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  1. I have purchased this insurance, but did not have to file a claim. I did hear that in the first month of offering, a claim was paid for $23,000. But of course, we do not know any details to protect the privacy of the individual.
  2. My local dealer that sells both Goodyear and Michelins states that you should use two load ranges lower than specified using Michelins, because the side walls are not as strong. So if "G" is specified, that would mean to go to "I."
  3. Thank you for letting us know the real cause of the problem.
  4. We traveled south on the Cassiar highway early September last year. Northern third was rough asphalt, but the southern two thirds was great. The only black bear we saw on our whole trip was about half way. Don't miss the indian village on the sothern end. Great culture site.
  5. rossboyer

    Slow Slides

    Back to the issue of the batteries and slow slides. The coach manufacturer for our coach states to have the engine running; therefore, the voltage from the alternator is about 13.8 volts when operating the jacks or the slides. I have on occasion turned the ignition switch on without starting the engine to operated the slides, and they do move slower. You might try running the engine at the same time just to see if that "cures" the problem as a test.
  6. Just want to let you know that I really appreciated having a member of FJ/Pilot being so candid and answering questions on the Pilot Flying J Transactions thread. Hopefully, more commercial members will do the same. If there is anyway we can encourage this, we should do so.
  7. The INTO rally is sponsored by the International Area, one of FMCA's 10 area associations. Attendance my be 150 to 250 coaches. There will be entertainment, vendors and seminars. Excellent camping facilities. Madison, FMCA's international convention -- now called Family Reunion and Motorhome Showcase -- will be similar to Perry, but possibly larger since this is the first time we have been there. Attendance should be 2,500 to 3,000 or more. Probably 1,000 display coaches, a full buildings of indoor vendors, nightly entertainment, and 18 or more seminars each day. Electric is available at an additional charge. If you are looking for a rally that is about 800 coaches, you might consider Great Lakes Area Spring Spree (GLASS) over Memorial Day weekend (May 26-30). GLASS is located in Berrien Springs, Mich., about 35 miles north of South Bend, Ind., just off US 31. The display coaches will be about 100 to 150, 200 to 300 indoor vendors, and four nights of entertainment. Some meals are provided and there is an optional meal package. There will be dry camping with 30-amp plug but do not count on running air conditioners or heaters; water close to be able to fill up and then disconnect; and a dump station. More details on the rallies are in the Family Motor Coaching magazine for all of these if you want to know more. Or possibly, like us, you may decide to attend all three.
  8. I have only used Roadmaster on the 4 autos that I have installed base plates/adapters, but the instructions were very complete with step by step and color pictures. Usually took 3 to 4 hours. Standard end wrenches(some are metric now), no air tools, but you do need a torque wrench to be sure that the bolts are tighten correctly. Wiring is another issue. Takes much longer. Every vehicle is different on how to route wires. Suggest that you use the double diodes from Roadmaster. Also, add the Bright Lite adapter. All diagrams are on the web site that Brett gave you for Roadmaster. Only once did I have to call their customer service, excellent response.
  9. Probably, there is an electrical load present when the ignition switch is on. If you have access to a DC amp meter, try pulling one fuse at a time to issolate which one will eliminate the load. I found on our towed one fuse that powered the dash that had 2.5 amps load all the time the ignition switch was on. Made a switch and fuse combination so I didn't have to pull the fuse, just turned off the switch.
  10. At least for breakfast, I like the Dennys. But price of Pilot fuel compared to nearby other brands offsets the cash price using your credit card + 2 or 3 cents discount. I have found that I can usually get into some shopping center fuel stops with my coach, because diesel is usually on the outside lane and the price is as much as 17 cents less per gal.
  11. One item that I do not care for is when I open a post, the display goes to the bottom of the last one. I think I remember that the display use to be at the top of the first one.
  12. Regarding membership ages,these are the figures that I was given about 1 year ago to work on medical evacuation replacement. 45% of our members are age 55 to 65' 45% of our members are age 65 to 75. 5% on both ends are below 55 or above 75. Women members average 65 plus a few months. Men members age 65 minus a few months.
