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  2. Engine Braking

    Don. Bad hose. I have my hoses and belts checked each year when I have engine and generator serviced. If yours was original from the day the chassis was built, it was 10+ years old. I use my engine break a lot on 6-8 degree hills, I also am in a lower gear!
  3. Where To Boondock On The East Coast?

    Where are you in MD? We Are in Baltimore!
  4. Back to OP, that leaves the State Troopers and Escapees, that I know off.
  5. Hmmm. I can remember, when they came to your site, you did not have to disconnect or drive to another location.
  6. Washington DC

    Wayne. I would tell the Senator, how much you appreciate the work he has done, on behalf of Texas. Stroke it ! Then how you have always wanted to go on a tour of ? They blow smoke up ours, you might want to return the favor! Keon. Compared to the Senators of the East and West coast, ours are Angels!
  7. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    I suspect you had this problem for a while. In your part of the Country, unless you really love winter, I would have taken care of that, during Winter. Not late Spring, Summer!!! Well, your coach will still be there. You just won't be able to use it for a while...That might be a good thing! All you got to do now, is to train DW to sleep on the other arm! She'll have to do that later anyway!
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  9. Campers With Children Under 20-- Check In!

    Cup ... No its the Cuff, you know that group of muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint, keeping the head of your upper arm bone firmly within the shallow socket of the shoulder It is the Dominate Arm. Funny, I can bowl with no issues but soon as I stretch the arm out and lift - the DW slept on it the other day, No problem. I tried to sleep on that side and woke straight up and call God by every name I know to call Him. Pills are keeping the pain down but I am hoping I can drive the coach in 4 to 5 weeks after. I am looking at the week of April 15th Follow your Doctors instructions to the letter and you should be fine. Good luck. Herman Thanks Herman. I will
  10. Washington DC

    Are you a Crook Today?
  11. Washington DC

    Ummm Humm, but it didnt take much convening. --- Lets see, Full Hookups CHECK Stuff to Do CHECK The Hayes' will be there CHECK Campfires Allowed CHECK No BullSharks to Kiss in the Mouth! CHECK CHECK CHECK Sounds to me like one heck of a party!
  12. Washington DC

    I took notice. We will be on the East Coast this summer. Any idea on what the correct question is for the Senator to approve the tour?
  13. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    I don’t believe those are the reasons. I have had our coach weighed br RVIA and was weighed in less than 10 minutes wait time and blocking of traffic.
  14. Of course, it had nothing to do about $$$ or designated site, or tying up the flow of traffic, when coaches was leaving?
  15. Individual Wheel Position Weights At Area Rallies?

    RVIA stated they didn’t have enough teams to do all the requested sites.
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  17. Engine Braking

    Where was the hose's location? If it was near the exhaust there may be a shield out of place or gone. May have had more to do with climbing the hills and not so much with the exhaust brake. Gary
  18. ISL Engine Failure

    We had the same thing a year ago this month. Dropped #3 liner while on flat level highway. Coach had 45000 miles. $36000 for a factory recon engine and cummins would not give us a penny of consideration due to age of coach (2006 See Ya Gold) Sorry I don't still have pics of the liner...looked like black potato chips sitting in bottom of pan. Piston stayed in bore and beat block to death.
  19. Pet Discrimination

