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  1. 275/80R22.5 vs 11R22.5 tire sizes

    Thanks tireman9, that is a great start for me. I used the "bus and coach" for the type selection. But interesting, the only brand that I could find a chart that listed dimensions, Firestone, those lines were all blanked out. I guess I will give up on figuring that out. I also noticed something else. I''m sure I knew this at one time but have forgotten, the OEM requirements for the tire size is a G rated tire. All the ones that re currently on here are H rated. So I am certainly not slighting my load capability. At this point, I will probably lean toward Good Year Marathon in 11R22.5. The 2 I have in front ride and handle wonderfully. That way dimensions are not a factor. Another thing in their favor is the fact that a tire inflation chart is right up front. Something I insist on for any tire I buy. Thanks again to all who responded.
  2. 275/80R22.5 vs 11R22.5 tire sizes

    When we purchased our '07 Tiffin Phaeton in '12, it came with a 1 year old set of Roadmaster 11R22.5 sized tires. The placard in the coach calls for 275/80R22.5 size. The current tires have performed well without problems until a year ago when due to a blister in one of the fronts, I had to buy a new pair of tires for the steer axle. I could get Good Year Marathon brand in the 11R size and have been very satisfied with the handling and ride. My question is this: We are due to replace the rear 4 tires this year. I have had very good service from the 11R22.5 sized tires but would like to know the actual size difference between before I would make up my mind which tire size to pursue. Does anyone know of any tire size charts that give actual physical dimensions? This coach tends to sit a little nose down and if the 11Rs are slightly bigger than the 275s, I might mix the sizes to level the coach out.
  3. FMCA Website

    Or, you could join some of us of the fringe of society and try Linux. And then most of the other problems go away. But the FMCA website is as slow a molasses.
  4. Proposed Change To FMCA's Governance

    Though I don't always, I agree with you for the most part Herman. I am one of those non chapter members, always have been and perhaps will remain so. As a wandering fulltimer, I don't often land at a repeatable place to participate. That means I do need to depend on others who stand still long enough to become involved. I'm OK with that most of the time and accept that position.
  5. Good heavens, I thought we were the only ones to use the "bathroom door" method. When the bathroom door is happy, moma's happy. And when moma's happy, everyones happy.
  6. Mattress

    Regarding mattresses, if you like memory foam mattresses, try this website. The price and quality are both very attractive. Keeping all things in consideration, we have had a 9 inch thick, medium density queen size that they had to cut down to RV length. They only charged about $30.00 to cut it. We have had it over three years, absolutely love it, but have started to notice that it is starting to soften. However, given the price, I can buy a new one every 5 years and be money well ahead. One caveat here. They come crunched and wrapped up tight. DON'T unwrap it in the living room area. Take out the old mattress, put this thing on the bed frame and then open it. You'll understand why when you cut the last string.
  7. RV Trip Routing App

    Bill, do you use it on your phone, tablet, or laptop?
  8. Are You A Veteran?

    1 Brock Inglehart 2 US Navy '64 thru '68 3 E-5 Electrician 4 Served entire hitch aboard USS Topeka CLG-8 5 Made one WestPac patrol in '66and one Med cruise in '67
  9. No Signatures Displayed

    OK, I have put on my dunce cap. What are "signatures" ?
  10. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Just to add some ketchup to the hamburg. At the recommendation of a certain national officer, one of our best friends who full times in a large 5th wheel applied for and is now a full fledged member of FMCA and as a matter of fact is right now camped in Cinci in the FMCA campground. Considering the fact that I don't believe he can be the only one, if the vote goes negative, how will national handle them?
  11. Wash Wax All

    Thanks RFSOD48 for starting this post and thanks MANHOLT for the Lucas suggestion. I bought a bottle and did the bottom half, what I could reach from the ground. What a great product. This will probably get me off my keester to keep the bottom half presentable. By the way, what happened to my ID at the left of our posts? If I won't own up to what I post, I won't post it.
  12. Electrical Burning Smell

    Or another possible source. I know you said you smelled it near the kitchen but if you have an electric blanket, most of the controls won't live through the non-pure sine wave inverters. The smoke definitely escapes. The smell could be moving up that far in the coach. Don't ask me how I know. Just a thought.
  13. Vote To Allow Towables Into FMCA

    I put my ballot in the mail yesterday. Printed it off the digital edition.
  14. Should FMCA Allow Towable RVs-- Vote NOW

    Thanks for the heads up on the ballot. We belong to GS and Escapees as well as FMCA. Spuds, amen.