Tire Pressure To Run After Weighing

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Our 40 foot Damon Tuscany has 275/70R/22.5 tires.

The front tires are Yokohoma and the rear (duals) are Goodyear. All are load range H. I weighed today after packing. 30700 lbs gross. Tuscany specs say 31000 top. Pulling a car the top is 41000. Our car weighs about 5200 so we should be OK on total.

Front axle weight- 11180 total Drivers side - 5390 Passenger side 5630 Yokohama tires

Rear axle weight 19449 total Drivers side - 8300 Passenger side 10620 Goodyear tires.

This was my second weighing after shifting some of the load. Short of taking our clothes out of the closet and drawers and moving them over, I don't think I can even out the load more. We are heavy on the side with the fridge and kitchen cabinets.

Looking at each tire chart I read 100 PSI for the back axle and 105-110 PSI for the front.

Does this sound right to you more experienced RV people?

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In order for someone to answer that question that person would have to have the correct charts for the correct tires and look up the data just as you have. Assuming you have current charts (one for each tire manufacturer) for your current tires you should have the correct information. Some people like to add 5 pounds to the numbers stated as a safety precaution.

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