment dealer wants the motor home on their lot, be sure the insurance covers the RV on their lot. You may need to check if the current insurance covers loss to you while in the storage or if driven.
  5. But if I remember correctly, doing this does not meet the National Electrical Code where automatic transfer is needed.
  6. Actually, dead center is the least air flow, but maybe it can be mounted to the side if it clears the radiator area.
  7. rossboyer

    Engine cooling

    Didn’t know that. As suggested, a thermostat and bigger fan may help.
  8. rossboyer

    Engine cooling

    You had the inside of radiator cleaned, but I would really think that the transmission cooler, CAC snd radiator sandwich needs to be cleaned on the outside. Search the forums for the cleaning process that FREIGHTLINER recommended to me.
  9. Would OP be turning off what we call the Salesman switch? Possibly, 12 volt dc is needed for the air conditioner control circuit.
  10. Go to FMCA.com, login, from the bars select Membership, when Membership list opens, select Dashboard, scroll down to Membership Directory and select. You should then be able to search for the member.
  11. Not sure will try. The Gourmands dinner starts at 6:00 at least based on preliminary schedule.
  12. Not knowing which states, I think in you home state; but why not contact the Bureau of Motor Vehicles in both states and ask. You may still have to pay sales tax, but that depends on the states, also.
  13. A few years ago, FMCA upgraded the software that handles credit card processing. The next independent audit stated that meets security recommendations.
  14. FMCAssist has never covered medical expenses. Transportation, repatriation and return of vehicles is covered if you contact them before being transported. That doesn’t mean that you have to call them when emergency transportation is needed. But do so before additional transportation is needed.
  15. That works, also. More change than sliding up or down on same fin.
  16. Usually, Installed after. They are so small they don’t effect the balance.
  17. I have had two different manufacturers of CPAP machines. I bought for one a cord to operate directly from a 12 volt lighter type outlet. The other was a power brick that doubled the 12 volt to 24 volt, because that machine was 24 volt. You will have greater efficiency powering with one of these solutions vs inverter from 12 volt to 120 volt and then back down to 12 or 24 volts as needed. Be aware that many auto manufacturers are not powering what use to be lighter outlets with high amperage, because so many users are now only using the outlet to power USB converters or low power electronics.
  18. The lady I referenced did provide the RV info. She just didn’t have one. It has been a long time ago, but I had to have the IT department setup my wife’s ID and password. She doesn’t use it. But it is there.
  19. I heard a story about a lady that was wanting to know more about RVing, so she joined FMCA by just stating that she had an RV. So I don’t think that there is any checking.
  20. Check your membership record on line or call FMCA Membership Department . We use to say for a member to check the label on Family RVing magazine to verify both names are on record, but that is no longer true. My last magazine didn’t have my wife’s name on the label, so I called. Both are listed on our membership record. Therefore, both of us have FMCAssist coverage.
  21. Diesels do perform better in mountains, but over the long haul, diesels are more expensive to maintain and fuel usage is less than a gasoline engine. MPG if under 22,000 pounds probably up to 10, but over 24,000 pounds nearer 6 mpg. I have had a 1990s vintage gas and got 10-12 mpg, but long grade west of Cheyenne, WY, got down to 30 mph. Our 1999 and 2006 diesels, 50-60 mph on the same grade. But once a year, is a higher priced diesel worth the price. When we were traveling 18,000-24,000 miles per year, yes, diesel; but now that we are traveling under 10,000 miles per year, I would buy a gas engine. We probably will not sell our current 2006 diesel to buy a gas motor home. We have 122,000+ miles in it. The two before had about 140,000. We have only one more long trip, 4000 miles, to do. After that 300-400 miles round trip, 6-8 times a year. We are both 80 this year and slowing down. Suggest that you buy used. All 3 of ours have been used at least for the first one to get to know what you really want Your first motor home will not be your last. Most buy 3 or more. 32-34 feet 1st, 38-45 feet 2nd and back to 34 or less 3rd. And there are those that will never give up their 45 ft 36,000# bus conversion.
  22. I have Koni on our current motor home and had them on our previous. Both were 37-38 feet on Freightliner chassis. Also, added flow controls for the front and rear air bags. Both changes really improved ride and handling over original equipment.
  23. While it is best to contact GM for the reason, I think that the white lever you referenced disengages the transmission from the drive train to prevent the wheel rotation from back driving the transmission.
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