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  1. How much does one value the memories created by traveling?
  2. And the pride & satisfaction you get for resolving all the problems and ending up with a professional looking installation makes all the aches, pains, and frustration worth every bit!!!
  3. I use Mop&Glo and our 28 year old fiberglass roof shines like new.
  4. I never blame the dog for poor behavior. I blame the dog's owner. The dog wasn't taught better. I also have noticed that how a dog behaves provides very good clues as to its owner's conduct, behavior, and attitude. I think landlords and other property managers use the person looking to bring in a "big" dog as their judgement call as to whether there will be problems. I have also observed people with very poor habits and the way they come across almost always have poorly behaved pets and/or children. A dog who has always lived in its home and yard and protected it has no idea of how to behave in a CG. Then the misbehavior starts, unless good training has been done beforehand. We have owned 11 dogs and 11 cats over the years and every one of our dogs were socially adapted and well mannered. (7 were German shepherds)
  5. Sometimes "Bigger isn't always better". Reminds me of that old joke about Two guys from Northern Wisconsin. They bought a truck, drove to Chicago and bought a load of chickens at $4.00 apiece. They drove home and sold the chickens for $3.00 apiece. After three trips one guy said they were losing money. The other guy replied that he was way ahead of him. His answer was: "We'll get a bigger truck!" For a business to survive it must remain current with product, efficient with operations, and willing to accept that merely getting bigger doesn't guarantee success.
  6. I think I get a propulsion assist with a "tail wind".
  7. Bill, I can get close to 1,200 miles on the 80 gallon black tank capacity
  8. I take it you have installed the "third valve", enabling you to first drain the black tank, close the third valve, then open the grey tank valve and let it run until the level equalizes with the black tank. Then close the grey, open the 3rd valve, close 3rd valve when draining stops, then repeat. We always use this method. I keep the black tank valve closed until at least 3/4 full before draining. The fast exodus rate tends to take most of the solids out, assuming of course, that you use a sensible amount of water with each use of the commode. I close the grey water at least two days before a departure so that the tank builds up a decent amount of water for back flushing. I also "predose" the empty black tank with Dawn dish soap (cheap bottle from Dollar Tree) and Calgon water softener. Others may say nay, but my sensors on our 1989 still function correctly, so I will continue the process.
  9. As Brett suggested, the sewer cleanout between your house and the street is a handy dump station. I found an old abandoned highway orange rubber cone one day. I cut off the top so it then fit in our sewer cleanout. Makes a very nice, large, easy to use and clean funnel. Recycle, baby, recycle
  10. It releases a secret compartment door that someone else must be pressing on to open while you flip the switch. Behind that door is a very large caliber pistol and some gold bars. I ought to know. It is what I found in mine. (Yah sure)
  11. Don't go!! Seriously, go camping within reasonable driving distance of home base a few times until you are completely familiarized with your RV and learn what to do and what you need.
  12. Got full lobes on the distributor? Or not used on that model? Had a Chev 6 cyl with worn out lobes--distributor shaft was perfectly round--on an uncle's truck and it backfired under load. Swapped the entire distributor out of another of his trucks and it then ran fine.
  13. If you tighten the air cleaner wing nut too much you distort the carb housing so the choke sticks. Try giving the stud sticking thru the loosened wing nut a healthy whack with a hammer to restore the carb top to its original round shape. Had it happen to me and a friend. After friend did a tuneup his chev wouldn't run. Wife said to give her a hammer. She whacked the stud and engine went to purring. Friend almost filled his pants when she started to hit the stud--let out a scream.
  14. Another one of those things where the warranty ran out when you pull off the lot.
  15. Falls anywhere, anytime can be dangerous. My brother, at four years of age in 1954, fell on a wooden pencil that pierced his heart and lung. He died that day. Caution in all things when it comes to safety. I only posted this because there are a bunch of us with children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who should be cautious with what their offspring play with.