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  2. Cost of Use

    Agree completely
  3. Camping Without A Toad

    Don't think you won, Joe. Herman passed right by! I have seen people come by and P/U comes back to clean site. No sewer hose, water line or chairs! A little bit of sense goes a long ways...carry a cone and leave it at entrance to site and spend 5 minutes putting $50+ bucks in a Bay! We used to do that all the time, back when nobody had a toad.
  4. Cost of Use

    It's all about "priorities" isn't it??? RV's are great.. they can take you to pretty remote locations and still have your sleeping accommodations with definitely pay for this convenience.... Look, we all made choices about the particular rig we purchased and the reasons we did it.. OK, this thread got me thinking... what were my costs... Actually, I revisited this more closely... We actually traveled 10,646 an average of 18 MPG.. that's 591 gallons of fuel.... And, I figured on the high side of $3 per gallon... SO, that's $1,773 for fuel costs.. or just under 17 cents per mile... There are fixed costs annually for maintenance, insurance, registration, monthly payment ( if you have one) whether you drive 5,000 miles or ZERO miles. You need to get oil changes based on time or mileage... Even tires, batteries and other things have to replaced over time due to age whether or not the tires show a significant amount wear...One of the first things I did after purchasing our rig was replace all the tires and batteries.. they were 6 years old and started to show signs of small cracks in the rubber.... Don't know about the rest of you, but, the last thing I want is a tire failure on the road in an RV.. and got the tire pressure monitor system as well...These are all fixed costs and regular maintenance items..SO, I excluded all of these my calculations for just running the rig.... You cannot have deferred maintenance on an RV.... it's unsafe to operate. And, no matter where you are at home or in the RV, you have food expenses, so, let's skip this as well... Which leaves the cost for parking, sight seeing and staying at RV parks or even a hotel once in a while.. YES, we actually have done this.. And, we've even boon docked a few times and stayed at BLM lands. You control how much or how little money you spend on things.. my point is, just enjoy your rig and your travels... All of these rigs depreciate, like I wouldn't get excited worrying about happens..we all know, why even factor it in.?? Just use the RV and get the experience you acquired it for... For me, I decided that the overall cost of taking it out places trumped all other considerations... fuel consumption over time is the most expensive thing you put in your rig...and I didn't want that to prevent me from going places with it. Again, priorities...
  5. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    I bet your right, I told them back in would be fine. Rates for around here are great, which had me a bit concerned. At that price you could be in for a real experience you might not want to remember in the NE. I'm only there for the band playing that weekend , heard them in 2016 at a Campground we stayed at and was blown away, absolutely the best cover band I have ever heard! Ill be dancing on the picnic table, and not falling through anymore .
  6. Our RVing Story

    Finally have the time to type this out. This all started in 2007 DW wanted to take a trip to the West Coast (Disneyland), she began planning it and said how it would be fun to do it in a motorhome. Priced out rentals and WOW was that expensive (almost $11,000 plus fuel). Side tabled the plans. I worked at a Dealership that motorhomes frequented as a mechanic, we discussed buying a fixer upper and selling it after running this trip or maybe in the end of the season, I figured if I got it cheap enough, why not? Found a 1998 Coachman Santara 311SB Class C used on consignment, retired Army Sargent owned it and had passed away, his widow wanted it to go away. It needed some work as it had been sitting for a few years. Picked it up under wholesale in February 2008, DW told me it had to be ready to go for July, trip is now booked. I spent three months repairing and upgrading items on the coach side and chassis side. I had it ready in mid May, took it out on a shake down trip and had a blast! Kids loved it DW was on the fence but still had fun (she had fun but didn't want to admit it) . This was not our first time with RV experience, more for me as my grandfather had a few trailers over the recent years and in the 70's did a bus conversion, which was #2 RV, first one was an old bread truck, i remember helping him out with those as a kid. We set out for CA in July 08 with gas prices at $4.30 per gallon and my American Express with $0 balance . Sight seeing all the way out and back, I cannot tell you how much fun that trip was and excited everyone was, we really made some memories. We returned and I told the DW I was going to detail the coach and put it up for sale, she looked puzzled and the kids started yelling NO!! We ran that coach another 6 years and 45,000 miles all over the place, locally and another trip to CA. May 2014 the old coach needed some more TLC and my DW saw opportunity to get something bigger as the kids were bigger now and space was getting tight. We saw the need for a Toad as the kids were older and we didn't destination camp like before, we were now going to an area to explore something and really needed a car, to make matters worse the towing capacity on the current coach couldn't handle a toad over 3000 lbs and my Jeep was almost 4000 lbs. We upgraded to our current coach, while I miss that old coach I think I really miss the memories and the fun trips we had. Hmm, found this on the web, while not our old coach, its identical!
  7. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    6 spaces for pull thru' they are hard to get. I think my 45 would be hard to navigate in there! The rate $$$ is darn good.
  8. Slide Canopy / Water & Snow

