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  1. Hi! Just a note of thanks from a member in Minnesota. I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new digital version of my favorite magazine of all time! I was so excited to get your e-mail announcing the option of getting the mag online, and being able to read it sooner than when I get it in the mail. Sometimes I am out-of-town, and I really miss getting to read it when it comes, so the digital version a great option. I have to confess, the magazine is one of my favorite pastimes in the winter months, when my motor coach is tucked away in the pole building, awaiting spring, to scour the classifieds, fantasizing about a new RV or the perfect place to retire with my rig, out of the bitter cold of Minnesota. It's my mini "virtual getaway"! I love the articles, forums and pictures that keep me from getting cabin fever while I'm eagerly waiting for RV season up here. I kid you not, from about the 25th of the month on, I race to my mailbox every day to see if the magazine has arrived, and I'm so let down when it hasn't, and then I repeat the ritual the next day! (My husband knows the drill, so he stays out of my path!) This digital option has changed my life. (Tee-hee!) What a great New Year's surprise! I've read next month's issue cover to cover already, and have some great ideas for spring trips and warm places to visit. Thanks for digitalizing my motor coaching world (and fueling my obsession!). Tickled in the (frozen) Tundra Member F356097