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  1. You could call the parks you want to stop at, they should know what the rules are for their area. Or, check each state's Covid website for their latest rules. Right now NM has a 14 day self quarantine for visitors from out of State.
  2. And we wonder why this pandemic continues☹️
  3. That is not correct unless you are traveling through the state. If you stay at a park, you must self quarantine. https://www.newmexico.gov/2020/07/07/new-mexico-travel-restrictions-in-effect/
  4. Do you think that MH is overloaded🙄. Looks like the tag dumped, probably set to deflate when under 5 mph. Wonder if there is a way to air it up?
  5. Get a ScanGuage, runs about $140 , reads codes, can reset codes and programmable.
  6. Not sure about your RV but generally the manufacturer installs tires that just make the weight requirements. Consider going to a larger weight load rating tire. We had Goodyear tires on our 5th wheel but now I understand they are made in China. And if you don’t t have them, consider adding a TPMS system. I lost a tire on I-40, never knew it until a passerby let us know. Destroyed the wheel, fender and fender liner and a few wires.
  7. If it’s a Suburban heater, check the high limit switch.
  8. I noticed you were told your vehicle would tow the trailer. Was it the salesman that told you that? you might be able to solve the heat problem with a larger electric fan or double fans. Auto racing fans are high output and you can either thermostatically control them or by switch. There is also an additive that will bring down the temps a bit.
  9. I personally would not tow a 22’ trailer with anything less than a 1/2 ton pickup with a tow package. And you should get an anti sway brake for your trailer hitch.
  10. Yup, your pump is located in the far let back corner. The valve is in the upper right corner and looks like you would have to remove that large,panel,to get to it. i would also put in a vacuum breaker in that line to the black flush😝
  11. As far as water coming when when retracting. I either tip the MH or bring the slide in slowly, stoping a few times the let the water run off the topper.
  12. I found this on internet. “As you know fault code 36 is engine has stopped with command from controller, so either you have a fuel supply problem, combustion air supply problem or as JFM suggested the ambient air temperature has de-rated the engine output below the load on the generator and the engine has stalled.” if it only happens when temps are 100, then most likely it’s too hot in the generator cabinet. Others have modified the door with vents. Or the high temps could be causing problems with the fuel.
  13. I hope that trip to Big Bend is this fall. It is incredibly hot there right now.
  14. Carl, not any more, even we are supposed to quarantine for 14 days when we get back from CO.
  15. Not sure of your system, it on a previous MH I had, there is no reverse gear, it’s done bu reversing the motor. Your motor might have a clutch that’s slipping or a bad gear. Time to take it apart..:(
  16. A few years ago we were on Rte 152 just outside of Hillsborough, NM. Headed West there is a small narrow and low steel bridge that must be crossed. In the Town of Hillsborough is a large yellow sign warning of the low bridge...you can’t miss it. We had parked our car by the bridge doing some gold panning in the river when along came a MH towing a Jeep. Well he had to stop unhook the Jeep and then back his MH up for about 1/4 to 1/2 mile before he could turn around.
  17. I don’t know what braking system you have for a towed vehicle but be aware on Tiffins, exhaust or engine brake use will also light up the brake lights when activated. A good thing as mentioned is to not to start any faster going down that going up. When braking, use a firm brake for a short time to slow and the release the brake, do not ride the brake or use excessively.
  18. I would think that if the brakes were being applied each time the engine brake was used, the rotors would be over heated to the point of warping , discoloration, if not boiling the fluid. i noticed in the op’s photo that there is a TPMS on the wheel. Would be interesting to see what the temp of the tire was. If the brakes were dragging, the temp should have set off an alarm if the TPMS was set up properly.
  19. That tire looks scuffed, like the steering wheel was locked . is the tow bar level?
  20. I think you find that Dental implants won’t be covered under any insurance that is affordable. We have pretty good supplemental insurance thru BC&BS and only specific parts of the procedure were covered. Basically cost me about $4000 for one molar. my friends go to Palomas, MX, the cost there is about half. Ironically, the dentist there lives in ElPaso, TX
  21. As of today, there will be fines for those that don’t wear masks in NM and up to $500 for a business that allows people in without one. When the first mask order are out, some county officials protested, said they would not enforce it, claimed it was not Constitutional. As they say, you can’t regulate stupid.
  22. Yup, the NM Governor has ordered anyone visiting from out of state has to quarantine for 14 days. we are scheduled to go to CO next week. Keeping an eye on their situation daily. As of now it’s a go but things change daily if not hourly.
  23. From Fantasy site. Cancellation by Fantasy Fantasy reserves the right to cancel any tour at its sole discretion. In the unlikely event a tour is canceled by Fantasy and Fantasy is unable to reschedule, except in the case of force majeure as described below, all funds collected from any participant refunded in full within 30 days of tour cancelation. Money is refunded to the original payer. It appears the catch is “ unable to reschedule” and “ force majeure”.
  24. campcop

    Bottoms out.

    What is the air pressure in the tires?
  25. There is no mention of restricting MHs due to age on the Cummins Coach Care site, so wondering if it’s only Rocky Mountain.
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