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  1. National Fishing License

    In regard to this subject I will attempt to post this link to Zink's direction. It is not inclusive as a more insulting interview he gave to Outdoor Life. Everyone except Military and Disabled Vets would have to pay and much more. At east he demonstrates some appreciation of our Military. http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/378220-zinke-too-many-people-can-enter-national-parks-for-free
  2. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    I don't remember the year but one of my Craftsman's ratchets broke some teeth on the pall. Took it in and Mgr went in back and brought a white box our with the whole internals. Removed the old and snapped them in. I guess Store Mgr is involved in some o these situations. My store, I would rebuild it or replace it . Guarantees repeat happy Customers, who spread thee word on how great they take care of their Customers and much more in sales. Satisfaction brings expectation o good quality and great service in everything else they sell. Remember when we bought boats and motors and all our fishing tackle, and firearms, ammo and hunting duds etc at Sears, and everything else. Well the Bozo who now is driving into the ground, decided he was only going to carry PC items like WalMart clothes, and bed spreads and some cheap electronics and washing machines still, but higher prices and warranty is good or toilet paper after a year. We bought our first washer and dryer for 212.00. It lasted from 1971 til about 2000 when I broke the washer. Two sets since then at ten times the cost and repairs equal to purchase price on last set. Those Craftsman ratchets handle design was comfortable up to maybe a hundred pounds of torque or all day use. those smaller diameter round ones, typical everywhere serrated or whatever, those little teeth are brutal, on the hands, unless it is just one fastener and it is not stuck.
  3. National Fishing License

    Secretary of the Interior.
  4. National Fishing License

    Fishing Industry! Our public Lands! That sound like Zinke. He is going to double cost and end free passes except or Disabled and Disabled Veterans. He thinks our National Treasures exist for the profits of Big Business. We pay our taxes to support our National Parks, Fisheries, hatcheries, National Forest and any and all infrastructure for Citizens. It is ours not his Industry or the Park Operators or Big Business. He wanted to eventually sell BLM lands to Cattle Ranchers, but I understand he realizes that they only pay pennies per head to graze our lands and for Elk Buffalo,competition to be excluded, and any and all predators to be killed, or poisoned. I they own it they would have to pay taxes. He still favors giving or selling it to them. IMO. Better be taking to everyone in Washington, or expect to 80.00 per head and commercial rates for RV camping+. in Yellowstone and everywhere else. IMO
  5. National Fishing License

    This is not accurate but about 180.00 or so for fishing and hunting, trout stamp, big game stamp I understand. Then there is archery stamp for deer, Wildlife mgt area stamps, some trout stream permits, turkey stamp, then migratory bird stamps,including one for doves, now. I can look it up but I'm lazy this evening. A of them if you hunt and fish or every thing is past 200.00. Now to operate a canoe or kayak you have to have a boating safety certificate, and maybe registration numbers but don't quote me. When I was young 3.00 for just fishing, 7.00 for hunting an fishing and no special stamps for archery, muzzle loader, trout, deer or anything. And no boating registration until I was a teenager. Fishing in your own county with bait didn't coat anything, and hunting an fishing on your own land, idn't cost anything. And under 16 nothing. This is Tn.
  6. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    That is what has me concerned about the Michelins, but the coach is stored inside out o the sun and off unfinished concrete etc that will wick oils out of tires. The G670s were 10 years old when they were pulled off. I kick myself thinking about it. The rubber was supple and live as the day they were made and no spider webbing or cracks or anything and nearly 100% of tread. They were intended for long life on a mh with lots of uv protection etc. MHs are not driven as much as a semi and the elements, not wear is what gets them. Dirt and lime dust and mud and salt will suck the oils out of tires like a wick. Cleaning both sides of duals , and inside of steers is a challenge. Best I can do is a high pressure hose but done every time you wash it I think helps. This is one reason I favor paved RV parking slots and roads. Tires and the whole coach stay cleaner. I hate a dirt on our coach.
  7. BF Goodrich, Continental vs. Michelin Tires

    We've only run two tires theGoodyear G70 motorhome specific tires and now the Michelins. The Michelins are all ster tires on all positions. They have decoupling groves on side edges of threads. Son't tend to river, or haven't so far. We bought the last four through the Michelin FMCA discount program, in 2014. Th Goodyears did at one time advertise ten year life for the mh tire. Thee Michelins they told us only five but the sales rep before the mgr interrupted us and contradicted him said they should last ten years but that there is no lifetime specified for the tires now. The steer tires were changed to Michelin steer axle tires in 2012 The Goodeyears were rivering badly. Not so with the rears. We have steer tires on all positions, with the center tracking groove, and decoupling groovrs it helps steering and tracking some. The ride with the Michelins is far improved over the Goodyears. Front tires only took one ounce on one rim and tire and none on the other, on a road force balancer. These are the only two brands we have had experience with, so can't comment on others. A motorhome specific tire will ride better and last longer than a semi tire, in a much lighter weight, generally, motorhome. The few big rigs have to replace stter tires each year so the difference might go the other way. imo
  8. Finding Good Food On The Road..that someone else cooks

