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  1. jealyn2, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. Does using the "boost/combine" switch give you enough power to raise them? What brand are they? If you know the model, please post that as well, AND/OR what year are they?
  2. Truing/shaving does not necessarily guarantee perfect balance. And balancing sure doesn't have anything to do with run-out! Yes, on tires I had trued, they took less weight after truing, but they WERE spin balanced.
  3. Five, Did you not like the Continentals because they were the wrong size or .............
  4. wolfe10

    Best RV GPS App

    To add/change your signature: Click on your name in upper right of any page. Click on "Settings". On left had of that page, click on "Signature"
  5. I reached out to an FMCA staff member and got this response: Looks like they are a Commercial Member, C012859. Record doesn’t say whether or not they give a discount to FMCA members. Contact is Steve Wenger: steven.wenger@mobileye.com
  6. Guys, Let's not let this thread go way off course. Please, back to the OP's question: " What are the Driver License requirements for driving Class A Motorhome ?"
  7. Please tell us what chassis/engine you have and what you have checked or replaced to address this.
  8. Not sure how the IRS (Federal Government) would be involved with driver's licenses (a state function).
  9. At what ambient temperature, and verify that the condenser fan was running? Low side PSI (what you are reading) IS temperature dependent. What was temperature at the return (inside coach) and what was temperature at the center vent with the fan on high, engine at 1,200-1,300 RPM?
  10. Actually, from actual experience is that not very many of the minimum wage clerks at the DMV's are familiar with the requirements. That is why I recommended READING the requirements yourself. Said another way, were you involved in an accident, I would not want to be your attorney blaming a DMV clerk for you to not have a license that allows you to legally operate your vehicle.
  11. You need to look up the requirements in YOUR STATE for your weight/size RV. Do NOT just ask a clerk at a DMV location-- many have never looked it up (probably applies to less than 1/2 of 1% of licenses). Read it for yourself. If you let us know what state you are in and GVWR on your motorhome, someone may already know the answer.
  12. talloaks12, Welcome to the FMCA Forum. This may help with your decision-- will you be using your same interconnect cables and cables to house positive and ground? If so, that will help dictate what you go with. If all new cabling or at least new ends, your possibilities open up and should be influenced by what style will allow you best access for servicing and will be influenced by the configuration of the battery compartment in your coach.
  13. duhlenbrock@fmca.com is correct--- I communicate with Doug all the time using that address. Be sure you do not put a "period" after it!
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