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Rand McNally RV GPS for iPad

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I have been using this app on my iPad since it came out. So far, I like the functionality. The only downside so far is I found that it does not contain every campground in the database. However, that does not prevent me from entering an address or lat/long. I also have other apps that help me look up campgrounds (see below).

The only problem I have found so far is not all rest stops show up when you look for them on your route.

When you first install the app, make sure you are on a WiFi network as you will have to download a lot of data.

I also have the Navigon app to use as a backup, which is what I used to use.

As with any GPS apps you use with your iPad, your will want to plug in a power cord while you are heading down the road.

Along with the Rand McNally app, I use for the following apps for trip planning:

1) Allstays Camp & RV

2) Allstays Truck & Travel

3) iExit

For mounting the iPad, I use a combination of hardware from ProClip and RamMount. The iPad Mini also provides a smaller footprint than the full size iPad.

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