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  1. I know this has been discussed on several occasions on this forum, but I have some new news, I hope good. Some Windows 10 users believe that they could actually stop Windows 10 updates or at least postpone them forever with the Pro version. That has been untrue since the inception of Windows 10, Home version not even postpone them and Pro version some postponement of them but not an actual stop. You could have stopped them only by never allowing the PC to get onto the internet, this was the only way. Well this years spring update was renamed (SCU) was renamed April update, and this update actually gives the end user the ability to completely turn off future updates on both Home and Pro versions of Windows 10. Actually the April update was postponed but the newest (1903) is now available. Here is an article to read if you want become more familiar with it, and I highly recommend that Windows 10 users take advantage of this update A.S.A.P. https://www.howtogeek.com/402569/everything-new-in-windows-10s-april-2019-update/
  2. Yes place motor on first, boat laid bottom down with transom against a rest which is hinged at the base of the assembly so that the transom carries the weight of the boat while being transported, attach the hook to the stem then winch the boat to upright position. A 10 foot jon boat should barely be above the back of most coaches, and memory serves me well, there are some about 9 feet. I'll dray it out this PM and try to post. I built something similar to hoist a tow dolly that worked well, the camper I built it for had problems with a place to park tow dolly in some campgrounds, after this device he simply raised the dolly and then backed into his campsite, of course after removing the toad.
  3. Just trying to keep things straight. No, 5 watts is not much, I tried one of those 30 watt units on my nieces car one time because her battery kept draining enough that the car wouldn't start in 18 hours, 30 watts didn't help either. After two years, numerous batteries, alternators, and hooking up full time chargers, it was discovered that the trunk light was backwards, trunk open no light, trunk closed light came on, no one ever thought there was supposed to be a light in the trunk. LOL, I was only asked to put the solar panel on, and didn't realize that it was still a problem as no one bothered to tell me until after the car was replaced.
  4. I haven't found commercial ones there, I have bought some there only to modify to fit in a pinch.
  5. Actually would be pretty simple to build a Jon boat style, use a hitch extension, weld a six foot 2X2 tube vertical, then use 1.5X1.5 seven foot tube to slide inside for lowering when not needed, weld a motor mount onto the 2X2 tube at a convenient location, place a roller bar padded slightly wider than the boat sides. Use a 2000# electric winch with cable through the inside of the tube with a good pulley at the top, drill both tubes to allow a pin to hold up or down as needed. Don't know where your tag is located but a temporary location can be affixed at the end of the roller assembly with lights placed on each end to cover for any that time a boat is covering others. I'll try to draw it out and post when I have spare time. Of course you will want to have the boat bottom facing traffic, and this will allow for a place for the motor to ride going down the road, and since you used a hitch extension, simply put the hitch with ball, or tow bar in the extension for towing purposes still. I calculated the cost for parts, excluding welding (very minimal), less than $300.00.
  6. Not quite correct, the system is 12 volt dc not 120 ac, at 12 volts .4 amps and 9 amps. .4 amps will almost keep up with a half amp drain during daylight hours.
  7. There are those that can replace the old batman style, which was made to rotate from inside the coach by hand, the unit is self sealed to allow motion, the stationary base is caulked and they worked well. There is newer styles that electrically rotate (some are automatic) and some use a manual control box. The newest versions actually send the signal current through the coax so no other wiring is necessary to the antenna, just to the control box. Here is an example. https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDTV-Directional-Over-the-Air-TV-Antenna-with-Mount-and-Signal-for-RV-Camper-NEW/312277539983?epid=2254580483&hash=item48b5311c8f:g:cTYAAOSwclVbz0G9
  8. Hopefully will only be a sensor going bad, especially with no slow down or over speed of the engine. Good luck!
  9. Hmmmm! Whether tag axel or no tag axel, u-joint or drive axels should be removed to protect the transmission. Tag axel on most coaches have nothing to do with the u-joint. My coach requires that the air supply to tag axel should be turned off to prevent the tag from carrying too much load if the front is lifted.
  10. Here is an item that I use about every two months on the blades, we use it in printers and copying machines, it prolongs the life of the rubber many times longer than rubbing alcohol because it contains the right formula to rejuvenate the rubber. https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAIG-RBR100L-25C-Rubber-Cleaner-and-Rejuvenator-25mL/321527462136?epid=1200148658&hash=item4adc87b8f8:g:4NoAAOSwVFlUGxg3 My blades are 28" and usually last 4 to 5 years, yes I do buy commercial blades also, pretty easy to find the correct blades in most truck stops.
  11. Maybe someone thinks that if you put the leveler down that you are going to raise the coach and vice versa. I don't really know since it has been years since I last used hydraulic levelers.
  12. Yes, and as Joe asked, what make and model.
  13. DB, if you are looking for almost kind of boat now, how about a 10 ft. aluminum jon boat, since they are light an upright hoist would be very simple to make to work on your receiver hitch.
  14. Some bike racks designed to be used with a receiver hitch with Herman's double receiver might be a better solution than a ladder.
  15. If it must be mounted on the outside wall, why not nicely construct a shallow box made out of aluminum just deep enough to contain the tv mount, if mine I would want one that can be swiveled in many directions and be capable of adjustable angle up or down. The door can fold down or up whichever works best for you. Make the box out of heavy enough aluminum and make just a little taller than the mount and wide enough to cross two upright studs so that it can be screwed or riveted to those studs. You can either paint or vinyl coat to match the exterior of the coach. I mounted my exterior facing TV inside the coach facing out a window and use a sound-dock for exterior sound. Just a couple more ideas.
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