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50 Amp Shore Power Quit, But 30 Amp Still Works

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I searched around the forums a bit, but did not see this particular issue.

We have been staying at Ocean lakes in MB, SC for ten days or so, and using the 50 amp service here. All has been good. Last night around midnight my wife woke me and told me we had no power. I went out to check. The breakers at the pole were good, but there were no voltage readings on the EMS. I have a 2002 Newmar Dutch Star Coach with a Cummins diesel pusher. It is equipped with both an EMS and a transfer module.

I disconnected and reconnected several times. Each time the EMS would "try" to kick in and the coach lights would flicker but it would not stay up.

On a hunch, I connected my 30 amp adapter and switched over to 30. The power immediately came back on line.

This morning I reconnected the 50 and although the ems and transfer module groaned a bit, I do now have good clean power on the coach at 50 amps.

Has anyone seen anything like this?



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Thanks for the input. It doesn't usually cross my mind that it could be something other than my coach.

I did call maintenance, and kudos to them, they were there in 3 minutes.

Turns out it was indeed a 50 amp breaker on the park side that was going south......

They replaced it and no problem for a couple of days since.....

I do appreciate your direction!

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