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  1. Drive like everybody else out there are idiots trying to "get" you because they think you are rich and you might survive longer!
  2. The vinyl ceiling in our coach was also hanging down. The thin foam rubber above the vinyl had disintegrated and the glue on it had also let go. We were fortunate in that there is a six inch wide vinyl covered strip running from front to back in the coach. I took the strip down, took it apart, installed new foam & glue on the luan board, then tackled the ceiling vinyl. I removed hundreds of staples that were hidden under the ceiling covered strip, pulled the vinyl towards center, after getting what decomposed glue and foam out, and then restapled the vinyl. I then added about 36 snap/covered buttons spaced about 12" apart in rows front to back. Replaced the now reconditioned center strip and ceiling looked like it was supposed to. But what a job!! Sore arms & shoulders working overhead. Sticky glue & foam seemed to go everywhere! No one ever seems to notice these additions as they ARE additions to the existing snap/covered buttons. The "buttons" have a wood screw in the center and work very well. Why not try to locate some compatible buttons for your ceiling, pull the ceiling over to the cabinets, staple in place, and then add a cover strip along the wall to hide the staples?
  3. We have tested a number of different brands using the:" put two sheets in a pint bottle filled with water, cap it and then shake." If the TP dissolves it is OK to use in the RV. We have found that Walgreen's house brand works just fine and is reasonably priced--and available almost everywhere.
  4. Front tires at 90 PSI and rears at 85 PSI help the ride. If overheating try flushing the radiator after soaking with Dawn. Flush from the back end of the coach, not the front! Use garden hose, not pressure washer--unless you keep the nozzle quite a distance away from the radiator. I even used my leaf blower to back blow thru the fins. Oh, cover the engine and alternator before flushing!!! If you normally are in the southern states where temps are higher I would investigate the dual electric fans from O'reilly's and mount them on the rear bumper side of the radiator. These, in conjunction with the engine fan, should help keep engine temps.
  5. Our experience with DirecTV is not to call their line before 3:30 PM Central time. Before then it seems the folks east of the Big Muddy that answer don't comprehend that one is in a RV and want their service switched to their present location. We have been accused of trying to defraud DirecTV by getting reception in one area and having a billing address in another location, not knowing what we were doing, changing something and now not getting any signal, and the list goes on. Call after 3:30 Pm and you will usually get someone west of the Mississippi that understands what you are trying to do, and that you do NOT want the "special" RV package that costs more $$$.
  6. Same here, Billadams & Huffypuff. Seems once a "moderator" takes exception to anything one says, then EVERYTHING said after that is scrutinized far in excess of other posters. Language using the actual banned words seems acceptable for the privileged few and banishment to others. I had enough of their double standard so dropped off their forum.
  7. Buy some aluminized bubble wrap from Lowes, Ace, Home Depot, etc. Available in rolls of different width. Put snaps above and below each window and matching mating snap halves on the bubble wrap after sizing the bubble wrap to fit. I did that for all my side windows and no one ever sees the fixed snaps because of the valances above each window.
  8. Rinse a soda pop aluminum can, cut in half--crosswise, cut vertical tabs (along can axis) about 1" down toward bottom of can. Place cotton balls in can bottom, squirt Peppermint oil on the balls. Then bend tabs over to hold cotton in place. Poke a hole thru the cans and wire tie them in assorted places. Renew peppermint oil periodically. Works great--and lasts!
  9. You can go to a Aero resonator. Just remember you have a 4" in and a 4" out exhaust, unless someone put a 5" outlet.
  10. I had the same thing happen. Turned out the faucet washer on the shutoff valve for the tank water inlet was leaking very, very slowly, and was not apparent until the tank overflowed. Changed the faucet washer and it stopped. Then, a year later the same thing. Now I replace the washer every spring when we take the coach out of storage. Works for us.
  11. We average 8-9 MPG towing our 2006 Saturn Vue. Our coach is a 36' Foretravel ORED (Oshkosh chassis, Rear engine, Diesel) with the DD 8.2L turbo-charged V8 with straight exhaust. and a 4-speed Allison transmission. Hills used to be quite a challenge until I ditched the muffler and went straight pipe. A bit louder but much better pickup, more power, and we even passed semis while climbing hills on a divided highway!!
  12. Lift up the bed and look at the engine. If a DD 8.2L you should see exhaust piping coming from the exhaust manifold on each side of the engine that goes up to a turbo housing, then flex exhaust going over and down to the muffler.
  13. Don't forget the old DD 8.2 turbo-charged V8, nicknamed the "fuel pincher." We have one in our Foretravel. Finding anyone that can work on it was a nightmare! They are totally mechanical and the shops today prefer to only work on the engines with computer readout access. Oh, how progress hurts us old *****
  14. UH, patience? I think I have been very patient, as I notified FMCA months ago about the subject list constantly swapping. I was informed that "they" were working on it.
  15. The list of subject posts keeps swapping top-to-bottom. Trying to select a specific post requires quick fingers in order to get the post I want. I have notified FMCA twice but still no resolution to the problem. I initially thought the problem was on my end but nowhere else do I encounter an issue like this.