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  1. Sorry to hear about you incident! Keep us informed as to how Allied handles the financial side of this.
  2. For those wanting to boondock in GA, check out the Bureau of Land Management, Army corps of Engineers, , and National Forest locations all over the state. The best kept secrets are the Georgia Department of Natural Resources. primative camping sites. Most DNR wilderness management areas all over the state allow boondocking. Georgia Power in the western part of the states have camping resources around their lakes from SC to Fl.
  3. My toad is a Nissan Xttera, 4X4 Auto 2013 which has the same running gear and suspension as the Frontier. I had a Remco driveshaft connect installed by Drive Shaft Services, Marietta GA. When i researched the install before i decided, I was warned by several knowledgeable people not to let outfits like Campers World do the install. Turns out that CW and most of the RV outfits use the rubber "thingy" in order to complete the install without welding and balancing the shaft because they don't have the precision laths to weld and balance modified shafts. The Nissan shaft must be shortend when adding the Remco disconnect to end, and it is better to weld it to shaft as opposed to the rubber device. I went to a driveshaft specialist and they cut welded and balanced the shaft creating solid shaft with no weakness or trouble points. Have been running it now trouble free for five years, no problems. Install cost was $850.00.
  4. Use the ATT ZTE Mobley, unlimited data on the road, and at home in middle GA.. I have racked up over 160GB the first month at home with no throttling. Does a good job throughout my turf. would definitely recommend for all MH owners who require connectivity on the road. We also use iphones and ipad as hotspots on Verizon when necessary and use the Mobley via WIFI most of the time. We keep a 4GB plan on Verizom for areas with poor Mobley footprint or throttled speeds. BTW have not found any areas where Mobley didn't work just fine. Monthly bill for unlimited mobley is only $20.00 per month. Noticed that newcomers may have to pay $29.00 per month now. As usual Verizon will raise the rate for new contracts. The retail ATT stores can't keep them on the shelves, online runs out frequently, but check every day until they are available. ZTE from ATT is $99 or free with two year contract. Best buy and Amazon have them for around $179. Do not buy from eBay in particular Canadian sellers. Canadian Mobley's have different firmware and do not work on domestic ATT.
  5. I love my ZTE Mobley from ATT. It provides unlimited high speed internet 4G/LTE at a price that can't be beat, $20.00 month plus tax. Use it everywhere throughout the south, great footprint in my turf.
  6. Anyone put Bilstiens on Winny Journey 32" ? Whats generally the cost of set of Bilstiens for a DP?
  7. Don't believe anything the Camping World people tell you without doing your homework. They generally have few truly qualified service techs, and tend to take your money and push you out the door.
  8. It is my opinion that most motor home owners fall in distinctly different categories, 1. those that do very little on their coaches and pay someone else to do everything required, 2. those that do all they can, and learn to do those things that they don't already know. Rarely will the latter pay to get work done they can do themselves. A motor home is like a airplane, for every hour/mile on the road or in the air, a specific degree/dollar amount of maintenance and service is required. Even in storage maintenance is required. I think a motor home also fits the age old adage referring to boats "a hole in the water that you throw money in". If my theory is correct, than those who do nothing need to have very deep pockets, and those that do what they can still will spend a significant amount of time and money learning what they don't know, and maintaining their equipment. You gotta love it!
  9. My 02 Winnebago Journey has for some time been troublesome in regard to the awnings tendency to stop during extention and/or retraction. At one point I replaced the original A&E Power awning because the motor was diagnosed as being defective and a replacement was not available because of Dometic's take over of A&E. The OEM awning was replaced with Dometic's Weather Pro 9100E. The brand new unit was hooked to the original A&E control box. (Bad Idea!!!) From the start the awning did not work properly. I decided to replace the A&E control with one designed for the 9100E, but changed my mind when i determined how much they cost. ($260-300) I decided instead to eliminate the control box altogether and use two DPDT momentary reverse polarity switches, (Amazon, DC Momentary Reversing Rocker Switch double pole double throw) ( one for the patio awning, the other for the door awning. The switch i am using is peak rating at 30 amp, twice the fused value of the awning requirements. I bypassed the Winny wiring harness and ran new 10 AWG lines to breaker in front electrical cabinet. I then removed and replaced the Winny switches which do not have sufficient amp rating to handle the job. Rewired the new switches (12 AWG) direct to awning motor and door awning motor and reinstalled in original position to the left of passenger seat. Both motors now work with gusto from inside the coach and i am getting 13+- volts to the motors. If you have no need for the wind sensor or hand remote, or remote switch in storage, wire awnings direct for longer motor life and trouble free operation. Total expense for this project $ 40.00+-. Be sure to adhere to Weather Pro's wire gauge recommendations and add fuses at positive power before switches.
