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  1. Yes, there is either rollers, or ball bearings, and yes they could be worn out or out of track. I'm with others, I think there is an electrical problem, but not being able to hear what the mechanism sounds like limits our ability to diagnose. Is there a creaking or moaning sound when moving, or just smooth and stop? It could be as easy as a limit switch malfunctioning, but I would make sure the batteries are up to snuff, 12.2 volts is almost DEAD.
  2. Thanks for the response. Being a gas class A, means that it has a motor at the front which helps rule out the long run of hoses from the rear which would be expected from a diesel pusher. So we can now expect that the hoses are shorter and less likely to be kinked and restricting the flow of coolant to the heater core. There should be two hoses going to the hearer core, feel of those hoses and expect at least one of those to be pretty warm once your temperature gauge is at operating range. If this test is good, then the next step is to check the door that allows heat from the heater core to enter the evaporator chamber and then pushed by fan into the cabin. The door is usually operated by a vacuum valve on a gas model the vintage of your coach, some are operated by an electric solenoid. If the door is not opened up you could be blowing cold air. Most vehicles of your coachs age have temp gauge, what does that gauge show?
  3. Welcome to the forum. How long has it been blowing cold air? A little info about your RV will be helpful in getting better answers. Is it class A, B, or C? Is it gas or diesel? what brand is it? Has it ever since you owned it been able to heat?
  4. I am considering adding Valentine Red heart shaped lace to mine, I kind of like the vintage look. But I'll need to confer with Captains Obvious to make sure that is OK!🤪
  5. If you have not already got your awning repaired, here is a youtube video that might be helpful, $1,000 Awning Fail?! Here's How We Fixed Ours For FREE! (thervgeeks.com)$1,000 Awning Fail?! Here's How We Fixed Ours For FREE! (thervgeeks.com)
  6. Richard, I sent a link to his exact tire size in Hankook! Some dealers are either too lazy to seek this out or just plain don't want to take time to look them up, or maybe I can't read 295-80-22.5 very well. Last time out to eye doctor they said that at 75 years old, i STILL HAVE 20/20.
  7. https://www.internationaltyres.com/shop/295-80-r-22-5-hankook-al22-154-149m-ms/ here is one!
  8. How wide is that egress window? 16" to bottom of tv doesn't bother me as much as the width does. The window appears to be about 24" wide, if narrower than that, it would be a concern. Try to remember that in an emergency, feet first and on your tummy, by the time your tummy is even with the window opening, with your feet hanging down, your feet will be within 3 to 3.5 feet from the ground unless one of you are very short. A short piece of rope could easily secured and several knots tied a foot apart could be very helpful. You can leave the rope just inside the window permanently for just in case.
  9. The solution with Verizon is called Mifi, the company sells a device that provides a wireless device that uses the cellular signal and sends the internet signal to youre laptop or any internet device through wifi router. If you need a wired connection to your devices, there is a wired device called a cradlepoint, uses same method. The device that Doc is referring to is called a load balancing router, this tyoe router us multiple internet signals which combine those signals for simultaneous use through the multiple carriiers, works great but more costly because of paying for more than one carrier at a time. I assume that V stands for verizon.
  10. Most of us MH owners think of a lift as something that you would drive on to lift the entire vehicle off of the ground. Most tire shops are able to do this with an automobile. Very few can do this with a class C or A motorhome. But most shops that sell tires to fit these larger vehicles can do so with a jack that only lifts one wheel at a time. I think that the lift question probably has caused some confusion amongst readers. A better question for better responses would be, "Can someone recommend a garage that sells and installs tires for a 30’ class C motorhome in Greater Cincinnati?" Good luck hunting.
  11. If the batteries are flooded, the most important thing to do is to make sure the cells are kept full of distilled water.
  12. Yes, nearly every MH that I have worked on, quite a few, are set up that way. Black, gray, and fresh are sealed units, the overflow on the fresh is pointed downward, so no chance of mixture there. The black and gray are in most cases dependent on gravity emptying them, even with a macerator the entrance to the macerator depends on gravity, while the fresh uses a real pump to send the fresh water to the faucets within the coach.
  13. robh, Herman is the FMCA moderator, he responded to you on the same day as your post, then again the next day with a copy of the FMCA rule regarding classifieds. I for one am glad that classifieds are not allowed here. As mentioned by others, if anyone wants classifieds, then they can go to the FMCA magazine and post and look all they like. Hope that you don't become offended but a forum does not need classified IMHO. Glad you are on board and hope that you can get many helpful answers to your questions, and can be helpful to others as we all try to do.😀
  15. As Herman pointed out, the small block in front was probably meant to prevent the tank from sliding, most likely one on each of the three other sides. If this was mine, I would add two straps across the tank where the cross ribs are. Being an MCI conversion, the floor is heavy aluminum, you can use metal straps fitted into those ribs and use stainless steel bolts to attach this to the floor of the compartment. Be sure to place some material such as rubber between the strap and the 90 degree bends on the tank. Also I would use either a rubber mat or carpet foam under the tank instead of plywood. I have almost the same setup in my coach, except I used two forty gallon tanks side by side to limit height, my waste water tanks are mounted above the two fresh water tanks. One other thought, you can drill through that floor to secure the straps, just make sure that no pipes or wiring will be drilled through.
  16. I see more Hankook and Continentals on commercial carriers than any other brand. I've run Hankook many times with no problems.
  17. I bet that was painful, an inch square needle!🥶
  18. I suspect that the size of the filter and the amount of fluid held by a large size transmission is taken into consideration in determining when to change the fluid. Much like an automobile is much smaller and needs to be changed much sooner.
  19. Is your Southwind gas or diesel? As stated many other times, more info about your current coach will yield better answers about your questions.
  20. Carl, please add pork to that list, pork also decays from the inside unlike beef and a lot of other wild game which decays from the outside in. You would love one of my steaks also.😉
  21. kaypsmith

    No Power

    In most 12 volt setups, the circuits are usually fuses, not breakers. Most of these circuits are fused with a reverse polarity lockout, this device is a gang of two fuses that will blow in the event that the battery is put into the circuit backwards. Not knowing when the batteries were replaced in conjunction with the converter, it's hard to guess what may have happened and as Ray said when the other items stopped working. If all items that are not working are 12 volt, then one must start working on the 12 volt circuit only to correct the problem. If the items are 120 volt that stopped working and was working through the inverter, then start at the inverter. The inverter should have circuit breakers mounted within (usually push buttons) mounted very near the 120 volt outlets.
  22. Welcome to the forum, hope you will come back often. Check out this video, hope you will find useful info from it. Ford E450 Class C Motorhome Navigation Stereo Upgrade - Minnie Winnie - YouTube
  23. kaypsmith

    No Power

    Next question from me is, are those lithium batteries each 12 volt? If so is there a jumper wire between those two to insure charging of both from the converter?
  24. kaypsmith

    No Power

    Not completely familiar with a fifth wheel, but am suspecting that inside lighting is 12 volt DC just like a motorhome. You stated that the residential fridge is working off of the inverter ok, but nothing else. So question is, is there a second house battery in the the RV?
  25. This looks like the ID 10 T error code found on a lot of computer monitors, sometimes referred to as the loose nut at the end of the keyboard.🥵
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