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  1. It’s to remove the “top hats” on the rear duals. It’s probably marked with arrows on each side to indicate which way to turn for DS or PS .
  2. yeah, that one has me scratching my head. If the refrigerator is not using coach power, how it is tripping a gfci in the coach?
  3. As I found out, if you need warranty service, AquaHot will cover your unit ONLY if the required service was done by an Authorized service shop. I had just serviced our unit and found a leak at the fuel solenoid. Had to bring it to an Authorized dealer for repair and because I had serviced it myself, AquaHot insisted that the dealer do it again before they covered the unit.🤨 the dealer took three times to finally find and make the correct repair, ignoring my diagnosis.......which turned out to be correct. After three 80 mile round trips and the extra service charge, I would have been better off doing the whole thing myself.
  4. Not sure of your model, but some lower end models did not have solid surface counters and sinks but used a Formica type counter top and either plastic or ABS type sinks. Best to know what they are before trying to refurbish them.
  5. When we had our Phaeton with the ISL 8.9, Cummins recommended the PenCool 3000. Used it for over 4 years and SCAs were always within spec.
  6. campcop

    spray insulation?

    Great stuff, in the orange can, fire block.
  7. Tiffin had a problem with Def head sensors with their 2017-2018 models. The sensors were defective from their supplier. The sensors would give a false reading and cause a MIL light and then a derate of the engine. Most failed by 20,000 miles. Ours just failed at 19,000 miles. I changed out the head myself. Tiffin shipped me the new part over night. On ours, the whole tank had to be removed which was the hardest part of the repair. Had to drain 10 gallons of def first.
  8. When we had the suburban heater in our previous MH, I flushed the tank every year and replaced the anode. Cheap insurance .
  9. Are you dumping the air or just letting it settle?
  10. Either the end unscrews which I doubt, but never know, or as you said, you’ll have to drill out one side of that large rivet and replace with a suitable size stainless shanked bolt. Rivets are cheaper that bolts, probably why the rivet.
  11. You have not mentioned what year or make your Mh is. On some earlier Tiffin models and others, there was a second fuel filter inline before gen set. Usually tucked up on the frame, easily overlooked.
  12. We have the same engine in our Tiffin and I change my filters each year myself. If yours are mounted at the rear of the engine instead of under it, the procedure is easy and no messy fuel spills. I fill the new filters with clean fuel as directed on the filter itself. Engine always starts right up. And as mentioned carry both filters for spares. We had a fuel filter fail near Big Bend NP once on our previous Phaeton. It was not fun, those filters are on the bottom of the engine and with a full tank of fuel, it was mess as the fuel line will run. And with a hard plastic type fuel line, you can’t pinch it off. That time I used the prime method with turning the key on for a few seconds and then off, repeated several times. And also carry a 25mm socket for the black filter.
  13. One of our neighbors recently had their MH broken into at a storage facility. The front door was pried open and they stole several items including a TV. Then to add insult to injury the crooks sprayed the fire extinguisher around the interior.
  14. If they are Schwintek slides usually found in the rear bedroom slides, look on line for YouTube video on where to spray the lube. There are several points that should lubed. If it’s the front slides and they have the tracks with electric motors, the slide tracks are lubed with a lube made for the tracks, you can spray the gear too.
  15. The answer to your question is.....Yes
  16. As far as the 2016 Toad, on our 2015 Sierra, the battery had to be disconnected due to the electric steering and leaving the key in accessory. Your Chevy might be the same.
  17. Do a search of reviews on this company. Not all they claim.
  18. campcop

    Dead Battery

    It sounds like you forgot to disconnect the house and chassis batteries when you parked it. At this point I think you will have to put a charger on the chassis batteries to get it started. Depending on the age of the batteries, they might not be any good at this point.
  19. You don’t mention where your Mh was stored but if it sat for 5 months in the weather, I would be looking at corrosion.
  20. We have a memory foam,gel mattress that came with our Bus, we love it, ours sits on a rigid plywood platform. You mentioned something about the mattress being hinged?? On ours, there is storage under the bed and the plywood platform is hinged to allow access. Our mattress bends easily to accommodate the rising platform. we liked the mattress so well we tried to buy one but the company that supplies Tiffin only deals in wholesale to dealers. And the mattress in our bus is not a full 80” long but about 78 so ordering one from Tiffin was out. Settled for a Tempurpedic for the house.
  21. For the price of a new Valencia you can get a pretty decent class A diesel which I think would handle and ride better than a truck chassis.
  22. campcop

    B20 BioFuel

  23. campcop

    Steering Box

    What year and model MH do you have? Mileage? Could be more Than the steering box. Have you checked for play in the steering linkage etc?
  24. Our height is listed at 12’6”. I don’t go under anything listed below 13’6” and if it’s that close, I might just go around.
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