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  1. Tom's advise is spot on. I only add that i went from Goodyear 670 series to the XZA2's and could not believe the difference in ride and handling. yes a little pricier but I too went thru the advantage program so it was not that much more. Like you and Tom, i am also on a Monaco Roadmaster chassis.
  2. I am with the "on all the time guys" unless I am really needing to conserve power due to limited generator time limitations and then off only rarely. Even boon docking the inverter is on even when we are not as it avoids loss of power to electrics that don't have battery back ups on clocks and timers. Likewise when parked at home, i am on 50 amp service and so far no issues.
  3. great input. thanks for insight on durrango thru cortez to monument valley. sounds like a winner. and yes, AlpenRose was our choice in Durango too. We will arrive at durango from south thru NM. and yes, tunnel in question is for Zion. reservations already made for watchmen. been thru tunnel in auto so figure don't need to experience it in MH if i don't have too.
  4. In September, wife, kitty and I are doing a southwestern loop from WV thru CO, UT, AR, returning thru NM, TX, etc. Out of Durango we head to Monument Valley, then to Zion. From Durango, should we head toward Cortez or should we head toward Farmington in our 40 DP. we are from WV so mountains not an issue. Then from Monument valley i am thinking we approach Zion form the southern route and avoid the escort thru the tunnel and switchbacks. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  5. On our Holiday Rambler, we have a gas **** in the curb side already. You may have one also and only need the hose. As stated above, verify that gas line serving the gas **** is at correct pressure.
  6. Same happened to me after dealer service department was in dash working on speedometer issue. Turns out they they they failed to reconnect one of the harness connections when they fixed speedometer. Ironically the reason they were in the speedo did not work was they had failed to reconnect it when they were in the dash on a previous visit to fix a single burnt out bulb.
  7. Don't overlook staying at one of the GSMNP campgrounds. Elkmont would be best bet for 40" MH. Typical national park sites with no hook ups but you are in the park. Several sites that can handle 40' and toad. we have done it many times. It is located about 6 miles or so out of Gatlinburg. In april you might even be able to get a river site. Reserve thru recreation.gov site. The campground at Cades Cove might be a little tight for 40' unit, but i have not stayed there since owning one myself. Townsend is also a good option.
  8. ditto on the interesting concept. We are not full timers but on our last cross country, we put just over 1/3 as many miles on the toad as with did on the MH. We tow 4 down and never really found having the little guy back there pushing to be much of a hassle. sight seeing in places like Yellowstone not something to do in MH. Granted there are alternative transportation and at Glacier that can be cool, and Zion a must, but to me that would be more of a hassle. We plan to do the middle route west and southern route back east in the early fall and had not even considered not have the toad.
  9. Covenants, zoning code, deed restrictions and homeowners agreements can be worded differently from one local or jurisdiction to the next and even different from one neighborhood to another. I have seen restrictions that mean flying an American flag on the 4th of July can be deemed "illegal," so go figure. That said, the few I have seen did differentiate between parked for storage and and the overnight to loading. The HOA where my mom lives list a time period "not more than 2 consecutive days and not more than (so many) days per year" Since your does address parked for storage you may have a case, but I am not an attorney.
  10. Great ideas. The LP bay is so obvious! Never thought of using this underutilized space, however. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Are you sure this is not a remote outlet for grille or stove connection. I would be surprised if fill is not at the tank. There should be a valve with the threaded fill connection. Tanks are normally in an open air compartment.
  12. All good info above. Sounds like you already have a pretty good handle on things. On the heating, while driving in cooler weather, we find that the front heat does not do a good job so i run genset and heat pump to keep main cabin comfy. When boondocking overnight at walmart or rest area (where permitted), i only run genset needed for cooking or top off charge but rely on lp furnace with low power draw for heat. on great thing about motorhome travel is you can stop when you feel like it and drive as long as you are comfortable. one more very important thing. ENJOY!!!!!
  13. Try this web site. We have found it to be a pretty good indicator of what we find at a particular campground. As always, it is subjective so some comments you must take with grain of salt. http://www.rvparkreviews.com We use it all the time in U.S. but if you click on the maple leaf, it will take you to our friends up north.