    POP's you ever camp at this place, in Carlisle PA? I booked it for a weekend this summer.
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  10. Camping Without A Toad

    In their catalog and in the Store Camping World has a sign on a Stake that read Occupied or something like that. Is is to hopefully to eliminate that from happening. I suspect it is used for the most part in COE, State, BLM and or Federal Parks that sometimes are if its open take it. Herman
  11. Camping Without A Toad

    Agreed! We broke camp with the Class C and day tripped with it in the years prior to owning a toad. Had it been me and the DW it wouldn't have been such an issue, but still an issue. The coach size wasn't the concern its all of the stuff, then toss two kids into it ILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN! By the time we set up the outdoor stuff, chairs, outdoor cooking, grill, patio mat, water, cable, sewer and electric, surge protector locked to the tower etc...etc...etc.... inside makeup, curling iron, (not me them , Not putting my foot in my mouth Carl , I see you grinning as I clicked send ) kitchen stuff comes out of the cabinets, DW brewing sweet tea, Slides out, window awnings deployed, etc.etc.etc that coach isn't going anywhere . Not too long ago I watched a couple break camp without toad, left there stuff out, when they came back it was all cleaned up by the office, they thought they left a day early and weren't coming back . While the coach portion only takes me a few minutes, its all of the other stuff that I wipe down before it goes back under the coach in the basement that can take up some time that I have no desire to do multiple times on a trip. Then there is the security aspect, my stuff is at the campground, while our toad is parked where ever while we are out walking around some quaint town window shopping. You read many times how someone's RV was broken into at a parking lot, easy target and they know there's a good chance there will be valuables left inside. Did I win the most emoji's in a post contest ?
  12. There was a long blog about the Ford Fusion and whether or not it can be towed 4 wheels down. I had a 2011 and as soon as I read all the problems owners were having I traded it for a Jeep. It has been a while but I remember other owners saying that as long as it was under warranty Ford was covering the new transmissions but once out of warranty you were on your own. Not sure of the accuracy of the information I read because Ford still says you can tow it 4 wheels down, but personally I was not taking any chances and got out before I had any issues.
  13. Cost of Use

    I agree 100%! the memories and enjoyment from my family I cannot put a price on~!
  14. Cost of Use

    I hadn't given that one bit of thought how much different it would be with jacks vs air leveling. If I had jacks only I wouldn't bother to do it. Herman, my coach don't twist, due to the similar chassis I would think you would be the same. I pulled out of a CG two years ago onto a small road, I had to turn 90 degrees just after the opening and the left front tire was in the air, i.e. not on the ground ( I didn't know it it the time) DW opened the door to check my tail swing through the gates, stepped out, started to holler the wheel is off the ground, why is it spinning . Afterwards I thought about how and why the door wasn't pinched closed and why the floor tile is still intact, I expected the signs of any flexion. Needless to say we will not go back to that place! Cost of use, last year I spent about $450.00 on maintenance and $2300 for tires (customizing upgrades are not figured into this as they were personal preference, not needed), we put 13,000 miles on it. Had it not been for the new tires I would have been very exited over that money spent!
  15. Cost of Use

