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  1. A Can of Worms?

    We have many friends who have switched from motorhomes to fifth wheels and I miss them in our chapter rallies. They are the same people that they were when they had coaches but for some reason they are treated as outcasts. I don't like the idea of clubs that require you have a certain kind of coach or anything like that. RVing is for companionship and what better way than to invite all.
  2. Family Reunion in Perry, GA

    Thank you for this more correct information. We did have a good time. We found the Volunteers to be very helpful and really appreciate the time Jo and Jerry Mattison (not sure if that is correct last name), who really answered a lot of questions for us. Also Beth and Don Osterhout, Glen and Nancy M. (not sure of last name), John and Bev S. and Ella and Ernie Rich, just to name a few. So many people to thank. Can't wait to go to the next one in Perry.
  3. Perry 2011 Open To Towable RVs

    Even with the invitation, I heard only 15 towable showed up at the rally. None were interested in buying a motorhome and many had just purchased their towable. I don't care whether a person has a towable or motorhome but the name of this organization is Family MOTOR COACH Association. I have seen clubs that only allow a certain kind of coach such as Discovery Owners or Country Coach. If you don't like it, don't join. Many motorhome owners are also members of Good Sam and can go to those rallies. What is the big deal?
  4. Perry Weather

    We had a great time and the weather was fantastic. What little rain we got was mostly in the afternoon and evening and only 1 day. No standing water in the morning and no sinking.
  5. Walmart Parking /Law Suit

    Although, we have yet to stay overnight at a Walmart's, it is always good to know that that is an option. I think anyone who opens their door to a stranger in a strange place is at fault. What if they had stopped at a rest area, would they sue the county? People need to be accountable for their own stupidity.
  6. We went to our first FMCA rally in Perry, Ga., and now I wonder why we waited so long to do that. It was so much fun and so great to find old friends there. We were told that there won't be anymore rallies in Perry, Ga., by a past officer of FMCA and want to know if this is true. We sure hope not, as we are now hooked.