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  1. 24" Wiper Blades

    Super: Thanks
  2. Guests On The Forum

    I think there will be a lot more Guests. Some may join. I saw something about help with site redesign. Nothing wrong as is but more forums especially if a lot more Towables Owner join. Tow Vehicles, Fifth wheels, Trailers, where to buy supplies or a market forum, and so on. I'm not qualified to design anything.
  3. 24" Wiper Blades

    We bought our refills at O'Reillys ten years ago. Second time was at that camping store next to KOA in Nashville. I believe it would be a lot more convenient, to change the wiper arm mounting system, for blades, to use the now ubiquitous J hook arrangement, but can never seem to find the parts and only passing mention of availabilty. Ours is on the top so it takes a step ladder, fine for young folks but I don't relish doing it.
  4. Weather Cycles

    Couldn't carry a syrup bucket and all them books. Five miles up a hill both way is correct. Going down the hills wasn't so memorable. I think during the middle of the day the down side rose up or something. Didn't have to take as many baths, in wet weather, got many a good drenching and even collected some mud or the garden when cars splashed me. Ever run track practice then another five mile walk home? I don't really think it was as much of a character builder, as they say especially it pitch black and freezing. Stayed in condition for sure. Conditioned to snow, rain, hail, freezing rain, blazing sun, 10 below and 100 above. Good for the feet too. Shoes wore out and nice calluses middle of the foot filled the holes well. Don't ever let your mother tell your history teacher you missed school to get some shoes. Not too many years ago I ran into a school friend. He asked how I like the new shoes. He knew he was safe, as at 60 something, I can't run as fast.
  5. Weather Cycles

    BIL near Ft Stewart had over an inch, of snow, still on the ground mid afternoon. I called him and kidded him about moving south to escape the snow. Promised him a snow shovel next Christmas. Lakes are icing over but clear as a bell. By first of week; rain and cool temps. I just as soon have snow and cold or dry and cold. Are we going to enter a new mini ice age? I'm confused by all the claims one way or nother. Seems we are in a warm period between historical colder ad snowier weather though. Remember in the seventies they said we were entering a new Ice Age? We just about believed it. Lakes and River and all streams froze over. And snow was on the ground all winter, and high temps were at freezing to mostly below. Uncle operated peach an apple orchards in Indiana. Ten miles to paved road or more and 25 miles more to a store or something like that. Wells froze deep, no power. Had to cut fruit wood and keep the fireplaces going. Shot some deer and rabbits to make it though for more than one year. In the sixties it snowed Halloween night, and again and snowed Thanksgiving, and right before Christmas warmed a bit then snowed deep. Out of school, I'm glad as five miles walking in deep snow is no fun atall. High temp or weeks was 13 degrees. Low was 13 below and avg was below zero, I think. And they didn't have snow removal equipment back then in this part of Tn. none at all. Maybe if I can find that crystal ball, I might go into the snow plow and shovel business.
  6. Freightliner of Chattnooga, Threw our grill from engine compartment on the ground breaking it. Put 30 qts of oil in the engine without draining the old oil. Lost the dip stick seal, Did not plug the Coach in as they said they would. filled the toilet, no water in tanks yet. and everything in the freezer and refrigerator ruined. Where store it welded up the grill and painted it for us. From Tn to Az we spewed oil all over our toad and the rear of the mh. The CAT Service in Tucson replaced the dip stick for us and batteries. Batteries died off old age and changed the oil. Only time I have sen clean oil on Diesel dipstick. On the way there Demning N M. drained all the oil, and cleaned the rear of mh. but not the dipstick. We went to self serv car wash right at the border and spent a few hours and a truck load of quarters cleaning it up. All this occurred upon leaving Red Rock Az and in NM and limping back to Az for family death. I am not sure all the oil was gotten off. On return trip in Flagstaff going up grade engine went into limp mode. KOA has to truck in their water and didn't really want me to wash out the CAC and Radiator. This 2012and we never got a cent from Freightliner. Dealing with health issues we let them walk all over us.
  7. Extended Service Plan With Southeast Financial

    Factory refuses to accept Good Sams any more exactly or the reasons above. Hard to contact, hard to get approval, and maybe months to get paid. This time around they sent me a list of who would accept Good Sams in our area. CW and two others. None, would I say, were familiar with RVs except CW. I go by there and it seems the same RVs are there 6 months in a row or more or work. However they did good jobs on three vehicles installing towing setups but not cheap.
  8. Camping World Problems

    We use car wash, the ones that say no spotting and a soft brush and a mitt type on long poles. Together it takes us 30 minutes per side with good water flow. Dry with towels on end of long squeegie pole. New paints they use they told us don't need wax but we have used McGuries Detailer, and Mc Guires synthetic spray wax. Spray on wipe off with Micro fiber towels or rags. Ain't going to do it again though. I will hire some Grandchildren of an RVer at a Campground or someone. Bring your Grand Children Rving and let them make a fortune.. Somehow I bet there is something wrong with this plan.
  9. RV Extended Warranties -- Recommendations?

    We had CW Car, for 7 years about 8,000.00 It did good or us but is no longer available. What we have now with Goo Sams is the Silver Plan. After reading it over a whole lot of items are not covered. So we too have been list3ening here and other forums, hoping to find a best coverage for less money. come next month it will renew and 3600.00 a year is too much. So who is the best for less money?
  10. Heat Loss In Furnace Exhaust

    I would like to add this note. I don't remember where I read of it but someone put a small catalytic heater in their wet bay to keep it from freezing. The exhaust naturally found it's way to other compartments as well the inside of the coach. I don't remember the outcome but it wasn't that good. Just about everyone or some anyway faced with the sever cold will put a light bulb a severe duty bulb in a drop light into the service bay. If they are still around the polymer coated sever duty bulbs, don't use them. They give off a deadly gas when hot.
  11. Firearms

  12. Firearms

    Has any one had a be
  13. Thanks, It's Been Fun

  14. Introduction

    I thought I had put out info here a few years. However until now, not visited much and nae may have changed in that time. We are Elsie and David Owens from Tn. If you drive I24 across the Tn River and look south from the bridge there we are. We have an 05 Revolution and been RVing since Sept 06. Usually on the road only a month or less per yer the last few years.
  15. Firearms