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  2. All Inclusive Motorhome Club (AIM)

    Yep, here's the email for the contact at
  3. Washington DC

    Welcome to the forum. For the amenities you listed the only recommendation is. Cherry Hill Park, College Park, MD, 9800 Cherry Hill Rd, College Park, MD 20740, (301) 937-7116 I think I see a pattern. They even have some one to teach you how to use the Metro and what train and what stops for what you want to see. I would call now and make your reservation. Bill
  4. Tech Connect+ thoughts

    I have Sprint, Verizon and AT&T in the coach and the most often unusable internet source is the Sprint MiFi. I have seriously considered simply dumping the service but it's truly unlimited for about $50/month. My 2 year contract is up in Feb. and I will have to make a decision about what to do at that time.
  5. Washington DC

    Cherry Hill is very nice and quite convenient. It's the most often posted park in the DC area.
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  7. Battery Disconnect Switch

    Onan 5500 Generator
  8. Washington DC

    Cherry Hill RV Park is the best around, I think. Not sure for that length of time - they may have longer term rentals. The city bus stops at their entrance - as a matter of fact, it turns around on their property - and delivers you to the Metro. From there, you can go about anywhere in DC.
  9. Washington DC

    Looking for help or suggestions on RV Parks or Private Property to stay at in the Washington DC Area. My wife and I will be there in 2018 (end of August, all of September, and part of October) about 2 months to see the town, and surrounding areas, Virginia, Marylin, Delaware... Looking for a place to stay that has good access to DC, and or public transportation to DC. Prefer 50 amp electric, water and sewer required. No other amenities required but prefer a nicer place to stay. Any suggestions or recommendations on places to stay are appreciated. Additionally if you know of must see Parks, Museums, Factory tours, Restaurants, or other places of interest that are not generally found on the usual websites / tourist brochures then let me know. Like to see the different and off beat attractions. Thanks Johnny Missoula MT. / Mesa, AZ
  10. Final Decision On Mail Forwarding Service

    I hope I am not to late in jumping into this conversation (I hope you have not made a decision yet.) I would strongly advise against a UPS store. We used one for a year and the UPS store overcharged us a lot in shipping fees. It was 4 years ago and the average cost of forwarding our mail was $30 each time. I won't waste your time with the many horror stories just take my word for it the UPS store is not the way to go. FYI the store we used was owned by a personal friend who we haven't spoken to in four years. We switched to Escapees and do not have any complaints. They have sent our mail to any location we have asked them for in three to four days including General Delivery to the Post Office for $10 or less. As to providing a "legal" legal address Escapees is set up to give you a legal address in Texas, Florida and South Dakota. Go to this link for more info on Florida. You can write to me directly if you have more questions on Mail, domicile, or best ideas for communication while full timing. We would be happy to answer any questions Doug & Lanita Full Time Since July 20122010 Itasca Ellipse 40CD TOAD 2012 Jeep Liberty.Retired US Navy Chief Petty Officer
  11. Battery Disconnect Switch

    The numbers you posted- F73-1020 are for the BCC. Could you post the make and model of the generator for the group? The electrical wiring and control modules change and with the proper information, it might be easier to offer some better information. Rich.
  12. Battery Disconnect Switch

    Thanks for all your input...I called Fleetwood and they think it is the solenoid. When I used a jumper wire from Chassis Terminal Postive or Coach Battery Terminal to the Generator terminal that are located on the side of the Battery Control Center —Gas F73-1020 Generator will start and coach lights works. i know that I will not be able to use the auxiliary disconnect switch. Has anyone done this ?
  13. Clear Bra Removal

    Easy way, pay someone else to do it! Harder way, order the kit from the web, spend 12 hours of your time removing it like I did. The chemicals, skill, tools and labor is going to cost no matter how you approach it.
  14. Long Trips In A Type B

    There are some coaches that are set up with 2 separate valves....I think he got it backwards. Macerator on Black, not gray!
  15. Long Trips In A Type B

    Herman, that's because it is on Ford Trans Connect Frame,when I was looking at those last year, it was the same frame as an Escape, maybe better if a VW bug.
  16. Clear Bra Removal

    If your to believe Rich, I'll give him $1,500 to bring on the steam and remove mine....I'll even go to his part of Cajun country!
  17. My Avatar

    Only problem is the Brownie Hawkeye is not digital and will not be as easy as a digital camera, maybe. The Polaroid is even more problematic than a Hawkeye. It's instant, or maybe 90 seconds later.
  18. My Avatar

    What's that? Had a Polaroid when I was 14.
  19. My Avatar

    First thing you need to do is take a picture of your coach. I'm sure you have the Brownie Hawkeye still laying around.
  20. Long Trips In A Type B

    As Bill said you have on strange dump set up.Most systems have one outlet where the holding tank comes in one side and the gray water comes in the other side. When you dump you connect your sewer hose to the out let ant the other into the sewer. You then pull to holding tank valve handle and leave it open until the tank is empty and then close the valve. Then repeat the procedure with the gray tank. With a Macerator Pump the process is the same except it take much longer. Holding first then the gray. A picture of your setup would help. Herman
  21. Long Trips In A Type B

    I just re-read his post and you're right, macerator on the gray tank???? Funny!
  22. My Avatar

    Carl, I guess that we will have to start singing, "All my X's live in Texas, thats why I live in (Tennessee)".
  23. Clear Bra Removal

    My thoughts exactly, Carl. I've never read one post saying its easy to remove.
  24. Long Trips In A Type B

    Welcome to the forum. I have to say that is a strange setup for dumping your tanks. Bill
  25. Clear Bra Removal

    Jim. WIT = Winnebago Travel Club, if you have one you can join! Personally I think he has a product to sell and is trolling! There is no easy way, if there was, then folks would not go to Florida to have it removed by Professional's for $3,500 BIG ONES!
  26. My Avatar

    Jim, I totally agree with that sentiment ! Wish I knew how to get my coach or Jeep as an Avatar?!
  27. My Avatar

    Time out is better that Xed out I guess.
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