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  1. We stayed there a few years ago on our way to CT. Reason being, the campgrounds are few and far between in that area. In any event, when we checked in we were met by what appeared to be summer help who were not very helpful. We had asked for a pullthru for our 40 QBH Phaeton, towing. We barely fit in the site and had a heck of a time getting out. In hindsight, we should have demanded another site but it was getting late and we just wanted to park. The campground does have some really nice sites that are large. I guess it depends if you are a long term guest or not. So if you book, make sure of what site they stick you in.
  2. I think it depends on the make and model. On ours , it’s jacks up, slides in.
  3. Not sure about your unit but on ours, there are indicator lights that tell you if the pumps are functioning properly , sounds like one of your pumps is not working.
  4. Interesting that they wanted proof to raise your value but continued to charge you for a value they knew was too high...:(
  5. Don’t know about your model but on ours, the switches pop out after carefully prying them. The connections on the back were spade connectors.
  6. When we had an Atwood, the plug was part of annual maintenance..
  7. Unless things were different for 2017 automatics , you should not be leaving your trans in neutral, but in Park. You will ruin the the trans. i have not heard about any problems with wobbling front ends .. Does the 17s still have the locking steering wheel and if so, are you leaving the ignition in accessory?
  8. Interesting, wonder how much $$ for one of those babies?
  9. Out here in Southern NM, Oasis Dealers are in name only. I used the Oasis dealer in El Paso TX once, never again. Very bad experience, mechanic did not even know how to measure ride height.
  10. Hmmm, someone must have gone through our Phaeton and removed all these labels. Never saw one
  11. At one point Goodyear was making some of their tires in China, are these some of those? we had Goodyear’s on our 5th wheel, had a blowout that destroyed fender etc. same thing, all that was left was the bead, Goodyear did pay me for a tire but not the damage.
  12. Might have better luck calling 800-543-3622... sorry to hear of your troubles but we are a long ways from you..hope you find someone soon.
  13. As stated, a good inspection of the tow bar may be in order. If one side did not lock, or jammed, the toad could be pulled at an angle.
  14. Congrats!!! Now it’s time to hit the road and use all you have learned👍🏻
  15. I recall our 94 wrangler had to be left unlocked. Sort of a chintzy setup and with the key in the ignition, especially if you have several keys on the key ring, It was easy to lock the steering column.
  16. If this is on a FreightLiner, look in the cabinet with all the 12 volt fuses or relays. Sounds like either a wire is loose or a fuse is blown. I had a bad pin in a connector plug and randomly the radio, map lights, step cover , windshield fans would quit working. Took me a long time to find the bad pin.
  17. Is it me or have you posted a similar thread on another site some time ago? in any event, you certainly were ripped off by this company and also shows another really good reason to do a thorough PDI before taking delivery.
  18. I agree, sounds like the steering wheel was locked. I don’t know when Jeep stopped locking the steering wheels however I think it was after 2007. I don’t recall any problem with steering during that time frame either.
  19. Dually or larger for that size 5th wheel.
  20. Op has not returned or responded so I guess we’ll never know.
  21. You don’t mention if this all happening at the same power pedestal , if so, there could be a problem at the pedestal. What make and model is the EMS? If this occurring at different pedestals, I would suspect the EMS unit is bad. I have read recently about a few portable Progressive 50 amp units going bad. or.....are we talking about the transfer switch? These are suppposed to have a limited surge protection. If this is where the problem lies then it most likely is the transfer switch going bad or a poor connection in the switch.
  22. I would buy a Tiffin 36LA. Had a WB gasser in 2012, very poor workmanship and materials. Almost bought the 36LA but happened to look at the Phaeton next to it..😉
  23. What make, model and year Mh do you have? Most RV taillights are from the automotive industry like Herman says. Most likely a sealed unit except for the plug in bulb.
  24. LED flicker is usually caused by another appliance being on the same circuit, especially a furnace. It can also be caused by a dimmer switch being turned down too far (ie. low voltage ) Diodes at the flicker source have helped
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