    Carl, The longhorn was one of 3 in a fenced area at the KOA in Fredericksburg. One day I was walking Miya and low and behold she started going forward on the leash. I reeled her in to keep control because she was very anxious to go see the big animal. I gently let here mosey up to the barbed wire, and that is why the tight leash so she would not get her on the wire, and she went nose to nose with that BIG longhorn. Every day after that, and for four days, our walk had to be up to the longhorn. Now, when approaching the other two longhorns would be closer to the fence but when the big guy saw Miya he started walking toward the fence and the other two scattered. He was definitely in charge. The horse is down the road a few miles from us in the pasture. When we get out of the car the big palomino shews the other horses away so he can greet Miya. She is not afraid of big animals. (Or lawn mower, or tractors or....who knows.) With the robot vacuum cleaner i the house, recently bought robot, she just lays there until it gets close then moves. Did that from day one. I agree. Animals are not bad but the owners sure can be. Some owners have no idea when it comes to consideration of others. Joe S, I think she is one of an exception. I hope you can meet her someday. I do understand that she wants to greet people and her greeting is to jump up to say hi. So whenever we are greeting people I go to a short leash to make sure she doesn't jump. After about 30 seconds or less she will not even try to jump up it is only on first initial contact. My "No Jump" command works about 99% of the time as does my "No Speak." One day in Michigan we went out shopping and Miya gets up with her paws on the dash and just looks out. She will not bark at other animals walking by or people. So we returned and we took her for a walk so she could relieve herself from being in the MH for a couple hours. About 4 campsites up a gentleman said that his grand kids were playing ball in front f the coaches and came to him and said he needed to see the big stuffed dog in the window. He told him it was not stuffed, walked down and waved his hand close to the window and Miya followed his hand. Proved she was not a stuffed animal, like the other stuffed animals in the window. She does have at toy box with stuffed animals and squeakers. She never tears them up and loves playing with them from time to time. Carl, Here is a picture to show how big that longhorn is:
  20. Padre Island

    Uh huh! What'd you shoot today? That was from my golfing friends - when I was golfing.
  21. Android App for Forum

    Not sure that you and I are talking about the same thing. I have no problem getting the forum on my phone by using the 'internet'. That's still using a browser. There are other ways to access things like the FMCA Forum other than by going through the browser on a phone. The advantage to using an app like Tapatalk rather than a browser (the 'internet') is that the apps are optimized for the small screen of a smartphone and use far less data. They are easier to use, can take advantage of the phone's camera, and can consolidate all the different forums that I participate in in one app on my phone. Here are some links to the app I'm using to access other forum. There are other apps out there as well. I'm not sure what it takes to get the FMCA forum on a platform/format that works on these apps, but whoever did the new website should know. For iPhone: For Android:
  22. Android App for Forum

    Richard, Try opening your internet on your phone and type "com" and comunity, fmca will come up. Just click on it. That is how I get it on my Andriod Phone. Herman
  23. Android App for Forum

    Thanks. That's what I do. Problem is that it requires a browser. If I'm at a laptop it's not a problem getting to the forum. It's just that I'm not usually around a laptop. Always have the smartphone and/or tablet at hand though, especially when we're on the road. When accessing the forum through a browser on a smartphone much more data is used than when doing the same thing through an app like Tapatalk. The apps like Tapatalk are not based on a browser. If you've never used one you should take a look. They are optimized for use on a small screen and make maneuvering through a forum a breeze. Another added benefit is that when accessing a forum through the app I can upload photos directly through the app using the camera on the phone. If FMCA is working to get more younger people involved, then I'm surprised this type of thing isn't already underway. Much simpler to access things through an app than a browser. FMCA does have an app, but there does not appear to be any forum access through it.
  24. Android App for Forum

    Richard, Type this onto your search line. then set it as a favorite. Then put it on your tool bar. Then anytime you are on your Browser just click on it and you will go directly to the Forum. Herman
  25. Engine Braking

    I have run into experts like the one you spoke with at one time or another. I just nod and agree, later I just shake my head and wonder how these folks survive RVing..:)
  26. Washington DC

    The OP should take notice of that bit of insight. Thank you!
  27. 2004 Monaco Diplomat

    I doubt that someone would go into a bay and steel your pump. That being said, and I am not trying to be smart, have you ever seen the pump? On your coach on the passengers side right in front of the rear wheels there should be a bay door with no handle visible. it is secured with latches under the bottom edge. Right in front should be a bay door where you should find your water pump. Hope you can find your pump there and diagnose the problem. I have an 2002 Dynasty so send me a PM if I may help. Herman
  28. Tired of the Mess Changing OIL

    I use one of these and straight into the valve cover. We have a side radiator that might be the reason of ease. Keon's recommendation sounds like a winner!
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