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  1. He went with 275's all the way around including steer tires. No need to look for any difference for speed purposes since the the originals were 275's on the drive axel. The 275 versus 295 on steer tires may affect the handling characteristics some.
  2. I received an invitation from Verizon to move to an inhome wireless Plan for $60.00 per month, touting unlimited internet for television and any other internet that one would like to use it for. And of course, since it is over the 4G cellular network, can be used anywhere that the cell signal can be accessed. Speeds in excess of over 100 mbps. Good to know that moving phones to 5G will open up 4G equipment for internet use.
  3. St George Island Florida campground has four handicap camp sites available, all other 54 are dirt/sand with gravel, while the handicap sites have very large cement pads that the invalid can maneuver on very easily, if you don't have appropriate tags, you can't rent them. Just to name a few reasons.
  4. Why would you have a handicap plate on a motorhome? I have seen handicap parking spaces near the restrooms in Tennessee for 18 wheeler rigs and motorhomes, they are marked with blue paint and have the signs that state for that use only.💙
  5. In most coaches, the solenoid that you are speaking of, usually has two small wires, one positive and one negative. If yours is like this, trace the negative wire backwards, there is usually three places in which this wire is grounded, all three places require a ground, if any one of these three grounds do not make up, the solenoid will not activate, and thereby seem bad. Not all are like this, but it is worth taking a look at. These type solenoids are not frame grounded, meaning that the second wire requires a ground for the solenoid to actuate. If you do need to replace the solenoid, be sure to replace it with a continuous duty one at least as many or more amps than the origional.
  6. I think that the newer trailhawks have electric steering, if so, they must have current applied while towing, or wobble will occur.
  7. Did the shop drop the tank to replace the internal fuel pump? If yes, they may have removed the pickup tube for the genny. I think that in an earlier post you stated that while back blowing the fuel connection that you heard gas gurgling.
  8. Are you sure that the coach is doing the oscillating? When did you start towing the Trailhawk? Check out this web post. https://rvlove.com/2019/11/10/jeep-death-wobble-update-and-fix/ The newer Jeeps have had issues with the death wobble, this may be your case.
  9. I'm sure glad that I have air ride, smooth ride even with tires inflated to max. Or is there something wrong with my coach? LOL💤
  10. First of all, how much fuel is in the coach tank? The builder of most coaches sets the fuel pickup tube so that it will not pick below a quarter of a tank to insure that the generator does not drain the fuel tank to keep you from getting stranded. This may not be your problem, but make sure that you do have adequate fuel.
  11. Yes, they are doom and gloomers. Cruise America thrives on the fact that these units are very easy to adapt your driving skills to. A thirty minute crash driving course in a vacant parking lot with practice cones is about all it should take to get familiar with driving one of their units. The biggest challenge is getting use to driving with outside mirrors, the rest should come naturally from your already learned driving skills. As with any vehicle, obey the rules of the road, don't follow too closely, and remember that larger vehicles require a longer stopping distance. The video that Bill recommends is a good place to start. Also, go rent an RV from cruise America, if it is too intimidating, then don't buy one, I will bet that after an hour of driving it, you will say, either I want one or do not want one.
  12. I don't know which heat/air/fan and some other items may be which batteries, but windshield wipers are usually on the chassis battery in every coach that I have seen.
  13. Have you programmed each remote to work with respective tv? If not, try to program one remote tv that you are having trouble with to see if the program/remote problem goes away.
  14. The last time that this happened on my coach, the air drier purge valve was stuck open. If I'm not too badly mistaken, the governor is actually part of the air pump.
  15. You mentioned that it is an in tank fuel pump, many years ago in an old Ford Granada, very similar problem as yours, it turned out to be a fuel filter/sock in the tank that had become partially stopped up. And of course an inline fuel filter in the gas line that has become laden with water can do the same thing. This may not be your problem, but well to take note in case other checks do not solve the problem.
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