    Just east of Fredicksburg, Tx there is a bakery run by Folks of Mexican extraction. We bought just some donuts, as we were parked in an RV Park back west side of Austin. There is only one major road and you can't miss it from the smell of fresh baked everything. We go back that way we will figure out how to store some breads cakes and more donuts. I haven't had donuts like that since Michigan on the way up on state roads, we found a bakery seemingly in the middle of no where.
  9. GOLD! In Them Thar Hills!

    SIL is a member of a Gold Mining Club? He has access to many paces they own around the Country. I have seen one small vial of gold he has sluced and panned. He hasn't gotten rich thus far but the hicking and camping, and mining must be fun. He's back near Seattle and mines north of there in the Cascades. Look on the Internet for Mining Clubs etc. perhaps.
  10. RVing and Fishing

    Just a few days ti the rods come out here. Some already hitting the water. I'm not much or fishing in a crowd however an RV Park on the water, or trout or anything else, is my desire. Boats for hire are just about a necessity, and guides are the only way too on many streams. So where are the RVing Fishermen and Women headed this year?
  11. National Fishing License

    I've wasted a lot of time with our Senators and Congressmen over the years about reciprocity on fishing and hunting. Especially or 100% Disabled Vets. Remember when out of state fishing license was either seven or eleven dollars? Most of Alaska is Federal Lands and Waters, as are good portions of most western states. We pay for most or all the operations including stockings and mangement but are not entitled to any of the use...except by paying for it through the nose, a lot more than State Residents. Alaska now is way over 100.00. And in our State for Resident combined hunting and fishing and tags for trout and deer are approaching 200.00 for Residents. The new theory well I won't get into the infuriating political/ business mess. The States's Residents don't want us hunting or fishing there at all...except for outfitters and guides. The States way to keep us out or limit our numbers is with outrages our prohibitive costs. They claim their Taxpayers foot the bills, so they should enjoy the resources. We should play the difference plus. It is not equitable. We pay way more than small populations, of those states, for our Federal Lands and Fisheries but cannot enjoy them. Even total disability in service, protecting those states as well as our own and our Federal Lands and Waters and Resources in them, doesn't make any difference.
  12. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    I am at a loss, at the moment, for the termanology but China makes Consumables not durable goods. The new standard like light bulbs is to engineer an item to last just so long, so you will have to buy another. I first noticed the new principle when GE after the Berlin Wall fell bought, bought the Polish Light bulb Manufacturers. In decades prior you bought a US made bub and it might last like the one we put on Mama's porch around 1960. It lasted until one o us doing some painting broke it around 2005. It is normal or us to replace a dozen bulbs every 6 months. And it now costs a lot as the LEDs are the only one's that last any time. Consumerism not Durable Goods. In the case of Harbor Freight they are made or a price point and are lesser quality in material and durability. They may last the average person who is working on vehicles etc daily a long time but you can't count on it and the warranties on most everything today is a joke. Use to be quality and long life , service etc was what sold. Wall Street says servicability, service and warranty doesn't make them any money today. They want as much sales as possible and lower quality and no warranty, or Consumerism makes the most money for them. You buy one and it fails you have to buy another. Bought a handheld gas blower from Sears several years ago, expecting the typical lifetime warranty. It worked for a short time and took it back. 100.00 for finding the probllem and 69.00 to repair it. I paid 69.00 for it. I no longer need to use my tools mostly but have a double chest of quality, lifetime warranty, which is no longer any good, tools. Have a small rachet that need repair. They said buy a new one , that in my book is junk.
  13. Hand tools, Craftsman or Snap On or ???

    I have a Snap On ratchet that needs repair but never can seem to have it when I spot him. I search yard sales for old real Craftsman tools, which are now at a premium. Grease can be cleaned off easily as long as the tool is great condition. I think they were a step up from Snap On. I like Snap on but $10.00 for a tire stem tool?
  14. Clean and polish aluminum wheels

    Next few days I will stop by the Freightliner Repair Center and get the accurate price. What I posted was from memory, from several years ago. Weeeeel...I am probably going to get ragged on this one. Haven't been to the Dealer but looks like twenty years ago, I should have bought a truck load of them. Looking on the Internet the size I think my steer axe rims are, the Duracoated Alcoa wheels, are $265.00 with many more offered at $309.00. Rears about $429.00 but none of them have the slots like mine. They are round holes. The wider rims are much higher.