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  1. I think if you put a square on the door you will find it is out of square. I have the same problem. Thinking of trying to square the door then it won't drag.
  2. I have a Renolgy mppt 40 amp controller that has a remote readout.
  3. On mine the starter gear assembly was broken so I priced the Onan replacement parts and they were fairly expensive ($60). I looked on EBay and found a complete new starter with the drive gear for half that. It was an import. I ordered it and installed it and it works fine. I machined some replacement parts out of aluminum and repaired the original starter which I carry as a spare now.
  4. The starter drive parts are plastic and can break fairly easily. Remove the starter and check the gear.
  5. When I went to lithiums I installed 4 100 amp lithiums in place of 6 AGMs. The thinking is that because lithiums useful range is down to about 90% discharge versus 50% for AGMs, the about of run time is more than what I had. I have 800 watts of solar, 3K Xantrex inverter, and a residential refrigerator.;
  6. A body shop should be able to computer match the color. Being that old the original color probably won't match anyway.
  7. Those who joined in the 70s got a pair of cast aluminum goose eggs. You have to repaint the black background about every 10 years.
  8. We had a RV shop in the 70s. The engine used in the M600 Dodge chassis was a 440-3. The -3 had cooling passages around the spark plugs. Made some changes for better performance. Installed a Cloyes double roller chain timing set with the cam advanced 3 degrees. Also installed turbocharger. On my personal coach, 80 Sportscoach, with that engine I installed twin turbos and electronic fuel injection, made it a real performer. Gas was cheap then!
  9. Its possible that the cooling system is blocked. Remove the sheet metal and inspect all the air passages. We've had mice or ? pack the fins with what looks like carpet pieces, blocking the cooling air. I was an Onan dealer for a number of years and must have cleaned out more than a couple of dozen units.
  10. I've had 2 coaches painted by Mike's Custom painting in Bremen Indiana. He has probably painted more RVs than the next 5 painters combined. He used to do most of the full body paint jobs for the major RV builders in the Elkhart area until the popularity of painted became great enough so they put in their own paint booths. His jobs do 4 coats of clear, baked twice.
  11. I have the Tire Minder A1AS. The thing I like about it is that all of the tire positions are displayed at the same time. I also have both spare tires (1 on the coach and 1 on the toad) with transmitters.
  12. Make sure your radiator is clean.
  13. desertdeals69

    Tire brands

    Fed Ex just delivered 2 Toyo 245/75 22.5 for $299 each. I installed them on my front yesterday and moved one of my old fronts to the spare location. I have Toyos on the rear axle that I installed 3 years ago. Been running Toyos for 15+ years.
  14. My ice maker leaked in my Dometic so it gave me an excuse to go residential.
  15. Thats the tire I am running on the rear of my coach.
  16. Just guessing I would say for flooded batteries float at 13v.
  17. I bought 94 gallons of diesel today at Sams Club for $1.65/gal and 2 hours latter it dropped to $1.62 but down the street it went to $1.59/gal.
  18. Do you have spark on the plug wires? I had a rotor that shorted to the distributor shaft.
  19. On my last coach, a 32 ft diesel pusher Spartan chassis I changed out the leaf springs for air ride and the disc brakes for air brakes. I had an occasion to have to change a rear tire. I lifted the rear and then tilted it. What I forgot was the front was down on the air bags so when I tilted the rear the frame twisted. I broke the windshield. After that experience I remember to raise the front so it can tilt side to side.
  20. If I remember correctly the RV valve is a 1/2 pipe thread and the residential valve is 3/4 pipe.
  21. The Onan carb does not come apart like a normal carb. For the most part its pressed together and you destroy it if you take it apart. We were in that business for some 20 years with hundreds of carbs experiences. W
  22. It could the carb. If fuel was not treated and is old chances are you have a plugged oriface. When we were an Onan dealer it was less expensive to replace the carb with a new one than to try to repair the old one. Success rate was less than 50% and with the cost of labor It made a better choice.
  23. I've been doing it that way for over 40 years.
  24. When the inner dual blew did you run any distance. If you did more than a few feet the outer dual is also toast. Your tires are over 6 years old so I would replace all. I have been using Toyos at about 2/3 the cost of Michelins.
  25. The OP was about storage maintenance not after a days usage. In your case just get a smart charger
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