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  1. For those that think Dodge may be inferior, Daimler Corp., (Mercedes Benz) as most people know it, merged with Chrysler in 1995 and they operated that way until 2007. Those were some of the best built during Chrysler history in my opinion. Fiat bought the company out in late 2007 and have been pretty good also.
  2. I've ran Hankook's for years with no problems in either ride, steering, swaying or any other problems that I didn't cause.
  3. Is it 240 HP or 340 HP? That would be a determining factor for me, I do believe that is340 is correct, but if 240, then it would only be good in Florida.
  4. I agree Bill, here is an ad for the correct size in Continental. https://simpletire.com/paid?v=1&tireSize=295-80r22.5&mpn=5120370000&brand=continental&productLine=hsr2-sa&itemId=40029&utm_source=google&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=shopping_feed&utm_content=surfaces_across_google&region_id=4000049999&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=G_Shopping_Region_04&utm_content=Profit-Bucket_Commercial_LowProfit_Tier-D_RAD&utm_term=&utm_creative=383435609666&gclid=CjwKCAjw3pWDBhB3EiwAV1c5rNRhhtq8I5qTURvUxLEhKxotakrV8U581ooOki6aoRGny61gK2J1vRoC8zMQAvD_BwE So someone is incorrect.
  5. Your speedometer will show that you are going faster than you really are with 75 instead of 80 also. Be sure the load rating is correct also. You may want to check 0n 305-75/22.5 for a more comparable circumference, just be sure that there is enough space between the duals to avoid kissing.
  6. I have a Traeger brand pellet grill and like Ken, love it, in fact I have two, one is table top, other is a barrel shaped. I will never light charcoal again.
  7. With the lousy gasoline that is being mandated that we use today, the need to drive gasoline engines is greater today than ever before.
  8. All is just assumption, we don't know if the OP has a stop engine light for the generator on his dash or is it the coach engine stop warning. Six six volt house batteries is not that uncommon in some units. As Bill stated, NEED MORE INFORMATION, to give good answers.
  9. The larger inner valve stem may have been specked there for more rigidity because of the need for a longer stem. The rubber grommet is used to as a stabilizer for same reason.
  10. Yep Rayn, we all can learn cant we. https://tiresupplynetwork.com/products/large-bore-to-standard-bore-adapter?_pos=5&_sid=45003ccd8&_ss=r Here is the adapter needed to adapt that large bore down so that the valve stems will not need replacing, was listed on the website that you showed, $2.99 each. Then while replacing tires next time have the stems replaced.
  11. Solar panels are not human, they can be replaced. Humans, a different story, and they have enough intell to hunt a shelter if time permits.😃
  12. I have membership with both, and have no regrets for either. I like getting the camping world discounts at CW instore, and since the 10% is offered at most campgrounds for GS, I just don't bother to ask for another. FMCA has a variety of benefits that CW doesn't offer, therefore I like both. And welcome to the forum!
  13. That style sensor is not round, rather an elongated style, probably the stem is too close to the outer rim and wont allow a straight screw on effect. most truck valve stems are made of brass and can be bent slightly for a better fit. Question for OP is, does a regular metal valve cap screw on correctly? If it does,, then you may be able to cover the cap with a short piece of rubber hose the same inner size as the outer of the cap, then carefully with a pair of pliers bend the stem toward the center of the outer wheel to give relief for the tpms to screw on. If you don't feel comfortable with this task, take to truck tire shop and ask for help.
  14. Is this the one that you watched? Hope that this one helps!
  15. Without more information about your awning, (model number) it is very hard to help get you any info to help. Here is a youtube video which might be helpful if yours is the same style. If you give more some of us may be able to help more, good luck.
  16. Are you wanting to charge chassis and house batteries off of your generator? Or off of the alternator of your coach while it is running? Will be helpful with more info about your coach. year and model, gas or diesel. Welcome to the forum, hope that you get the info that you need here.
  17. If I knew where he is coming from, you can pick up Florida 100 at Flagler Beach or Palatka this will take him all the way to Lake City, or US 27 at Ocala or even further below, a very scenic drive to Williston then 29 to White springs, just below the Georgia line, either route completely bypasses Gainesville, which is where most congestion begins at this time of the year.
  18. Where in Florida are you leaving to go north on 75? There are many alternative routes from where you are to Lake City Florida, which is at the intersection of !-10 and I-75, most of these routes are not highly traveled, but mostly in pretty good repair.
  19. Here is the service manual for the op's generator. https://onan.xmsi.net/981-0540B Onan HDKCx (HDKCA to HDKCD) Mobile Diesel Genset Service manual (10-2006).pdf Page states how and when to service the spark arrestor, on page 3-5 accessed by removing the top enclosure panel.
  20. This is not a troll, but sounds generic. The spark arrester on most engines, generators, lawn mowers, and other such equipment is a piece of screen wire in the exhaust pipe. It is there to thwart sparks from leaving the exhaust system and starting a fire. The spark arrestor can become clogged and cause the motor to run poorly or not at all if completely clogged. The Cummins Onan generator is equipped with a spark arrestor so that the unit can be operated legally at U.S. Forest Service sites. The spark arrestor is a filter screen on the muffler that traps burning embers or soot that could cause a spark and start a grass fire if allowed to exit the exhaust ports. While this is more of a necessity on a portable gasoline-powered generator, it’s not as pertinent to a large diesel generator. But the Cummins Onan QD has a spark arrestor, so it is a point of service. Look at the exhaust end of the muffler on your unit.
  21. Sounds like a great choice, wish you good luck and years of happiness.
  22. So, it appears that the older members have a good plaque (Egg). No one seems to care that the new members are not provided something that they can proudly display. FMCA is a great group...why is this issue so tough to resolve? https://shopfmca.com/shop/ols/products/replacement-plates-set-of Go to the above site to order new plates, you will have to log into your fmca account to make the order. Not hard to do, the order will appear backordered, as they are made after you order, can't keep a spare set around for every member. Sorry yours were bad!
  23. Have you looked at the 2021 models? The Soul and a couple other models can be towed with the DCT transmission.
  24. https://carmanuals2.com/kia/optima-2020-owner-s-manual-114667 Above is the pdf download for 2020 kia optima manual, all 481 pages of it.
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