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  1. Generator Coolant Leak

    I have an ONAN Quiet Diesel, Model #7.5HDKAJ11451G, Serial # C000077454. While it was parked this winter I noticed coolant had leaked out. I can see coolant stains on a hose and clamp but can't tell if it came from another source higher up. Does anyone know if these units have a soft plug somewhere on the engine.
  2. Water Miser Battery Caps

    I'm a bit confused. Desertdeals69 recommends 13.2v, and Manholt says 6.4v float setting. Help me understand.
  3. Water Miser Battery Caps

    Does anyone have experience with the Water Miser Battery Caps. I have four 6 volt Trogan Batterys, and two 12 volt Battery in the same compartment. The 6 volt batterys are charged by the 2000 watt inverter, and the 12 volt are charged by a trickle charger when we are parked and plugged in. The 6 volt batterys are constantly needing water replaced, the 12 volt do not. The inverter display shows a float mode but still the batterys lose water. In addition there is quite a bit of build up on the metal parts in the compartment. Would these Water Miser Caps help.
  4. Summer in New Mexico

    My wife and I are thinking of escaping the heat of South Texas and spending the summer in the mountains of New Mexico. We would like a resort type facility for a two or three month stay. We travel in a 40 ft DP. Any suggestions.
  5. Route 2: West Glacier To East Glacier Park Village

    Bill, Thanks for the info. I'm sure it will be useful.
  6. Route 2: West Glacier To East Glacier Park Village

    We spend the winter in The Rio Grande Valley, and plan to head west next spring. Will be in Seattle at some point visiting family. Thought we would take Route 90 east an visit Glacier and then head north to Banf area before returning to upstate NY. Have to do some research on the weather in that area .
  7. Has any one driven Rt 2 from West Glacier to East Glacier Park Village in a motorhome. I'm thinking of taking that route this spring in a 40' DP towing a jeep. Thanks
  8. I am planning a trip from Texas to Seattle and on to Alaska thru BC and returning via Alberta to Montana and then home to New York. We travel in a 2001 Airstream Land Yacht XL 390, Cat Diesel 330 Turbo, Allison MD3060. We weigh total 32800lbs, 4400lbs of which is the Liberty we tow. I have been told I will be under powered with this combination. Can anyone shed some first hand experience on this for me. Thanks
  9. Tennessee & Arkansas RV Parks Along I 40

    We have stayed at The Cow Town Park, only 2 miles from our son.
  10. Tennessee & Arkansas RV Parks Along I 40

    We live in upstate New York, and spend winters in Mission Texas after visiting our son in Weatherford. That steak sounds interesting. Thanks for the info.
  11. Tennessee & Arkansas RV Parks Along I 40

    Thanks for the info. We spend the winter in Mission Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley. Our favorite stops are in the Hill Country around San Antonio.
  12. My wife and I will be travelling to Texas through Tennessee and Arkansas and would appreciate some ideas about where to stay along the route. We are traveling in a 40ft Class A, towing a jeep.
  13. Wintering In Rio Grande Valley

    My wife and I spent last winter, November to April at Bentsen Palm Village RV Resort and really enjoyed it. Very pretty park, not too big and lots of fun activities. Great woodshop, next door to State Park and Butterfly center.