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  1. Veterans Reunion - USS Orion

    I have been on board the Orion several times (just visits). Home based in Charleston, SC. Served on FS Key SSBN 657. The Orion was in Charleston a long time. I have been to one reunion for the Key in DC area, It was great!!!
  2. Any Bubbleheads?

    John Callison MM1 (SS) USS Francis Scott Key SSBN 657 Gold 9 Strategic Detergent Patrols.....
  3. Are You A Veteran?

    Yes, I am a Navy Veteran... One: John Callison Two: US Navy Submarine Force, I rode FBM Submarines did most of my patrols from Rota, Spain. Three: 1971 to 1980 plus a year in the Navy Reserves Four: MM1(ss) at discarge. E-6 Five: Main MOS was for Oxygen Generators on Submarines. I stood Chief of the Watch underway. Six: Most of our patrols were in the Atlantic, did some Mediteranian, North Sea, and da Carribean Man..2.... My family has had members in every skirmish/war that the USA has been involded in since we beat back King George and his Red Coats. Dad was 20 year man in Navy, Older Bro was 20 years in Marines, 2 Brothers in Navy, and me-- 10 years in Navy. All Volunteer, no draftees.
  4. I do not tow a GMC Canyon or the Colorado but lots do. A 4x4 is best to tow as the Transfer Case is put in Nuetral to tow. What sort of questions do you have???
  5. Michelin Advantage Program

    Steer tires are always a good thing to have, my MH will not go very well without them!! I am currently running Truck Tires on my MH and they are not M brand. I got the ones I have much cheaper!! And they ride wonderful!!!!!!! YMMV
  6. Michelin Tire Pricing

    We have the Defender tires on our 2005 Prius, really like them. Make sure the inflation is correct on them. I run 40 psi, sidewall max is 44 psi. The guys at Toyota and elswhere will put them at 30 psi a lot, so keep an eye on them. Your fuel mileage will suffer if you run them too low on pressure. John
  7. 50 Amp Service Wired Wrong

    Mattyboy, You need to get a simple Volt/Ohm meter and learn how to use it. Outlets need to be checked in campgrounds before plugging in just to be sure some of these kind of things don't happen again. By the way, 220 Volt only happens in other countries, it is 240 Volt here. John