  13. Hello George: The G.L.A.S.S. is a great FMCA Area Rally. There will be a Chapter Fair during the event. Please visit the chapters during the fair. Also, I suggest that you contact Jon Walker, FMCA National Vice President Great Lakes Area, jwalker@fmca.com. He will be able to assist you with additional information and will be attending G.L.A.S.S.
  14. I have the Doran System and have had to send 3 sensors back twice and they still leak. I am looking and replaceing them with Tire Save Guard. Web site: www.tiresaveguard.com
  15. I have had a Brake Buddy system. At Perry just installed AirForce One. Easier to connect and get ready to tow. No problems on our 600+ mile trip home. Stopped for a couple of nights and did unhook. Again easy to connect to get ready to leave.
  16. We are in the fairgrounds at Perry. The rain has stopped. Wind picked up about 8:00 pm, but is only 3 mph now and 58 degrees at 1:30 am.
  17. Please let us know what you find out.
  18. Many times I have used a grill lighter to light a stove top burner. Hold the flame near the burner. You will be able to see the flicker of the flame if air or gas is coming out of the burner. Trying to use just the igniter seems to take too long and I would give up, thinking that there was another problem. Eventually, when I use the lighter the burner will light. Don't be in a hurry to stop the lighter. If there is air in the line, the burner can go out again which will require starting the process of lighting again. We don't know what manufacturer, model or year of coach that you own. That might help others that have the same coach. If your problem was immediately after filling and the outside temp is low, the valve may be frozen. Time, if it is warm may free the valve. A light tap on the valve may break it loose, too. Please let us know what you found the problem to be.
  19. Grandchildren are covered for return home when you have had an accident or a medical condition requiring medical evacuation. FMCAssist will return your coach for you, including fuel. Medex did not cover grandchildren or the fuel. FMCAssit also covers children, grandchildren and handicapped dependents for medical evacuation. Medex did not cover those. FMCAssist covers more people than Medex did because Medex would only cover the two members on the membership record. But rather than ask questions in a forum, call Global Underwriters. Global is the third-party administrator for FMCAssist. Call 1-800-423-8496 and ask for Ken Schulteis, Presdient, to get the real answers to your concerns.
  20. I assume that this is a ThermoPane type of window. If so there is a firm in Florida and one in Arkansas that will take out the window, separate the two panes, clean the glass and install a liquid seal that will harden somewhat like caulk and reinstall the window. Approximate cost $200 per window. Friends have had this done and were very satisfied.
  21. My local tire dealer that I have used fro 12 years states that compaing GoodYear and Michelins that if you want mIchelins to go two letters higher. IE: If F is recommended go to H because the side walls are softer on the Michelins. By the way the dealer handles both brands and some others. But he did state that he would use GoodYears.
  22. Two weeks ago my receiver in the coach began to act funny-- bad guide display. I had purchased on ebay two receivers about a year ago for just such an occasion. Think the cost was $10 each plus shipping. Called Direct TV, but they would not activate my card in the "new receiver". They did send me a new card for $20.00. When I received it, installed and called Direct Tv. They activated it. Call took about 20 minutes because the number they had on the letter with the new card was wrong. All is working fine now and all functions of the remote operates the TV and the Receiver.
  23. Call Mr. Ken Schulteis, Global Underwiters 1-800-423-8496, regarding FMCA International Travel Insurance. He can answer your questions, but Medicare does not cover you in Canada. You may have some other private insurance, but be sure to check to see if it will cover you out of the country. Many do not.
  24. Yes, the 6/3 is 3 conductors of 6 gauge wire and the 8/1 is one conductor of 8 gauge for the ground. As other have said I would buy a 50 amp cord and add the 30 amp adapter at the end if needed.
  25. Yes, 6/3 means 3 conductors of #6 gauge wire and the 8/1 is 1 conductor of #8 gage. The #6 conductors are for the neutral and two hot wires. The #8 is for the ground which should not carry any current.
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