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  1. Air Brakes Warning System - Pressure Guage Erratic Reading

    had same problem,after many hours spent in my shop, and @ least 1 on the phone, found cracked solder @TCM. Cause: the screws had come out of panel holding the module, allowing it to lean out and rest on the connections, made better mounts. Repair, TCM is mounted on the left rear of coach in a compartment, when under coach, forget the wiring, there are miles, look for 1/4" air lines yellow & blue?, feeding the module. Was advised solder repair could be iffy, depending on amount of damage and age, so bought new module, around a $100.00. Results, works like new, 1800 mi since repair, did my own solder repair, and carry for backup, have since traded twice to RV'rs, when areas of no parts. Northern Nevada Prospectors, Pres F230071