    No matter how you look at it, it is expensive. When I first thought about rving I ask about the cost of something and someone said ": If you have to ask the cost, you can't afford it" It's all in the pleasure you get from it.
  16. Camping Without A Toad

    As someone stated above, it ALL DEPENDS on how you use your rig. We tour and visit places, sometimes stop for one to four days..? It's all relative, but, we certainly don't need or want a tow vehicle with our setup .. there's just the two of us, and the Sprinter can go literally anywhere and park easily. Yes, like someone else, we have no sewer connection, just unhook the electric, close up and take off..and yeah, we get 18 to 19 MPG.. same mileage as an SUV.... Sprinter does double duty as our sleeping quarters and car when we need it to... On our 12,000 miles USA trip last fall, there wasn't anyplace where we couldn't take the van... Now, that's rental car, no extra fuel costs, no extra rental insurance costs.. nothing extra.. We travel part time and have the great outdoors...the whole point of going traveling is to see things.. many of them are outdoors... where there's plenty of wide open spaces .. The ONLY reason I would even consider having a tow vehicle is if we lived full time in a larger rig and that's not likely to happen... Oh, by the way... my little Sprinter has a tow capacity of 5,000 kidding.
  17. Cost of Use

    John, When I fill up I just drop one side. I do not have Jacks just air. I wouldn't use a jack to raise one side. When I dump the air on one side it lowers the entire side and doesn't torque the chassis. I would be afraid of that with hydraulics. Also most all truck lanes are Asphalt soaked in diesel and is soft. (for some unknown reason jacks love to sink into soft asphalt and not come out) The reason coaches with air bags but not air leveling want you to dump your air, is to lower the unit as much as you can before extending the jacks so they will not have to travel so far to level. Herman
  18. Cost of Use

    Joe I can see your point with air leveling it would be no problem I was thinking of how mine works air has to dump then I would have to use the stif legs to tilt
  19. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Reese. Herman and I was just in Tyler, left yesterday from Tyler Oaks RV Park! I'm currently at Antique Capital RV Park in Gladewater, TX.
  20. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Happy to help, Reese! One way or another we will get to the bottom of it! Sincerely, Dan
  21. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    Herman, Thank you for providing Dan Ball's name. I called and talked with Dan this morning and he was very interested in this issue and developed a plan to get it resolved. The information you provided about calling Dan has been the best information provided on this thread regarding a resolution to the problems of enrolling in this Verizon/FMCA program. My family and I live in Tyler, TX. Thanks, Reese
  22. Surge protector?

    Thanks to all. My last MH had a hardwired one and my new one will have a Surge Guard power transferee with some protection but not high/low volts .Will be going with a TI portable with high/low volt protection. Thanks again. Your comments were very helpful, Mac
  23. Cost of Use

    Yeah, I need pull my pick up tube, and inspect it and maybe extend it. Ours just below 1/2 tank it shuts down!
  24. Cost of Use

    Around the 1/4 level (on the gauge). However I notice that like even automobiles the gauge will show full for some time but when it begins to go down it drops rapidly. Herman
  25. Engine Braking

    I think I will start a new Topic " Ole Wives Tales" First one. Excessive use of the Exhaust Brake will cause your Hoses to harden and break or leak. Herman
  26. Cost of Use

    Herman, at what fuel level does you generator shut off?
  27. Cost of Use

    John, I have gotten a few looks and only one question. When I told the trucker why he just nodded his head OK. As Joe said when you pull forward after filling the coach will be level in just a few second. Joe, I had never thought about the tank being larger then stated in the manual. I do know that when I tilt and fill my Trip Tec says I have 124 gallons, and will read the same after 80 to 100 miles. Carl, As to your AH keeping going below the 1/4 tank mark must be in the way the float is or pickup tube is set. My tank will tell me I am at the LOW FUEL mark and when I fill up it will take maybe 80 gallons. We both used our AHs quite a bit this last week. Herman
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