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  1. If the valve is seeping, sometimes opening it and letting is snap closed a couple of times will remedy the seep. Also as mentioned, make sure there is an air pocket in the tank.
  2. Wow, you must have really had a twist in the frame to pop out the windshield. I’ve only read about a few occurrences of that.
  3. Sounds like you are getting power to the solenoid, I am assuming the motor is not running. Just because the solenoid makes a click does not mean it’s good. You can replace it, or first try the old hammer trick. Have some one operate the switch and tap on the solenoid. They can also be jumped with a heavy jumper wire.
  4. We did 62 days this past summer in BC, Yukon and AK. After a couple of days I did strap up my full width mud flap because it caused all sorts of rocks to fly up onto the Jeep, fortunately no damage. We did get two chips and cracks in the windshield though . And neither was on a gravel road but on good paved roads in BC.. Also be aware that in BC and Yukon and parts of AK, their idea of road paving and repair is gravel and oil. Also between the time they lay the gravel and oil it, they put sodium chloride on it to keep dust down, really does a number on metal and aluminum wheels.
  5. campcop


    We have a 2018 37AP, we tow a 2018 Jeep Rubicon Recon with Smittybilt roof rack, winch and front bar. I really don’t know its behind me. As far as handling, can’t believe you could not tell the difference between the Red and the Bus. We previously had a 2014 Phaeton and the difference in handling was like night and day. The Bus has IFS, big difference when putting on the miles in the seat. I could also tell the difference in the power as well. Unless you plan on switching tow vehicles, I suggest you skip the Patriot and go with a permanent mount brake system like M&G. As far as price, if you are willing to travel, you can get a better price from the big three near RB.
  6. If I recall correctly, Tiffin also had a problem with units starting around 2014. These were on the mid level coaches. The covers were not UltraLeather but something similar. Tiffin was replacing them for a few years and now I think they will just supply you with the covers and labor is on the owner. The problem was traced to the vendor supplying the covers.
  7. Chances are your inverter killed your batteries. Tiffin has put in a dedicated switch to disconnect the inverter when in storage. Also like someone mentioned, you should have been able to leave the coach plugged in without an additional charger and all should have been fine. Our coach is plugged in for months at a time when parked at home.
  8. Have you tried a reset of the inverter?
  9. If the cooler is leaking, you can also look in the radiator. If fluid made it there, there will be an oily sheen on the water.
  10. You might have a leak in the trans cooler that is allowing antifreeze into your trans. https://www.freeasestudyguides.com/atf-pink-milky.html
  11. Personally I think they are a waste of money. Yes a few will say it paid for itself but I think you’ll find most never get their money’s worth. if you are concerned about expensive repairs, instead of paying all that $$ up front, start your own savings account and put that money aside.
  12. Also, make sure the small clear plastic cup on the suction side is tight and or not cracked. how old is the pump? Is this the first time this season you used it after being stored for the winter?
  13. We had a 2005 Sunnybrook, also had a rotted floor in the bedroom slide. It turns out that the outside facia on the slide out box was leaking. It leaked from the day we bought it and never knew till I found a huge ball of mold growing under the bed. I repaired it myself as the dealer had no clue. The design of the slide was faulty. If the trim facia was not properly caulked, water was channeled right into the slide floor. What I did was install flashing under the outside skin of the slide that extended over the bottom of the slide. This prevented water from entering the slide and was channeled out. From what I gather, Sunnybrook never did correct the problem and it appears that when they went under and were bought up by WB the problem was still present.
  14. Don’t know what kind of MH you have. It would help if you posted that. On ours, under the sink, in the cabinet there is an AAV, if you have one, it could be defective and sticking at times.
  15. We stayed there a few years ago on our way to CT. Reason being, the campgrounds are few and far between in that area. In any event, when we checked in we were met by what appeared to be summer help who were not very helpful. We had asked for a pullthru for our 40 QBH Phaeton, towing. We barely fit in the site and had a heck of a time getting out. In hindsight, we should have demanded another site but it was getting late and we just wanted to park. The campground does have some really nice sites that are large. I guess it depends if you are a long term guest or not. So if you book, make sure of what site they stick you in.
  16. I think it depends on the make and model. On ours , it’s jacks up, slides in.
  17. Not sure about your unit but on ours, there are indicator lights that tell you if the pumps are functioning properly , sounds like one of your pumps is not working.
  18. Interesting that they wanted proof to raise your value but continued to charge you for a value they knew was too high...:(
  19. Don’t know about your model but on ours, the switches pop out after carefully prying them. The connections on the back were spade connectors.
  20. When we had an Atwood, the plug was part of annual maintenance..
  21. Unless things were different for 2017 automatics , you should not be leaving your trans in neutral, but in Park. You will ruin the the trans. i have not heard about any problems with wobbling front ends .. Does the 17s still have the locking steering wheel and if so, are you leaving the ignition in accessory?
  22. Interesting, wonder how much $$ for one of those babies?
  23. Out here in Southern NM, Oasis Dealers are in name only. I used the Oasis dealer in El Paso TX once, never again. Very bad experience, mechanic did not even know how to measure ride height.
  24. Hmmm, someone must have gone through our Phaeton and removed all these labels. Never saw one
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