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I recently added Sumo Springs to a 2006 Workhorse W-22 Chassis.  The Sumo Springs help with side sway and makes the coach handle better on curves, with passing trucks, and general control of the vehicle.  There is a much more solid feel to the handling.  It helped a little with potholes and bridge expansion joints, but not very much.  It is worth it to me to have better control of the motorhome.  It is not like having air ride, but it is not bad for a vehicle with leaf springs.  The shop that installed the Sumo Springs was impressed with how well the coach handled. 

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As for Sumo Springs I installed the maxums front and rear and I can tell you all, they do exactly what the company says they will. I went from having a death grip on the wheel to now one hand smooth ride (no Cadillac yet but much better). They cut way down on the jarring you would get from bridges and potholes. Sway in the wind and body roll are now manageable, so for me the money was well spent and has corrected more than one problem at a time as would have been done by a track bar instillation.

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