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  1. Dear Ultraglide, Everyone's situation in life will not be the same as yours, but we can share experiences that will help. My wife and I started full timing july, 2012. Our situation is a bit different as we both work full time. We are not retirement age yet, but getting closer. So far, we have found that our RV expenses are much less than living in a house. We rented out our house in July to see how we would like the RV lifestyle and put some furniture in a storage unit, the rest went to family and Goodwill. We wanted to give this lifestyle a test for one year, then evaluate. It greatly helps to have the most livable RV space possible with two TV's. Our home on wheels is a 41ft. Class A Motorhome. We tow our get to work and around town vehicle behind the Motorhome like you see others driving down the freeway. Not all vehicles can be towed with four wheels on the ground. We have two small pets that need to be cared for just like two toddlers. Both come to work with me everyday. They seem to adapt well. So far, we've noticed that an RV is not insulated like a house. We use the propane heater and a small space heater for winter months. I'm very thankful that we don't live in an area that has harsh winters. I think the wife has learned to layer and she is doing very well in a small living area. To date, I enjoy living this RV lifestyle and would like to become a snowbird someday. Several Books to read that might help are; 1. RV Living in the 21st Century, by Peggi McDonald 2. Support Your RV Lifestyle, An Insider's guide to Working on the Road, by Jaimie Hall 3. In Search of America's Heartbeat, by Robert H. Mottram Hope this helps in your decision to be a "Full Timer"
  2. Best Satellite To Use For A Class A Motorhome

    Thumbs up for the Winegard Traveler. It's totally automatic, easy to use. K.S.
  3. Satellite Receiver Hot

    I also had the Winegard Traveler installed on our Motor Home and currently both Dish receiver and Traveler power box are in a compartment above driver seat. It gets very hot in a small compartment especially when the sun is directly shining on the M.H. I keep the compartment door open for air circulation. So far, unit hasn't burned up. I'm going to move the Dish receiver to compartment over TV in Mid section of M.H. Should have done this in the beginning. K.S.
  4. Full-timing: Parting With The Stuff

    Good to hear your story relating to downsizing and going full time. This will be a new lifestyle of living for us. We too are in process of downsizing, selling furniture and having garage sales. We plan to make the RV the full time home. Although, we are not retired yet and still work, we've been planning on living in the MH by July of this year. In our opinion, owning a home with all the maintenance, yard work and upkeep can get a little tiresome after many years. We've loved to camp for years on weekends, vacations and meet fellow RVers. 41' Four Winds Monticito Dinghy - GMC Terrain
  5. Towing 2011/2012 GMC Terrain

    I am looking to purchase the equipment needed to tow my 2010 all wheel drive Terrain four wheels down. I read in my GMC owners manual that the all wheel drive Terrain cannot be towed on a dolly, but can towed four down. What equipment have you installed on your Terrain and are you happy with it ? Thank you!
  6. Towing 2011/2012 GMC Terrain

    Just curious, has anyone towed an all wheel drive Terrain on a Tow Dolly ? I'm thinking about purchasing the Demco Kar Kaddy SS so that I can tow different vehicles. Thank you!