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  1. Motorhome Name

    We named our motorhome BERT which stands for Big Expensive Rolling Turd
  2. Magnetic Toad Lights

    We tow a Saab on a dolly. The Saab has a extra light socket for a rear fog light My mechanic hooked a bulb that was seated into that extra socket. He ran a wire to the front of the car and I have an extension cable that attaches to the motorhome. Works fine.
  3. Montana LLC RV Titling: Tax avoidance or Tax Evasion?

    I have a Montana LLC. My motorhome has never been in the state I reside in, and never will be. My home state has no claim for sale tax on the motorhome
  4. Clearly, towing four wheels down is an easier situation. We've use a tow dolly because none of the four vehicles we owned could be towed that way. We are thinking forward to a new vehicle that could be towed four wheels down and have found that dealers at Ford and Subaru have said that none of their vehicles can be towed despite being on the FMCA list. I use a Demco KarKaddy SS which has a tongue jack making it a little easier to roll around. But it you are not on pavement or not completely level, it does take some energy. This model had a tongue that folds up, so it only takes up 5 ft when folded. Most places accomodate a tow tolly. Some (higher end, with individual lot owners) will not let you store it on-site, but they also store it for you. Biggest challenge is getting the car onto the dolly. Have to line it up and go up ramp with enough speed to get over the hump but not go to far. You tend to get your hands dirty putting straps onto the tires, and you have to get on the ground to hook up the safety chains to the frame. We had our mechanic hook up independent brake lights putting the bulbs in the braike light housing. Our Saab has a light socket for a rear fog light which we used for the brake lights while towing. Cl