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Question regarding shore power to home



I just purchased a 2008 42' Tiffin Phaeton tag axle. I am installing an outlet in my home to plug into when the coach is not in storage.  My ? is, should it be 120  or  240  50 amp?

Also, should the battery switch be on when plugged into shore power to keep the batteries charged??

Thanks for your advice


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Nice purchase, I bet you'll have some great times with her.


120 volt and 50 amp would be the best, especially if you'll be running the air conditioner/s.


I don't have an answer for your battery switch question but someone will pipe in here with one before too long.

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Put this question on the forum.  The blog is for continuing stories of your travels.  You will get many responses on the forum.  Better information on the forum....

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why would you need all of the ac units on at the same time , in your yard , I plug mine in to 20 amp and have not had a problem , fridge on to pre cool and front ac to cool off coach to drive , ac only needs to be on for an hour to cool , fridge over night


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I set mine up with a 30 amp 120volt receptacle.  I have the option to run the A/C or heater if I have a guest stay in it.  I' don't think you need 240 volt.  I leave it off  but turn the breaker on once a week for a few hours to put a charge on the batteries.  

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I have a barn I built to allow for full hookups when I am home.  All my rigs have always needs 50 amp 120 volts and some have gone as far as saying 50 amp 240 will do damage.  I also have added a full time battery charger with maintainers built into them since it helps extend the battery life.  They will ramp up battery voltage on a set schedule to prevent sulfation and run much more economically then the inverter's chargers.  WIth this format I have gotten six and seven years out of my batteries and find these chargers run pennies per month to operate.

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