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  1. Signed up as well.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving

    We would like to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving, and safe travels during this holiday season.
  3. Check Out Our New Verizon MIFI Benefit!

    All signed up, hope it is really going to work this time.
  4. Hope everyone near the hurricane is ready for it and stays safe. JR
  5. Wifi

    That worked thanks Bill. JR
  6. Wifi

    Can someone explain how to re-program the Mobley to stay on continuously? I actually thought there was something wrong with my unit. Thanks JR
  7. I try this number tomorrow morning. Thanks
  8. Got a voice message yesterday from AT&T, stating that my Connected Car plan and activation was cancelled and I should visit my local AT&T store to activate service. Must have not connected with the correct service rep yet?
  9. Got one ordered today. I had to talk to 3 different AT&T sales people to make it happen. First the Mobley device was not available, then the Connected Car plan was not unlimited data. Finally the third sales person was able to find the menu option to get me all set up with an unlimited data package for the advertised price of $20 per month. This was not available on-line at the AT&T website. The website stated it was out of stock, luckily not so over the phone. Hoping this is not one of those deals that are too good to be true.
  10. Tow Car Brake Question

    Does anyone have experience with the Air Force One braking system. How does it compare to the M&G braking system?