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Subscribing to forums and tracking topics

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Subscribing to specific forums or tracking certain topics is a great way to keep an eye on forum discussions that interest you.

Subscribing to a forum:

By subscribing to a forum, you are asking to be notified of all new posts in that forum.

Here's how to subscribe:

(Note: You must be signed in at or logged in on the forum site.)

1. Go the forums contents page,

2. For this example, we'll choose the Towing forum, so under the Technical category, click on the Towing forum. It takes you to a list of topics, or threads, within the Towing forum:

3. Do you see the Forum Options button at the right of the page? From that drop-down menu, select the last option, "Subscribe to this forum."

4. Choose your forum notification method. (I suggest Immediate Email notification.)

5. Click the Proceed button.

That's all there is to it. Now you will be notified of any new activity in the Conventions and Rallies forum.

Tracking topics:

You can also subscribe, or Track, individual Topics within a forum category, instead of the entire forum.

1. For example, go back to the Towing topics -- -- and click the "Tire pressure when towing" Topic title. This will take you to an active discussion:

2. From the Options drop-down tab, select "Track this topic," and then choose your notification method, and click Proceed.

You are now set to receive e-mail notifications when a reply has been made in the "Tire pressure when towing" Topic. You will NOT be notified of new posts under other Towing Topics, unless you specify so or are subscribed to the Towing forum.

Note: If you are already subscribed to a forum category, you will not be able to subscribe to individual topics within that category.


It's fast and easy.

1. Click the My Controls link near the top center of the page.

2. On the left of the control panel page, scroll down to Subscriptions.

3. Select View Forums and you'll see your forum subscriptions. Use the check boxes and unsubscribe drop-down menu to unsubscribe or change your notification preferences.

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