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    Retired from Philly FD after 36 1/2 years of service. Traveling to see this great country and our neighbors to the north.

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  1. 340 Cummins Overheating and Slowing Down

    Welcome to the FMCA forum! I have the same 340hp Cummins and a 2500 Allison in my Bounder. My electronic fan clutch was bad. It is an all too often problem for the Freightliner installed fan clutch. I was able to get Freightliner pay for the part and I paid for the labor. As for dropping from 65 to 40 on hills, I think if the hill is steep enough, that will happen. You can try lowering your gear to raise the rpm which will keep it cooler and may help maintain you speed a bit but you will still lose speed on hills. Good luck and I'm sure there will be many more comments. And get your coach weighed on each wheel position to make sure your not over weight and you can balance your load.
  2. Canada And The Firearms Issue

    I think some have missed my point. Respect the laws and you shouldn't have a problem. I respect Canada's laws and I really like their beautiful country, people and history. They smack you hard if you don't and my opinion is we would be better off in the good old USA if we did the same. And who said I did not have a gun or like guns? I respect the law abiding citizens who have/carry for what ever reason they choose. If you want Canada to change its laws, I would suggest you write to their legislators. I think the people of Canada are satisfied with their gun laws so good luck. I have been boarded many more times coming home then going over BUT, I never felt like it was an inconvenience, just a health and or safety check. Thank you Canada, our greatest friend.
  3. Canada And The Firearms Issue

    So they were doing something illegal and when caught they were made to pay a hefty price. Wow, that sound like a good idea to me. Maybe Canada has the right idea.
  4. If you already have a PA drivers license you do not need to get a permit and take the test because you already have a non commercial drivers license. You only have to submit a change of class from "C" to "A or B". Others have done it and my DW has done it and it costs NOTHING but a stamp. As for holding on to a CDL, my insurance gives me a discount because I still have mine. Fill out form DL901 which is a non commercial driver's license/ID Card/Learner's permit application to renew/replace/change/correct. Check the Driver's license box at the top. Fill out sections A, B - checking the change/correct box and license/ID card box and in section C in the space marked OTHER CHANGES write "change from non commercial class C to a non commercial class A." Sign at the bottom. This is what my DW did and her change came in the mail.
  5. Water Puddle Under Norcold

    It could be the ice maker valve. My coach had a similar problem. Found to be the ice maker valve was leaking but only when it filled. I put a cut down soda bottle under the valve one day and waited for the unit to make ice to finally discover the problem. I took the valve off and cleaned it and just cut the line down an inch so it would have a fresh seal and it worked for me. Good luck.
  6. Cummins ISB 6.7 Overheating

    Seem like there are very many people experiencing overheating in the 2008 & 2009 Freightliner/Fleetwood models. I see a lot of complaints about the Hayden fan clutch that Freightliner installed on the Cummins engine. You have to wonder...
  7. My wife got her Class B (non CDL) by just requesting a FREE change of class on her PA drivers license. e just completed the form online and printed it then signed it and in three weeks my DW, who has never driven anything larger than a car, got her Class B for 26000 Lbs. and better.
  8. After reading the above comments, I agree with the other posters. If you tow according to the manufacturers recommendations, the mileage on the odometer is the correct mileage to be reported. If it was not, we would be compelled to record mileage while being towed and the odometer would be set up that way. My biggest concern was the fact that the dealer has second thoughts. I think he is setting you up for a quick, cheap sale. I, personally, would have gone somewhere else after that. Good luck and safe travels
  9. Alaskan Highway Conditions

    Absolutely!! Even with the best protection, you will not escape some damage. Lower your deductible on both rigs. After saying all that, I have to say that it is worth it and you really will need your toad with you to do it right.
  10. Thank you Mr President for giving me an answer. I guess Mr Kessler was too embarrassed to answer. I am not in agreement with the Freightliner Chassis Owners Club decision to leave the FMCA. I doubt that I will renew my membership with them. I don't feel like they acted in the best interest of the current membership and that the decision was forced upon us without any member input.
  11. Mr Kessler sent an email stating that "Your Executive Board has acted in violation of their rights, and has exceeded the authority, granted by your membership in the FCOC Bylaws" in relation to the FCOC leaving the FMCA. The president of the FCOC told me in an email that FMCA and FCOC had resolved this. I have tried for over two months to get an answer by emailing Mr Kessler with cc to President Adcock and Mr Moning with no reply at all. I was just trying to find out who was telling the truth. My last email was on January 04 and I told them that I would ask on the forum next.
  12. Selecting an Alaska Caravan

    Ok, so everyone is a wm, tg or is somehow connected to Fantasy if they question you or make a comment. It seems each post you make the trip get worse. What trip did you go on with Fantasy? They have many different Alaska trips. I'm certain that things can happen no matter which tour group you choose. It's just a choice we make and is a matter of personal preference. How we handle these things will determine how good or bad our trip is. I have trouble blaming someone for a pothole, illness, or stones thrown by passing vehicles. These are things that we or anyone else have little or no control over. Preparedness is your due diligence when you go on any trip, even a trip to the neighborhood market.
  13. Selecting an Alaska Caravan

    So I guess your saying that traveling alone is safer. Sorry you had such a bad experience.
  14. Selecting an Alaska Caravan

    I am glad to hear that Ben and Nancy were good WM as they will be our WM this June. I don't think that Fantasy uses the feedback form as a communications device other than what it says, "feedback." As I understand it, they want the customers feedback to make sure that the WM, TG, Campgrounds and all the other parts of the trip were meeting expectations. I would think that if you wanted a reply from them you would have called or wrote to them. It's great that you have shared your experience with others here so we are more informed and I'm sorry to hear about your troubles but can you really blame Fantasy for your illness and two breakdowns? Personally, if I had been as unsatisfied as you seem to be, I would have written a letter to Fantasy and laid it all out, requesting a reply. You can still do just that, a good, old fashioned letter is still the best way to communicate with a company. Well, I'll be sure to let everyone know what kind of trip we have this summer in Alaska. This will be our third trip with Fantasy and we have no regrets so far.