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  1. That is correct. Why wouldn't start with a full charge to begin with?
  2. I use an inexpensive battery maintainer from Harbor Freight for my chassis batteries. Float charge from the inverter for the house Lithiums.
  3. I installed Koni shocks on my Discovery and what a difference in the ride. I have some 115K miles on the original shocks.
  4. I did not give a description of the timer mechanism. What I was saying is if you monitor the current to the defroster heater, assuming they are ok, then you can tell where the problem is. Measure the current and time to verify the circuit.
  5. About 5 years ago I had my ISB quit running and wouldn't restart. I was about 150 mile east of Kingman Az on I40. I called my insurance company State Farm and they had a roll back come and pick it up in about 3 hours. I drove my tow car which was on a dolly back to Kingman behind the tow truck. Everything went like clockwork.
  6. It might be the defrost timer. Seen that before.
  7. You need to correct the communication problem between the dish and receiver. Make sure the dish is locked on the right satellite.
  8. I would never store an RV without using a garage or at least a roof. My last 3 motorhomes have been in the garage I built in 88. They don't deteriorate like when left outside.
  9. I think Aquinby3 is referring to the members stoppin' spots listing in the Jan issue of the magazine.
  10. If it takes more time to do the same job because its a motorhome you should pay more but not more per hour just more because of more time.
  11. I would think that if the charger is in the float mode it wouldn't be charging 45 amps.
  12. What is the pressure and volume of the campground water?
  13. If they are over 5-6 years old replace them.
  14. I was in Cheyenne the day it pulled into there to start its rebuilding.
  15. I installed a Haier 9.8 in my coach about 3 years ago and the compressor failed in 7 months running on a pure sine wave inverter. The factory said there is no warranty when installed in a motorhome. I put the Dometic back in and later sold the motorhome. My current coach had a Dometic side by side and was 32 inches wide. I installed a Insignia brand 10 cu ft with freezer on the bottom and built a slide out pantry using the rest of the width. I run a pure sine wave Xantrex 3000 watt inverter. You could run a 400 watt pure sine wave inverter and wire it directly to the fridge so thats the only thing running off of it.
  16. You will lose about 1/2 volt through a diode. Its not comparable to judge the brightness from the truck when its running to when you are powering the lights from the motorhome. You have 13.5 to 14.3 volts from the truck vs the same voltage from the motorhome but the 35 to 45 feet of number 16 or 18 gauge wire drops the voltage.
  17. You need to weigh your coach. Then look up the correct pressure according to the tire mfg specs. The factory weight is probably not correct.
  18. I would check the battery voltage when the pump is running.
  19. I switched to Toyos. The size is 245/75R 22.5 which is equivalent to the Michelin 235/80R 22.5.
  20. I used to use them, not always smooth. Had better luck with balance beads.
  21. They might be for two different purposes. I would think if you reduce the volume of air by what looks to be half, it would produce a harder ride because of less volume of air that compresses.
  22. I have used Tire Minder for many years.
  23. I live in Arizona and just renewed my for 5 years. Its a 98 36ft Discovery and the cost was $398 including the $25/yr fee for personalized plate.
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