  14. WV specifically exempts Recreational Vehicles so I carry a copy of the WV DOT regulations in the RV just in case I am pulled over out of state in a small town where a "Barney Fiffe" type deputy might have a different opinion. I figured having something in writing may be a bit better than saying "I called and they told me I was OK...."
  15. Interesting issue. I would think that the AGS would not have triggered a start unless battery bank had drop to it's preset level unless it was programmed to run at a specific time each day.(Not needed if connected to shore power) but even at that it should have shut down once batteries were back up or run time had expired. does not sound like neighbor noted the power was off an extended time to have cause batteries to draw down that much. Would definitely suggest spending more than a few nights in new home where you are before hitting the road for extended trip. good to make sure you understand as many systems you can while you have comfortable and familiar surroundings. the dry run also gives you good insights on what you forgot to bring. Sounds like you are getting a good handle on things. Good luck and let us know what you find on the phantom starts.
  16. I second the M&G comments above. I have it on my 07 liberty. Had to move battery forward 1" or so which makes changing the left headlight a pain but that is just an observation, not a complaint.
  17. Or, are you just pulling into a rest area or Wally World?
  18. We boondock quite a bit in national parks and a few racing venues. One thing I found that made a surprising difference in water consumption and grey water storage was adding a shower head with on/off control and installing a liquid soap and shampoo dispenser in the shower. A quick soaking all over, turn of water, apply liquid soap which lathers rapidly, then ready to rinse with no need to adjust water temp again. same true for shampoo. (repeat weekly and you can really save on water ).
  19. My Wife and I do a fair amount of boondocking and manage electrical consumption and charging with the 8000 watt Onan Genset without issue. While several posts and articles in FMC mag talk about solar panels, I have not really seen a definitive conversation about how much bang for the buck you might get by installing them. While I am not looking to run Microwave/convention oven or ac off them, I would want to be able to watch TV, run a few lights and cell phone charges and even the DC side of furnace without needing to turn on generator. Right now we can manage to do that most of the day while maintaining batteries above 12v. If solar panels would only keep me from running generator for 45 min or so to bring back to absorb charge, not sure cost is justified. Come dinner time, we would be turning on genset anyway to run MW so charging anyway. When stored, RV is in garage and plugged into 50 amp service so solar no real help with maintaining batteries when not in use. Any pros and cons would be appreciated
  20. My HR has a upper bracket (hold open) that tends to hold door open well enough. it also limits opening to 90 degrees. But when wind is issue, I have a bungee that I can attach to inner door latch and the outside mirror that works fine. Never had a issue with door opening past the 90 degree for the hold open.
  21. Aladdin coach monitor system (I believe 211 v3.03) with Voyager camera and monitor. I will check camera model, Have not had chance to get to coach to see if other suggestions work. Thanks
  22. Rich, I will attempt to check it out. System does work with engine off, but it also works intermittently when engine is on and coach is rolling down the road. The last time out, it work fine for first 200 miles of a 250 mile trip, but work only 10 miles of the return home. On another trip it worked off and on the whole trip. That perhaps suggest the loose ground could be issue. Coach has 34k on it and generator has about 500hrs on the clock.
  23. On a similar issue, I too have a Voyager camera system in my HR with an Aladdin coach monitor system. I tend to have the screen set fro 4 split screens, the rear, both sides and the coach monitor. Recently the screen would shift to the monitor only and freeze up. can not use menu or change screens to see cameras. Now the rub. When I turn on signal lights or go into reverse, the respective camera comes up just as it should. While parked, I used menu to change split view to single. Worked fine for while with rear camera only in view, then locked up to system monitor only. Again, left and right cameras work with turn signal and rear when in reverse but goes back to monitor only under normal driving conditions. I have powered system down and restarted but no change. If I turn on ignition only, all seems to work fine. Any thoughts on where to trouble shoot.
  24. Thanks for replies. Was able to fish out the wire with coat hanger..all good. Mark this down as answered.
  25. HuffyPuff was on right track. Turned out that I had lost L2 leg on the 50 amp service. Corrected that and problem solved. Both units running fine and blowing cold. saved me trip to RV Center.
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