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  1. X2. With power disconnected from the coach, generator off, and inverter OFF, tighten all wire connections in transfer switch, and the breaker panel. This action should be included in the annual chores, but is often overlooked.
  2. I used to carry plug chewing, (I neither dip, chew, or smoke) tobacco in the glove box, used it like a scrubbing pad, like I said, no more greasy windshield. In a real pinch, while raining at a heavy rate, Coca-cola shook up and spewed on the windshield will get you home without those greasy smears. But these remedies are not very effective on the white streaks, the ammonia and alcohol are.
  3. If you have wired a 50 amp service for your MH, to your home breaker panel, you can backfeed through this service, with a little ingenuity.
  4. Try using a mixture of 10% household ammonia 10% rubbing alcohol 80% distilled water for cleaning the windshield, and also scrub this substance and then dry with printed newspaper. DO NOT ADD CHLORINE BLEACH TO THE AMMONIA concoction. If any grease on the windshield, chewing tobacco will make the windshield spotless. Good luck on finding a solution to the roof white streaks, all of my past coaches had rubber roofs and the same results as yours.
  5. Yes this is technically illegal, but it is the safest method in the absence of a good reliable transfer switch. As us licensed amateur radio operators learned while studying to get our license, in a true emergency, anything goes. But, if I lived in an area where there were potential long term outages, I would install a useful manual transfer switch and a circuit breaker box for 100 amps, then wire the portable hookup properly. I can do the work myself so the potential cost is about $300.00. If one cant do their own wiring, a competent electrician can be hired for about another $500.00 in this area under normal conditions.
  6. Yes, if the tech is worth his salt, he will just run another wire around the problem, if the harness cant be easily repaired.
  7. For for listening, and developing a great FMCA phone app.☺️
  8. We carry a griddle also. But you will be amazed at the convenience of the airfry/pressure cooker. DW did baby back ribs last weekend, pressure cooked 30 minutes, poured the water off added BBQ sauce directly on the ribs, air fried for 10 minutes. Less than an hour and were delicious.
  9. I agree that 20,000#, and 34,000# on tandem axel is legal. But I wonder how often have most RV'ers have been mandatorily weighed? I used to stop at the weigh stations, but the attendant has always motioned for me to go ahead, and even been told by the attendant that I didn't need to stop in his state.Sorry for the confusion, 34,000# is the total combined weight of drive and tandem axels.
  10. Wayne we invested in an Emeril Lagasse pressure fryer. It is not exactly as named, but is a pressure cooker, with an air fryer lid that replaces the pressure cooker lid. Takes up less room. I noticed on Amazon that the Insta Pot now has an air fryer lid as an add on.
  11. When in Pigeon Forge Tn., we stock up on dried soup mixes at the Old Mill. All we add is some link sausage and water. DW puts this on in the crock pot nested in the sink, cooks about 4 hours while traveling down the road. Great to eat at a rest stop. My favorite is corn chowder.
  12. I think that is called a REDNECK tiny house. Probably can be driven over a cliff to become a Maine treehouse. LOL! Class F?
  13. I am really surprised that the Honda Oddesy has a problem with rubbing the fenders on the Stehl Dolly. I used to pull a Stehl, my son inlaw has an Oddesy and never had a problem towing it, He did own 2004, but has upgraded to 2015, both towed well. You can look into locking the swivel plate to less distance to turn and may overcome the rubbing in this manner. Oh yes I might add that we pull a 2015 Kia Sorento, room for six if you have the third seat.
  14. Try going here directly from your browser. https://www.fmca.com/index.php?option=com_fmcatechconnectv2&view=home
  15. You are right about that! Hard to understand your question. What kind of switch box are you asking about? One that 3 tv's can be played from resource that will allow 3 tv's from source with HDMI input and output? If the last question is what you want, then here is an Ebay link to such a device. https://www.ebay.com/itm/154356802792?_trkparms=ispr%3D1&hash=item23f061e4e8:g:8-MAAOSwrmZgQAKT&amdata=enc%3AAQAFAAACgBaobrjLl8XobRIiIML1V4Imu%2Fn%2BzU5L90Z278x5ickkxGz2ccqatkEnoeekHqhLkTwJcrF3W2Z7PympL0RfPmCHhSaQAIIsit9jDwo1BE9aYwXgyuQUGqETf%2BMIsJ3uX6RpMNAzz5r%2BWgS%2FCB7BTq6UnSR324Mt%2BvTVp5fT%2FlrWJ8f8nPEGBxbjjcQog%2FvJ0A7QUl8Uhm3rHeLKDP1SVlhwN7AEkd1vxdgAMOYUoEq16NIoh1rSEOXQvqfniKcHD1Ee%2BdHYwWt6qc8sLreAKq9H0pB%2B7vRAR%2Fvu23R8LY%2FrnRlspJb7v%2BachItjl3r0LWjZv7VqQIh84anwvbQZERKIEGZQ5V2PB7U0hg382jjxTTV%2BBZ%2Fw8XJ064J0Xb6SgVTpnt9UyG%2BhOl3%2Fr1zYCPuWR0MQJw%2ByIqfx0g4JwzVjER98Mj5e2Wf0uYFcUl4mjyPlqoPYIPt76vBxyLqnKI4NSB6EkeMPONMZ6KwvRASE8JeJn75NBAjHAi%2FJ4Z0GAdrYocuNDXH7h8AlLvDAHj1LWOp05RIcVvVJtTWxCG4qVD%2F8vSzQsrR1qzlEELIUfV1JdDuc%2FfJRJVwqyHTpd3K7PZXP8jjKQclWHjOD8LTTP8RpE1R50OvI1UcvuGaRabPToRC9N9XDMWAgzFiSSmC%2FlbbT8OJxucpoywdrfiumoyKZd1lA335LCS8PxhX831nr8O9WU18XPZhxVGFSl6xWi2hw6Pp%2FS57Va5ZMTxBTV0vq0YUoJZEDEjySKrYSvdhnQNiZzeVfQUrD7tjtaVZe3eszWWhxwRBpQgBPZpvMNygF53bnvizB%2Ba%2FlofeQut8W7zOPKppVEkzjyJEc4lg%3D|cksum%3A154356802792147b8d8f0073404fb8d3ccb1905be5e6|ampid%3APL_CLK|clp%3A2334524 Hope this helps, if not give a better description or your needs for a better answer. Good luck!
