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  1. Oh well, wash the tires, or the covers, which is easier? Not trying to be ugly, just wondering.
  2. Check out this website, I bet they can answer your question. https://www.jenkinskiaofocala.com/flat-tow-car-near-wildwood-fl.htm I understand the the DCT (dual clutch transmission) has done away with the torque converter, which makes sense that it may well be the answer to flat towing an automatic transmission, I hope so. After more research, the 2020 Kia Optima EX with 1.6 L engine is the only 2020 Optima with a DCT transmission. See this webpage. https://www.autoguide.com/new-cars/2020/kia/optima/ex/dct/#:~:text=The 1.6L engine is,2.4L turbo-charged engine.
  3. Ground safety circuits often use multiple relays to make sure all conditions are met before allowing the circuit to complete. Make sure that there is no problems with any thing before supplying a ground source to over ride a system. If the over ride works momentarily, then start backtracking the circuit to find the failure point.
  4. kaypsmith


    What does this quote have to do with downsizing a Motorhome? Comedians need to resort to TV, not a motorhome forum@@@@@++!!!, while at it join a union!!
  5. If you do decide to use the rubber mats as I suggested, It is easy to place either plastic or rubber blocks either through or on top of the rubber mat securing them in place with bolts (I use stainless steel) through the floor of the coach, this would be much better than even marine plywood and wooden blocks, also provides a cushion for the tank and stops the walking effect. Only a suggestion, if you notice, my coach is a MCI conversion also and I am aware of how yours is put together. Great that you found someone to repair the tank and good luck with the project. Incidently, I bought my rubber mats at a restaurant supply store, they were sold as walk ways for cement floors and look like large grid mesh.
  6. Heat as opposed to moisture, can also cause headliner glue failure.
  7. If you do not have a load tester, why not pull both batteries out of the coach, then using a good charger that will stop charging when the battery is fully charged, do this on the other battery, then let the battery rest for thirty minutes. Now take both batteries to a battery store that can load test each battery separately. They can tell you the condition of each battery. Be sure to take pictures of the wiring to the batteries before disconnecting them and also label each wire so that you can connect them back correctly. The OP stated that the batteries are three years old.
  8. The topic is about charging Motor Home batteries, not charging a laptop personal computer.
  9. The link under dons2346 works! Why can't an IT person for our forum fix the hyperlink? The link on the forum does send to facebook, but same link on both Google and Edge takes takes to correct page.
  10. If you removed the thermostat, the coolant system probably needs burping. If the outside temperature is pretty cold where you are located, you will need to make sure that there is no voids in the coolant system. That system depends on pressure to keep the fluid moving as well as the water pump. As mentioned before, use an infrared thermometer to see if the radiator is getting warm/hot, and check the temperature of the motor itself. If engine is not heating, you may have real problems. All as Bill has already pointed out.
  11. A little known fact about the covering in todays electric wiring dielectric's these days, a pretty high percentage of that plastic covering is soybean because of the green energy rules. That's why rodents love it. Not political, just fact.🙃 It's an upside down world. LOL
  12. I thought this post was supposed to be about proper cleaning of hot water heaters!
  13. Here is the latest list of triple tow states that I can find. https://www.gillettesinterstaterv.com/can-you-triple-tow-an-rv-legality-and-safety/ A nice rear receiver carrier on the back of the Jeep will do a nice job of carrying the grill, and would be legal in all states with the exception of maybe over length in some.
  14. Agreed, just pointing out that it sure looks like binders in the photo.😍
  15. Are you sure those are not chain binders behind the rear wheels, and in front of the front wheels? LOL😎
  16. This position is "supposed" to send AQ fluid through your engine to preheat the engine, if this one is engaged, and you are using AQ, then there is no need to turn on the block heater.
  17. Yes it could be the transfer switch, but verify that shore power is actually restored, both at the pedestal, and at the entrance to the coach. CG pedestal breaker could be tripped, or bad or the cordset from pedestal to coach may have developed a problem.
  18. Do not turn on the heat until flushed. Will do the rest of your plumbing a favor to run a pint of the waterheater mixture through each faucet and shower head before draining the remainder through the drain plug. Then of course as Ross suggested.
  19. Wayne, I hope not, I have already paid for my stay in May to StGeorge Island, luckily I know all the backroads. Ray, thank God for a miracle that spared your wife's life, and the road to recovery, and hopes for a recovery for your ailments as well.
  20. Or at least borrow a good 12 volt fully charged and wire direct to the slide motor completely bypassing the house and or chassis batteries. There could possibly be a ground issue between the house system and the slide mechanism, the temporary battery test will also test the ground issue as well. A single bad cell in a battery system will pull away from the other cells within a system especially under heavy load.
  21. This is a 50 amp shore power unit, 50 amp breaker in the middle, both AC's are working which indicates that the pedestal breaker is fine. The inverter and rear AC are both on the right side of the main 50 amp main breaker, everything on the left side of the main breaker is working, that only leaves the inverter outlets to provide power to the TV's and other outlets, so with reasonable deduction, I would bet on the inverter outlets being the culprit. The inverter circuit breaker does not appear to be tripped and op stated that he had toggled all visible breakers, which would have reset all of them. Which leaves only the inverter to be holding back electricity. Most likely the inverter is also a converter to keep the house batteries charged, which is probably happening as we speak, more indication that the inverter breaker within the main panel is ok. Bikeryder is very knowledgeable and great at letting us know what is the end result, so I wish him luck in resolving this issue.
  22. Did you try resetting the circuit breakers on the inverter? Those outlets may be fused by the inverter.
  23. The best tire covers that I have used, I made myself out of coroplast, that's the stuff that political signs ore made of, looks like like cardboard but is plastic. I cut mine square on three sides, then a radius at top to fit just inside the wheel wells. It comes in many sizes and colors, cut with scissors or utility knife. I made two hooks out of heavy gauge wire to place over each tire. I just lay them in a bay when not in use and they take up very little room. I used black to keep the ultraviolet rays off the sun. Anyone can make out of cardboard to see how easy they are to make.
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