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  1. Fill to 90 psi before you move.
  2. If I had your coach I would go with Liquid Springs. Absolutely the finest ride and handling second to none.
  3. I wouldn't put any money into it. Change it out for a residential fridge. Works much better.
  4. Some states require windshields have no cracks. I don't like the repairs they do to chips. I had one repaired on my car and it was not in the line of vision but above. Bright Az sun ray was reflected like a mirror and blinded me. The odds of that happening are slim but it did happen.
  5. The single 12 volt 100 amp Battle Born battery is the same foot print as the 6 volt AGM so you can install 2 in the same space.
  6. We use the weather app on our iPhone to get the latest info and they send us warning of bad weather in our area such as rain or flooding. Our phones are on 24/7 so we always hear the warning sounds.
  7. There are several reasons that batteries go dead. A current draw or moisture on the top of the batteries or bad battery. Batteries should be kept clean and dry.
  8. Have the alignment checked and like Herman asked how old are the tires. Chances are they will need to be replaced sometime soon. I have had wear like that and it was the toe-in adjustment.
  9. A friend from New Hampshire was visiting and needed a windshield replaced. I had him call RV Glass Solutions. They set it up with a local installer here in Lk Havasu City, Az. The name of the installer is Scott and his company is Pro Auto Glass, Inc. 928-486-6823. I watched him from start to finish and he is very knowledgeable and skillful in replacing the glass. If you need a replacement and are in the area I recommend him.
  10. It depends on which refrigerator. Residential with 4 lithium 100 amp batteries and a small pure sine wave inverter I would think 800 watts solar with a MPPT charge controller. You will need sunlight every day for it to work.
  11. If you expect to boon dock with a 120 volt/propane you will need a large bank of batteries and inverter and the charge will only last for hours on 120 volt because of the high current draw. If you run it on propane it uses 12 volt and that could last for days depending on your battery capacity.
  12. If you have a large bank of batteries and they are deeply discharged it is possible the alternator output is exceeded and the alternator will overheat and fail. I lost 2 alternators before I figured it out. The solution is to install a larger output alternator, I went from a 160 amp to a 260 amp. First 2 lasted about 1 1/2 years and the larger one was still working when I sold the coach 15 years later.
  13. What you talking about is a very expensive proposition. I did the similar upgrades to a 93 Spartan pusher chassis. I bought a wrecked 98 Discovery to get all the parts I needed. ISB 275 engine, Allison md 3060 6 speed transmission, air suspension, air brakes, etc. Took me several years to complete the project as I did it in several stages. I owned it for 17 years and 140K miles. When I sold it I got premium dollar.
  14. Went to Alaska in 01 with a friend. He had a full width rock guard. After a few hundred miles his toad, a full size Ford van, had both sealed beam headlights broken and filled full of gravel. I determined that the rocks from the tires were hitting the rock guard and bounce off the road and up to the headlights. We went to a plastic shop in Anchorage and got some Lexan 1/8 sheets and duck tape them over the headlights. I use camping sleeping mats with 6 ft bungee cords across the front of my truck and not one mark on the toad. On gravel roads when oncoming trucks are running 75 mph I always slow to 25 mph and nose into the shoulder. Only broke one driving light lens.
  15. I put an electric winch in the rafters of my garage and extended the push button cable to 22 ft. Lifted up a foot and drove out from the garage and lowered it to the ground and switched to the new one and lifted it up and drove back under it new one went inside and strung the push buttons through the bedroom window and lowered it down while guiding into position from the inside. I did it in less than an hour. In our shop we used to change them out in about 1 to 1 1/2 hours using a fork lift.
  16. When I had my first coach painted I was asked if I wanted Diamond Shield installed. After all the the problems many had with it I said no. It was going to cost $1250. I asked how much to repaint the front and was told $850. Kept that coach another 5 years and and when I sold it the front looked like it just came out of the paint shop. Went back to the same shop to have my current coach painted. Nothing but paint and clear coat on the front.
  17. Did you look on the dash maybe a switch there.
  18. desertdeals69

    TIRE Balance

    I have been using beads for over 3 years, seem to work fine. I used to have centrimatics and they were hit and miss.
  19. Sounds like you have corrosion at the wire connections. I would check all the ground connections to the frame and then check all the plugins, spray with contact cleaner.
  20. My understanding is you must be a Freightliner Club member to get the discount.
  21. Not only that but the year end kickback for total vehicles sold, thats why dealerships are eager to wholesale large number of vehicles to up the count.
  22. What was the original tire size when new?
  23. Is the vibration at wheel speed or 3-4 times faster which might be driveshaft speed?
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