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  1. If you fall within the Lemon Law, I would use it. Delamination within the first year can only get worse, unless the factory does a total reskin as well as replaces the underlayment. Underlayment or poor glue, or poor glue procedure is the cause of delamination, if it was not done right in the beginning, it will probably not ever be right.
  2. You have a great idea, although the QD8000 will not run that 3.5 ton house AC. It will run many of your 120 volt appliances, but those 240 volt ones will not run on a 120 volt generator. Best advice is to move into the MH when those blackouts occur.
  3. Joe Wheeler state park out 72 west of you is a great park to visit, hope you enjoy the RV.
  4. Yep, used a lap stick many many times. The long long trailer, I think that was a 54 Mercury convertible that Rickey used to pull all those rocks with.😛
  5. You probably have a different issue than temp sensor causing the 30 vs 50 amp problem. Could be a leg on the Shore power wire, or ATS may only be latching on one side causing the 30 amp signal. If you don't know how to troubleshoot for these conditions please ask here on the forum, many with knowledge will respond. I see only two post by you here and no welcome, Sooooooooooooooooooooooo, WELCOME aboard.
  6. Well the first thing to do is to take a minimal amount items with you first trip out. Take a notebook and pen/pencil with you, at the end of the first day write down everything that you didn't bring that you wish you had brought. Each day thereafter do the same thing for five days. Don't worry about upgrades for at least 6 trips, you will find plenty of things that you would like but can live without. Good looking coach, welcome to the forum, and wishing you happy tales and trails. Have fun!
  7. I had a motorhome at one time with electric steps, there was a use store button by the door for the steps. Probably not what his is but it was what it was, when the MH cranked, it automatically kicked off. Without more details hard to diagnose.
  8. Ray, 1932, wow! https://www.google.com/search?q=what+year+did+ford+start+flat+8+engine&oq=what+year+did+ford+start+flat+8+engine&aqs=chrome..69i57j33i160j33i299.24104j1j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  9. Have you checked the circuit breakers on the generator to make sure they are in the on position? The microwave and AC's are probably on the generator circuits and if no power from the generator, then they will not work. Not uncommon for a repair facility to have left the breakers in the off position after service.
  10. How about bottle or scissor jacks blocked and jacked to temporarily level the coach until the correct levelers are reinstalled?
  11. I have been using tiremans almost same protocol for many years. Only difference I buy 4 at a time at year 5 the two steers and two trails are moved to the drive axel, and the new tires are installed on the drive axel rims and put back as steer and trail axels, the four take offs are standard semi trailer tires which I sell to a trailer owner at about 40% of new tire value and are 5 years old. Trailer owner and I are both happy now because he will finish wearing out the tires that are not aged nor worn out.
  12. If you turn inverter off, remove shore power and leave the generator off, does the half bright go completely off then?
  13. Not all Samsungs are power hungry, mine is 8 years old now and it was rated at 3.8 maximum amps. How many is called in the inside sticker on yours?
  14. Yes Herman, Marine plywood 3/4 is $120/00 per sheet right now. I bought 2X4X12's Pressure treated today. $12.87 each. Lumber products are through the roof right now, the blame is on storms and Covid 19. I blame it on inflation, the same thing happened back in the mid 70's, that is when I closed my last cabinet shop due to being able to bid jobs and still make a few dollars.
  15. Here is a half sheet of 3/4 pine plywood today, $44.97. https://www.lowes.com/pd/15-32-in-Common-Pine-Sanded-Plywood-Application-as-4-x-4/1000068973
  16. The only reason that I suggested the plastic ones is because I bought lumber this week, prices are out of sight. I actually now use a rubber stall mat today from tractor supply, cut into appropriate size with a utility knife. Best investment ever for this purpose, they wont rot, or split from the weight of my heavy coach.
  17. Welcome to the forum trojanfan25! Assuming that your AC is a rooftop Coleman, I searched your model number, or is that the serial number? Unable to find that model number. But assuming that yours is a ducted system, I would look for another Coleman unit, most units are interchangeable except for the possibility that the thermostat may not be with another brand.
  18. Camping World and other RV suppliers sell stackable drive on levelers that work pretty well for lighter weight coaches such as yours. Would recommend this type of leveling over jacking the RV. Here is an example, https://www.ebay.com/itm/144016747984?epid=5016409348&hash=item2188112dd0:g:Jy8AAOSwFzZggWXC. Rear wheels really need to stay on solid footing because this is where the parking brake is located.
  19. Here is the specs for the vintage quoted. Detroit 60 Series Diesel Specs | 11.1L, 12.7L, and 14.0L Detroit Diesels (dieselhub.com)
  20. My original fans on Carrier AirV were plastic, and I have had to replace them because of age they deteriorated and broke.
  21. Hard to believe that there can be a loose nut behind the steering wheel, LOL.🙃
  22. As for fuel mileage, with 515HP 1650 ft lbs torgue @ 1200 rpm, the determining factors as to how good that is, is weight, how you drive, how you drive, and how you drive. The weight factor for a MH, (unless of course your wife is a rock collector like Lucy), is almost negligible for that engine.
  23. Biggest problem with plastic fans, they do not last as long as metal fans. Cleaning often is a must.
  24. More intercity busses in that time frame ran the Detroit 60 series than any other. Very dependable and repair shops easier to find than other engines for coach use. Cant compare fuel mileage though.
  25. Have you tried the gauge next to the sender, or just a piece of wire outside the coach to the gauge? That should tell if the gauge or wire is bad. Sometimes there can be a grounding issue with the gauge, or an engine to frame ground.
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