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  1. New To Us 2002 Monaco

    New to MH but not to Rving. Have had 1 tent trailer, 3 TT, 4 5th wheels, & one 5th wheel toyhauler. Just got this 3/3/17 in Phoenix area. It's a 2002 Monaco Signature Triple Crown. Had 79,896 miles on it. Has a Hydrolift motorcycle lift on the rear. 42' long front & rear a/c replaced in 2011, TV replaced in 2008 & has a new AquaHot which is a 2011 or 12.
  2. Continental Tire Purchase Program Status?

    When I go to replace my tires I'm going back to what mine have on it now. I bought my 2002 Monaco used. It has Bridgestones that are seven years old. No cracks anywhere including the tread. As it's a desert vehicle I've never seen tires that look so good out here.