  16. Wow! How many miles on the coach? As Bill said, this is not common unless a mechanical breakdown, or my wife on the brake pedal.
  17. Exactly what I would do also. Many parks have already ruled out golf carts because of kids being abusive with them, so us senior citizens have to go by the same rules unless we buy a license plate for them. The same can be applied for those scooters. It is sad that the parents do not even care how their kids act anymore. We were taught that we had to be on our best behavior 24/7, or pay the consequences, that, was applied to our posterior and most of us can still remember how that hurt. Shame some of the same isn't applied these days, but the bleeding hearts have come to rule. My mom always said, "spare the ROD and spoil the child".
  18. Who is doing the work? The shop should be able to identify and find the correct pads, As Bill said someone needs to find the numbers on the original pads and cross to what will work. Be sure that Freightliner did have the correct vin#, and sent the correct part for that number.
  19. ? The ones that I have used extends the LAN signal in order to be able to use the WAN signal through a router.
  20. A router is used to take a wan (wide area network) and make it usable to the lan (local area network). A repeater takes a lan signal from the router and repeats it to others on the same network, usually several feet away from the router in order to extend the origional signal. An extender basically is the same as a repeater. Both repeaters and extenders have to be joined to the origional network then an SSID is assigned to the repeater/extender, and a password should be added or you could leave the network unsecured, not a good idea. You will need a WIFI connection in order to make anything work. Does the laptop connect to a WIFI network? If it does, and if your cell phone can use WIFI calling, you will need to turn on WIFI calling and you will have to connect your phone to the same network that your laptop is connected to. I will be glad to help to get things going for you, but a phone is almost a must. You are welcome to PM me for help.
  21. I didn't know about this accident, but know of many more. Sad, but accidents do happen, only takes one mistake and many can suffer from it.
  22. In American standard wiring, single phase circuitry, 240 volts AC is generally used, it requires two hots to be 240 volts, neutral is the common to ground necessary to be able to use 120 volts only. So if you are using 240 volts to a 240 volt appliance only, a safety ground is all that is needed. An electric range in most cases uses 240 volts only for the oven element only, the stove top eyes are generally 120 volts, as well as lights and control devices, therefore by todays code require two hots, one neutral, and one frame/safety ground, four wires. Neutral and safety ground are only bonded at the point of entry of the main breaker panel. In your motorhome that same bonding only occurs at the CG point of entry main disconnect. The neutral carries the same amount of amperage from the appliance to earth ground if the same amount of current is not being from both L1 and L2 of the 240 volt circuit, ie. if one leg has 20 amps being pulled and the other leg has 10 amps being pulled at the same time, then 10 amps unused is being transferred through neutral to ground, so yes neutral can be and usually always can be lethal. This is why safety ground is always isolated from neutral all the way back to the point of entry. Electricity will always take the shortest route to ground. When a generator becomes the source of power then the neutral circuit of the generator takes that unused amperage back to its own circuitry. Frame/safety ground on the generator is handled just like a standard house circuit, neutral is not bonded to frame on a generator either, that is why the generator is mounted to the frame through rubber, for isolation. The NEC does require a transfer switch to be used instead of wiring directly below the main breaker, although in my state the transfer switch can be manual or automatic, but it is required, if one gets caught negating this code, a fine can be levied if the the electric company or inspector finds out about the breach. Remember that just in case of an accidental turn on of that main goes directly to the grid, and the 120 or 240 volts is in turn transformed back to the original source through the same transformers that transformed from 4000 or 10,000 volts, this could be lethal to a lineman working to restore power back to you. Or if the generator is on and that main happens to have moved to on during the outage and power comes back on, it will make a mess of your wiring and your generator. I know this is lengthy, but hopefully is understandable enough that novices will not try to break the rules for obvious reasons.🥶
  23. Bill, Phil Swift has a better product, Flex Paste will stop any leak!
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