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  1. Spartan Chassis Front End Ongoing Squeak

    Thanks for your replies...we will be taking the motor home back for service after the first of the year. We now know to have them look at the control arm bushings and possibly loose control arm bolts, tie rods, loose alignment eccentrics (whatever that is). We have a name of someone we can have our service center call at Spartan so we are hopeful that we will resolve this problem soon.
  2. Spartan Chassis Front End Ongoing Squeak

    We have a 2008 Newmar Kountry Star diesel pusher that we have had for about 3 years. From the beginning of our ownership, we noticed an excessive annoying squeak in the front end - especially while on wavy or uneven up and down roads - (probably passenger side) that we have tried to have repaired. They have lubed the front end (not sure exactly which areas) and it has helped for a bit. We have had the ride height checked, replaced the shocks, and had the generator checked to see if it was not secure. And still we have the noise. We have talked to both Newmar and Spartan to ask for help in resolving our issue (we do believe there is something wrong as we have owned many motor homes and recognize this as a problem). The only thing we know left to check are the control arm bushings or the tie rods. Any other ideas? Has anyone else had this experience with the Spartan chassis? We would appreciate your help and advice.