  10. Need 235/80R/22.5 in Michelin XRV? Just bought five at Macon Commercial Tire, Macon, GA. (478-743-0002) seems to have availability at their Atlanta warehouse. Call Gregg, tell him what you want and he will order it for you and have it in 4-5 days. Be sure to tell them it is under the FMCA Michelin Advantage Plan, or they will charge the street price. Be sure to register your credit card the day before you want to buy. somewhere i read the registration is good for thirty days, apparently that is not true, Michelin says 24 hours. if you call the after hours card registration, you may have to wait a hour or two for them to place the info in the system the next day. glad i don't have to buy tires often, not a smooth process. When the dealer screwed up the invoice, a call to Michelin Customer Service got it straightened out quickly.
  11. Try some of your local truck tire distributors who are not Michelin Commercial dealers, it seems independant tire distributors are sourced differently, and in my area Macon GA, every two bit tire reseller can get Michelins from their distributer in 30 minutes. You will pay more than the Micheln Advantage plan, but less than the MSRP, and they are available. (Love's Truck centers handles them also, but are higher than MSRP.) If you are in Byron GA. (Macon) area, try Peach Tire, 478-956-5722. No affiliation!
  12. I don't know what the story is, but non-Michelin dealers here in middle Georgia can get XRV 235X80RX22.5 tires from local tire distributors warehouse usually taking only thirty minuets to deliver to the dealer. I waited three weeks to get them from Michelin. If you need this size, check around with the larger tire retailer's they seem to be able to get them without difficulty. I bought four from Michelin Advantage last week and found I could get them for the same price at non-Michelin tire retailers. I don't know if this is a regional thing or nationwide. But if you need tires check around!
  13. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MICHELIN ADVANTAGE PLAN!!! WE (FMCA) are not getting anything from Michelin!! I run the Michelin XRV 235X80RX22.5 a proprietary size that no one else but Michelin makes and Freightliner puts on a lot of their chassis. When purchased the coach had XZE tires all around. They rode well and now that I have the XRV's I can not tell the difference. While I like the Michelin tire, I don't feel that we are getting much from the Michelin Advantage Tire program. Bought four tires last week and paid a base price of $447 instead of the $412 FMCA posted on their site. Waited three weeks for the Michelin dealer to get the tires in and then paid more than $564.00 per tire out the door, F.E.T., GA sales Tax, Ga EPA Fee, tire disposal, bead balance, mount. Two different non-Michelin dealers in a near by towns, sell the same tire for $550.00 out the door, F.E.T., GA Sales & EPA, tire disposal, spin balanced, mounted. Waited 40 minuets for him to get tire from warehouse. DOT 1717 & 1317 Go figure? Michelin Advantage.pdf UPDATE: Called FMCA and Michelin Advantage Customer Service and got the invoice straitened out. It appears they did not know how to bill under the FMCA program. The dealer gave me a total refund to my credit card, and then Michelin billed me correctly resulting in almost one hundred dollar credit per tire.
  14. First, if your reefer is operating correctly, operating in LP mode should not burn too much juice. Ice makers burn the bulk of current not for cooling the ice tray, but heating the ice to release it prior to dump. You might want to turn it off. We are in the habit of running our generator for about a hour each day during breakfast preparation to keep the DW happy and charge the batteries.
  15. Hey guys, how's the free camping situation in Texas?