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  1. SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH MICHELIN ADVANTAGE PLAN!!! WE (FMCA) are not getting anything from Michelin!! I run the Michelin XRV 235X80RX22.5 a proprietary size that no one else but Michelin makes and Freightliner puts on a lot of their chassis. When purchased the coach had XZE tires all around. They rode well and now that I have the XRV's I can not tell the difference. While I like the Michelin tire, I don't feel that we are getting much from the Michelin Advantage Tire program. Bought four tires last week and paid a base price of $447 instead of the $412 FMCA posted on their site. Waited three weeks for the Michelin dealer to get the tires in and then paid more than $564.00 per tire out the door, F.E.T., GA sales Tax, Ga EPA Fee, tire disposal, bead balance, mount. Two different non-Michelin dealers in a near by towns, sell the same tire for $550.00 out the door, F.E.T., GA Sales & EPA, tire disposal, spin balanced, mounted. Waited 40 minuets for him to get tire from warehouse. DOT 1717 & 1317 Go figure? Michelin Advantage.pdf
  2. First, if your reefer is operating correctly, operating in LP mode should not burn too much juice. Ice makers burn the bulk of current not for cooling the ice tray, but heating the ice to release it prior to dump. You might want to turn it off. We are in the habit of running our generator for about a hour each day during breakfast preparation to keep the DW happy and charge the batteries.
  3. Hey guys, how's the free camping situation in Texas?
  4. ZTE Mobley can be used dismounted anywhere, with a AC, USB, or 12V adapter all available from Amazon. Diesel pushers and some other vehicles may not have OBI II plug, but the adapter can be used with or without the vehicle. The mobley comes programmed to cut off every thirty minuets, but can be re-programmed to stay on indefinitely. Don't buy your Mobley from Amazon ($179.00), they are for Canadian ATT, will not work with all benefits in USA. Buy your Mobley from ATT USA online, $99.00 or free with 2 Yr contract. Not available in ATT retail stores, they can't keep them on the shelf. Do not be discouraged if ATT customer service people do not know what a Mobley is, they do not have it in their system. You may have a little trouble activating it, due to ATT's ignorance of their fringe products. Stick with it, don't take "NO" for a answer, it's worth the trouble. Be sure to get the $20 per month "vehicle" plan. Make sure you mention installing in vehicle. Mine works great, blazing speeds!
  5. Before you make your wife too happy, be sure you have a new HD Direct TV satellite receiver. If you have the inverted bowl type receiver on the roof, it is not HD and it will not work with the HD receiver "Genie" ect. You must have a stand up unit to reach the new HD satellites. The new HD satellites require different satellites thus a new receiver. There is talk that they will be retiring the non-HD satellites in a couple of years, but no one knows for sure.
  6. that might be interesting as a diagnostic tool! Cool!
  7. If were you I would consider a Remco driveshaft disconnect, then you can dispense with all that "BS" about what to do before and after. Drive shaft connect is absolutely safe and reliable on all vehicles on which it can be installed. The only hitch, do not go to a RV center like Campers World or the like, they can not correctly modify your driveshaft if necessary. Go to a drive shaft specialist. If you are in the Atlanta area, Drive Shaft Services is one of the best. In Dallas there is Drive Shaft king. Cost runs around $800, never again worry about your trans.
  8. We as FMCA members have a right to be pissed about this roll out. By closing discussions FMCA staff is just pouring coal on the fire. I hope they will regroup and open this to all CURRENT members before new members. BTW what is a "coach code"?, Are they talking about our member numbers?
  9. Anyone know where you can get the custom made aluminum plates of old?
  10. First I want to say that I think FMCA should stay the way it is, motor homes only. However I am going to throw a NUKE into this question by talking about something no one feels comfortable talking about. It is understood we need to increase the number of members to improve the benefits to members and insure the continued viability of the association. I don't think we members and local chapters are doing enough. As you might have noticed by my photo, and some of you know me, I am African American. Some might say, what has that go to do with accepting towables? I belong to a Afro-Centric Motor Home club call the US CLUB, (80-100 coaches strong) we have rally's mostly in the north east and south. Of course I also belong to FMCA, I have tried to find a local FMCA chapter in GA that my wife and I would be comfortable in. No such luck. Lazy-Days RV dealer in Tampa FL recognized that minority folks buy motor homes too and have sent the latest motor homes and sales people to the US Club and many other minority club rally's and have sold quite a few units that way. There are manufacturers that appoint and support financially, minority volunteers, owners of new equipment to travel around and mix it up with minority clubs to show new MH's and get sales, and they are getting them. The point here is FMCA and the local chapter's have to be more outgoing and identify groups of people that are not well represented in FMAC and make a concerted effort to go out and recruit them into the chapters and FMCA. I am not by myself in this regard, there are literally thousands of folk who would join FMCA if chapters would show themselves to be friendly. Many of the comments on this subject have indicated that the Rally is not the center point of the younger up and coming members, My opinion is the FMCA local chapter is the real backbone of FMCA and most that join the chapters enjoy the local motorcades, and weekend rally's, freindship and such. So, the fate of FMCA is in the hands of the local chapters, they need to go out and drag in ALL the potential members from all walks of life and all social and economic groups into their chapters to breath fresh life into the FMCA. There is no excuse for a local chapter to not reach out to members at lodge in their area not belonging to a chapter, or potential new members to invite them into their chapter for a "Look See". Recruiting new members has to become a important part of chapter activities, and sometime we need to just be more inclusive to win friends and members for life.
  11. Agree with Vegasmailman, all members need to have a say in this important matter!
  12. Recently had a slider failure, entire HWH system dead. Started checking negative terminals first then positive all OK. Pull the courtesy panel in from of motor pump assembly and started checking fuses. Low and behold one of the fuse holder was burned to a crisp. Unhooked the far end which was the positive terminal to motor and noticed it was HOT after running. Thought I saw some arcing, pulled the motor terminal loose cleaned it, cleaned the terminal to be reattached, and applied electric grease to terminal and re-tightened. Ran motor again, no heat! Replaced burnt fuse holder with thermal circuit breaker. No further problems. Moral of story, a loose connection can cause heat that will draw more amps and fry fuses and holders.
  13. 10-4 on the aftermarket Fass or Air Dog pump installed air Dog on my 02' come-along to ease burden of V44 injector pump and maintain adequate pressure during WOT operation. Adjustable pump maintains 10-15 PSI at all times.
  14. Put Remco drive shaft disconnect on Nissan Exterra 12' and have towed it 10K miles. No problems! One word of caution, don't go to Campers World or RV dealers for install, go to a driveshaft specialist. On Nissan and other models driveshaft may have to be cut, welded and balanced on lath, most dealers can.t do it. Drive Shaft King, in Dallas is the "go to guy" , mine was done in Marietta GA, by Drive Shaft Services. Highly Recommend
  15. If Allied is affiliated with Nationwide, I would be concerned about them. I had a terrible experience with Nationwide, to make short, they did not pay a claim for my business, and defied me to sue them. I won't do business with Nationwide ever again.